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New Olympic President has heard ‘assurances of the highest Russian authorities’ on gay issues at Sochi

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, how believable…. NOT!

  2. What an idiot. The issue isn’t about if the athletes are going to be safe in Russia. The issue is that Russia does not deserve to host the Olympics because of the LGBT Russians who have to deal with the homophobic abuse and have their human rights disregarded. When you support the Olympics in a country with a bad human rights record you are effectively saying you don’t care for people’s rights, we wouldn’t host in North Korea would we?

    1. The IOC has a terrible record on human rights. They gave the Nazis the Olympics, and Beijing as well.

  3. He is lying.

    the laws in Russia are in contravention of the Olympic charter so his claims are nonsense.

    The IOC is completely corrupt. And Bach is clearly only concerned about not jeopardising the bribes the IOC has received.

    1. This guy is German after all.

      Angela Merkel has a bit of a anti-gay rep, if you haven’t heard already. So does Germany in general and in history.

  4. Benjamin Bee 30 Sep 2013, 5:04pm

    Russia will continue homophobic after games. So what the Olympic Charter for? The image of the Sochi Olympics is definitely ruined.

  5. Colin (London) 30 Sep 2013, 5:15pm

    IOC – You have failed us…all 6% (UN) of the worlds population who are gay. We want human rights…we demand human rights and you by your actions let Russia laugh in the worlds face..all 100%

    What does Russia add to this planet? Why are you supporting this. You could have easily moved the Olympics but no…money and the easy route…. Sad indeed. More people will die each day as the likes of you shirk your responsibilities…Sleep well in your bed tonight… It may be your son, daughter, grandchild next…who knows.

  6. GulliverUK 30 Sep 2013, 5:21pm

    That’s what they said at the very start .. only it turns out they lied, they had not been given assurances at all. Thus, we cannot believe anything they say.

    In any case, if the law is in place and they intend to enforce it, it means being gay is effectively banned. You cannot hold someone’s hand, kiss them, wear any type of rainbow or other pro-gay symbol. It’s a denial of human rights, a breech of the convention that Russian signed, and a violation of fundamental rights.

    1. ‘In any case, if the law is in place and they intend to enforce it, it means being gay is effectively banned. You cannot hold someone’s hand, kiss them, wear any type of rainbow or other pro-gay symbol.’

      Sorry this is absolute nonsense.

      Saying “being gay is effectively banned” is beyond stupid and hysterical.

      Further; ‘Wearing any type of rainbow or other pro-gay symbol’ is banned under the Olympic charter (50:3), no new Russian law covers this.

      Please don’t believe everything you read…

  7. So, it’s OK to beat up gay men and lesbians, and to deny them access to sports facilities, etc. So long as you don’t beat them up during the two weeks that the olympics are on then you haven’t dicriminated. Right?

  8. That There Other David 30 Sep 2013, 6:24pm

    Oh he’s heard assurances has he? That’s all right then. I bet every gay person in Russia is celebrating the news, knowing they are free to live their lives openly without any fear.

    Thank you Thomas Bach. You are our generation’s Nelson Mandela, our Mahatma Ghandi. We simply cannot thank you enough.

  9. Russia has ALREADY violated the IOC’s ‘Fundamental Principles of Olympism’. Paragraph 6 says, “Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race,
    religion, politics, gender OR OTHERWISE is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.’ To me and any reasonable person, that means Putin’s anti-gay ‘promotion’ legislation is discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. As such, Russia is in contravention of the IOC’s rules and should be kicked-out forthwith. The games MUST be moved elsewhere. Otherwise, the IOC will forever have lost its credibility.

  10. Trust Putin’s assurances??? What do they take us for? The Jews were asked to TRUST the Nazis once!

  11. Christopher Coleman 30 Sep 2013, 7:08pm

    As I recall the Russians used to assure the world (and their citizens) that their five year plans were on target. The current leaders were raised on lies (rather more lies than we have suffered from our leaders), so they continue to lie and to believe their own lies. say something often enough and, like a wish, it might just come true.

  12. So….nothing has changed at the IOC.

    Looks like the community will have to put a lot of boots on the ground, at Sochi 2014.

  13. Unfortunately Vitaly Milonov who designed the anti-gay legislation recently contradicted these assurances
    see here:

  14. I’m reminded of Chamberlin coming back from Munich with the “highest assurances” after seeing Herr Hitler


  16. Derek Williams 30 Sep 2013, 9:52pm

    And are not repeated assertions by Russian lawmakers that the law recriminalising homosexuality WILL be enforced “at the highest level”?

  17. Talking while you have your head us someone’s ass must be difficult.

  18. Auntie Babs 1 Oct 2013, 6:30am

    Sigh, again with the athletes and spectators….I wish one of these idiots would realize that that it’s the native Russian LGBT people who they should be talking about….I swear these nerds think the world revolves around sport.

    1. They’re focusing solely on those involved because they know they will have absolutely no credibility if they even remotely recognize what is actually happening in Russia, to Russians.

      Basically, they are ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away without them having to actually confront it. They refuse to mention that because their complicity in it will become apparent.

      This is why they are so disgusting, and why each member of the IOC deserves absolute loathing from everyone. They want their party, and they’ll pretend that nothing is happening so they can keep on going.

      I don’t have enough appropriate words to describe these sick individuals without spinning into an obscene tirade.

  19. The IOC are disgusting, lying, hypocritical wastes of oxygen.

    The laws in Russia breach international agreements, and they breach the Olympic Charter.

    That is all we need to know, and no amount of pathetic waffling from toffs in the IOC who wouldn’t know “Human Rights” if it smacked them on the behind is going to change the FACT that the Olympic movement has been severely tarnished by their complicity in Human Rights abuses in Russia, and their continued ignorance of those massive abuses.

    These people will be remembered for ignoring the rights of people and choosing profit over morality. They are sickening and I hope every member of the IOC loses sleep for decades to come.

    Bunch of worthless, spineless sellouts.

  20. Barry William Teske 1 Oct 2013, 11:55am

    Higher authorities in the not too distant past have given such assurances as well.
    Those assurances on at least two occasions triggered what are now known as World Wars.
    Millions possibly billions died.
    Time to update the meaning of “games”.

  21. Sorry athletes, when a singer performs for a dictator in an oppresive regime, they can expect backlash. You are no different. Your payment is medals and endorsements. I am boycotting the olympics.

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