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Mayor of London supports gay arts festival

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 30 Sep 2013, 11:28am

    Good ol Boris!!

  2. Colin (London) 30 Sep 2013, 11:34am

    And this is news….it’s his job.

    What are you doing on Russia Boris….thought so nothing… influencing, no pulling europes mayors together…

    But I’ll turn up for a PR stunt tell a joke and move on.

  3. Boris is a confusing beast. One the one hand I generally hate all “toffs” as a knee-jerk reaction, and there are no doubt a thousand and one things about him I would utterly loathe. But on the other hand, he’s an affable fool, who seems nice, even if slightly befuddled on a daily basis, constantly surprised that he’s in the job he is.

    This is a bit of a non-story though. An arts festival gets “approval” and we’re supposed to be “appreciative”?

    What was the alternative? A crackdown on LGBT London? The creation of laws criminalizing LGBT artists? Roaming street violence and a descent into chaos?

    No, it’s just a damn arts festival, many of which take place across the country every year without a peep. This is a non-story.

  4. And why didn’t he support World Pride in London??

    1. He did….!

  5. Let’s be clear about this “Boris is no fool” he is a very intelligent and shrewd politician. The affable, bumbling gent hides a keen mind and a staunch conservative. Underestimate him at your peril, but yeah I’d love to ruffle his hair.

  6. ok he supports it but for gawds sake let him have nothing to do in the planning side of it, as like anything else he will mess it up bad

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