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Survey: Average age to enter a civil partnership in Ireland is 44

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Reader comments

  1. The question which I assume this survey has not been able to answer is of course: why? Why are same sex couples in Ireland making their commitment at such a significantly later age than opposite sex couples?

    My guess is that the figures are skewed, and will remain so for some years, by long-standing same sex couples who are making their commitment now because civil partnerships were not available to them earlier in their relationship. In which case, nothing to see here.

    1. Of course it is, Brian. It’s generations of catch-up partnerships.

      1. Brian-E, you asked and answered your own question? Way to point out the obvious answer! God, why bother!?

        1. Yeah, well I’m a bit slow and it wasn’t quite so obvious to me until I tried to think about it. :-)
          I’m still wondering if “catching up” is the whole story, though.

  2. Which is understandable as the people who enter cp’s have been together a long time and awaiting their chance for formal recognition……well done them. Martina

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