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Trans journalist says she was ‘completely dehumanised’ by Xbox One presenter at gaming convention

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Reader comments

  1. GLBTI get it in the neck from the gaming community all the time. Not to mention (hey I’m mentioning it) the outright misogyny……transmisogyny is simply an extension….

  2. That There Other David 30 Sep 2013, 3:19pm

    Unacceptable. If Microsoft want to prove their LGBT-friendly credentials now’s there chance.

  3. As a former gamer, everyone knows that homophobia is rampant in that particular medium. Things are improving, but there’s still a way to go. Many gamers aren’t tolerating homophobic abuse anymore online so that’s good at least

    1. Out of curiosity, how can someone be a former gamer? Are there gamers who stop playing all video games?

      1. A lot of people do quit gaming.
        I hold annual funerals for the characters of those in a RPG I was in where the players just quit playing.

  4. Did he train under Jim Davidson……Prat!

  5. gentlemind 30 Sep 2013, 4:05pm

    If the journalist wants to regard a Female as being something that a male can be, then he wants to regard Female as being less than female.

    It is the journalist who is dehumanizing both male and female – and in doing so, he is dehumanizing himself. That is the saddest part.

    1. you really need to change your user name on PN… mostly the first part of your name… something simple.. hmm, I don’t know…

      But seriously?
      You’re actually going to post something THAT offensive?

    2. Sarah Lambert 8 Oct 2013, 10:30pm

      Total bigot. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at your English Defense League meeting?

  6. The fact you keep refering to her as he says all I need to know about what a horrible person you are. If you don’t understand something, keep it zipped and go read.

    1. That was for the gentlemind post.

      1. Sinead Harkin 30 Sep 2013, 9:33pm

        Gentlemind go colour your book in and wind your neck in

  7. Comment from gentlemind doesn’t sound too gentle. But so convoluted, am not sure what point is being made. This is an evidence based hate crime, I wonder if the comedian, ha ha will be laughing if he gets prosecuted. I am not, transgender, gay, lesbian whatever, I am a person, but find this abhorrent.

  8. Excuse me, Microsoft, but comedians tend to be very deliberate in their word usage. There’s no way in hell this wasn’t intentionally insulting.
    The lesson this “commedian” needs to learn, is that making “jokes” at other people’s expense is never funny. Especially should they get prosecuted for this one.

  9. “Laura Kate Dale said she felt completely dehumanised during the event”

    Maybe it was the plush animal ears she was wearing over her rainbow colored hair that was really to blame. Just saying.

    1. This is just trivialising something illegal. Not helpful. Just saying.

      1. She is wearing non human animal ears for Pete’s sake and claiming she is being dehumanised by others, no wonder she was being called “it” .
        I’m not trivialising anything Barbara, but why dress as some kind of alien creature if you don’t want people to think you are something weird and unidentifiable, and why complain when youv’e so succeeded in making yourself look like an unidentifiable creature or some kind of other “it” that people don’t know what to call you?
        She has a sense of humour in her dress sense that doesn’t carry through her attitude… in my opinion (as always)

        1. Wearing rabbit ears is not an invitation to commit a hate crime.

          1. A hate crime? Get over yourself.

          2. They look like bears ears to me.and as such I find them rather dehumanising.

          3. Timmy. Yes, a hate crime, it is not allowed. You shouldn’t join in discussions when you don’t know the facts. You bully someone who is transgender and get reported to the police, you may be in trouble. It’s against the law!

        2. Okay clearly she is dressed as Rainbowdash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And to use her cosplay choice to defend transphobic speech is poor taste. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          1. So she is, lovely… but where are her wings?
            I’m not defending anything, I am offering an alternative explanation to what occurred, clearly not popular with those here who want to lynch Fraser Millward without a fair trial.

    2. I’m pretty sure people wear way more messed up stuff than rabbit ears at gaming conventions. just sayin’

      1. I’m sure you are right Andrea, maybe if someone went dressed as an aluminium duct pipe or whatever they might get referred to as an “it” also… just saying.

    3. She was cosplaying, like many other attendees.

      Shaming and insulting female cosplayers over their clothing is also nothing new, and is just as despicable and certainly not in Microsoft’s business interest. And whether Mr Millward was insulting Ms Dale over her gender identity or her cosplay, it was still a nasty bit of misogyny.

      But I have seen other conference attendees state that many people present were cosplaying, so I highly doubt that this was the reason Mr Millward used this dehumanising language to Ms Dale. He could hardly have expected his costume-wearing gamer audience to be sympathetic to cosplay insults. Transphobia is a much more plausible explanation.

      1. How was Mr Millward supposed to know whether MsDale was a transwoman or simply an ordinary bloke dressed up in cosplay costume especially just for the gaming event?
        If it was deliberate transphobia being expressed then I deplore it but under the circumstances there is scope for genuine confusion and so I think possibly Ms Dale overreacted.

        1. Overreacted to being called ‘it’? You have dug a nice hole for yourself Pavlos. He knew what he was saying.
          Do you realise how many transgender people commit suicide? I think Laura handled herself well and the comedian is lucky she didn’t report him to the police.

          1. So bury me with your thumbs down.
            You so want to be offended that you can’t even consider any other possibility.
            I stick by what I said, there is reasonable scope for identity confusion around a transperson who is also dressed in cosplay costume at a gaming convention.
            Barbara, you need to lighten up and apply a bit more thought to the situation rather than go with your over-emotional gut reaction

      2. Dale herself tweeted: “I doubt it was intentional…”

  10. I am surprised that Microsoft wasn’t the least bit informed about this “comedian’s” routine before he was put on stage. And there is a difference between a skit of LGBT jokes and even just trans jokes and the attack of an individual or minority group and their personal struggles. As a trans identified individual myself I am appalled by this. This should have been dealt with immediately.

  11. I agree that this whole refusal to name and shame is ridiculous. If the person made bigoted comments then he needs to be called out for these comments so people will know that this is not someone you would want to hire for events if you do not want their kind of color commentary present.
    None of these kinds of jokes are funny, they are cruel and the saying of ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’; is a grade a load of bullcrap.

    There are kids out there killing themselves over words like this being thrown at them.

    Give this man the kick in the pants he needs.

    1. Timmy.
      I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but it is now seen as a hate crime like rasicm etc. If you are going to join in these discussions, make sure you know your facts. You are not allowed to abuse someone because of their gender.

      1. And Dale herself tweeted: “I doubt it was intentional…”

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