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George Osborne: Equal marriage is an example of a ‘modern reformed Conservative Party’

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Reader comments

  1. Danny Boyd 30 Sep 2013, 3:15pm

    Delivered by who? If it hadn’t been for MPs from other parties it never would’ve passed.

  2. That There Other David 30 Sep 2013, 3:16pm

    It’s a start Gideon, but let’s not get carried away eh? Still a long way to go before that description is anywhere near true.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 3:28pm

    I’ll concede without Labour and Lib Dems it wouldn’t have succeeded, but where was Labour in this for the past 13 years? NOWHERE! Miliband was the last of the three to endorse it don’t forget.

    This is far better than not having equal marriage, flaws included. Nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought a Tory leader would ever endorse it and with slightly less than half of the party. They too played a decisive role in getting it through, so its a fair comment by Osborne but still a way to go and for more improvement incrementally.

  4. The way his party demonises the unemployed and less fortunate in society proves that they’re still the same nasty divide and rule party. Yes equal marriage is fantastic but as somebody else has pointed out without the votes of the MPs from other parties it would never have been passed.

    In the case of George Osborne I can’t tell whether he really is a nasty, heartless Thatcherite or a Thatcherite that’s not cruel but just totally and completely out of touch with reality, a bit like Tim Nice-But-Dim.

    1. Indeed. I am not a Labour or Lib Dem person but the Tory Party still
      doesn’t ‘get’ the concept that the vast majority of unemployed people are unemployed NOT because they are ‘work-shy’ scrounging layabouts but because of the brutal economic fact there are not enough real job vacancies compared to the numbers of unemployed.

      The Tory Party under Cameron and Osbourne has shown its real colours ie heartless contempt for the unemployed and some other groups such as the disabled.

      I wouldn’t want a Labour victory at the next election but if ever the Tory Party deserves to lose an election this one does. Even Mrs Thatcher would never have stooped as low as this lot.

      They are supposedly the ‘party of business’ so you would think they of all parties would understand how unemployment comes about and longterm unemployment in particular.

    2. With Osbourne it is both. I find it rich that he freely castigates the unemployed
      when his experiences of the world of work before he became an MP were six months folding towels in Selfridges and a few months spent during data entry for the NHS.

  5. Lesley Hedges 30 Sep 2013, 3:47pm

    But they are still deporting LGBT asylum seekers. Two faced or what ?

    1. Exactly.

  6. About the only thing. (In my opinion)

  7. As more than half the parliamentary party supported equal marriage, then they still have a very long way to go. There is already a motion to repeal the act from arch Tory Peter Bone.

    From what we have been told large scale grass roots opposition.

    As for their socially divisive economic policy’s they are unelectable. We have all seen massive tax increases for most of us but cuts for millionaires. They support the rich, the city and big business interest, not the rest of us. Lets hope these idiots don’t get elected next time. Of course they didn’t win last time either.

    1. Ooops it was less than half the parliamentary party!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 4:51pm

      EDMs are hard to get through as legislation. Demented loon Peter Bone and 42+ colleagues want to stop implementation of the Marriage Bill by having a referendum first. Referenda are rare in our system. To do that, he’d also need to get majority support of Labour and Lib Dems. I just don’t see that happening. It’s a failure before it even gets started. It won’t even make it to second reading, I guarantee. An exercise in futility.

    3. Under Cameron and Osbourne they have made themselves unelectable
      for a generation. Even Ed Miliband is going to have to really mess-up before he loses the election to the Tories. Mrs Thatcher Was called many things in her time but she would never have stooped as low as Cameron and Osbourne.

  8. modern??? reformed??? Almost as funny as his economic policy!!!

    Yes they try to portray the friendly (smiley), green (thats what the tree in the logo is for) tollerent (equal marrage) modern image but in the back ground the majority of the members of the party are still the bigoted self serving sleazey they have always been!

    1. They are a worse party now than they have ever been. Whilst contempt for the unemployed was fairly well-hidden in the past now it is complete open season on them. The Tories are evil scum and now more deserving of the title ‘the nasty party’ than previously.

  9. GulliverUK 30 Sep 2013, 5:03pm

    Got my email from ConservativeHome this morning detailing today’s articles, and I almost had to check that Stormfront hadn’t obtained my email address.

    Equal Marriage, yes, and many Tories were great on it, but sadly more than half those who voted from the Tory party were against it. So modern? .. not so much. Crawling in the right direction .. possibly on that, but on many other issues they are a disaster. The only way I can describe it is some spectrum disorder, where they have brains which don’t function like the rest of us. Some are, without any doubt, psychotic, some are sociopathic, others are very down-to-earth and in-touch. Even some of the new ones are dangerous loons. The problem is, like Sarah Teather, some are reasonable on one thing, and deranged on others.

    The Tories can’t claim to have either proposed this – it was LibDem policy, and couldn’t have got it through without LibDems and Labour. But Cameron deserves a lot of praise.

  10. The love that dares not speak it’s name eh? Poor Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron too timid to promote the SSM success to their own party? I blame the silent majority of Tories..Thing is when 6 Tory party chairmen hand in a petition to DStreet signed by another 20 warning of SSM – am assuming the other 620 Conservative Grassroute Associations were fine with equal marriage. Cameron really needs to take on the vocal minority of loud mouthed loonies and the coverage the media gives them otherwise he’s destined to become a John Major figure As a favour to GO and DC – i remind them that Blair won 3 elections incl 2 landslides – the secret of winning next time lies in capturing the mainstream middle ground – not pandering to the right wing and UKIP!! And I’m neither a Tory or Blairite – but i do have an Msc in Mathematics!!!

  11. Strongfemme 30 Sep 2013, 5:28pm

    I would go far as to state that it is the Tories who cannot be trusted. There seething hatred of the poor and jobless is apparent every time they propose yet another tory cull? It does not have any Humanitarian side to it? (in my view)

    Seems contrary to …

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on which the UK supported.
    Articles 23 and see 25.

    1. Laughably, this is the new ‘compassionate conservative party’. If this is
      what they call ‘compassion’ I would hate to see what they call ‘nasty’.

      We have Roman Catholic loon Iain Duncan-Smith with his increasingly deranged rantings about the unemployed and then we get George Gideon Osbourne pontificating about the unemployed and their so-called ‘lifestyle choice’

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 10:52pm

        Ironically, the catholic loon voted for equal marriage as did Osborne of course not that it excuses their other policies against workers and unemployed.

  12. Re Mr Bone’s SSM referendum bill – it’s dead. It’s second on the Private Members order paper on Fri 29 Nov at the moment and it will prob re relegated further as the Tories EU bill and others such as Armed Forces and Deep Sea Mining will take precedent having got through Committee already. Once talked out it will take it’s place behind all the other Looney bills – National Service? Hanging? Why not open the Victorian Workhouses next? Of course, even if the Commons failed to kill the bill – the Lords will knife the bill abdomen in full view as soon as it gets to them! lol

    1. GulliverUK 30 Sep 2013, 5:44pm

      It was never going to get anywhere. They gave up and accepted the bill as revised by the Lords, without even bothering to have another vote, because if they did it would have gained even more support. Bigots are through.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 6:01pm

      Bone, Burrowes, Loughton, Rees-Mogg, Dorries, Drax, Howarth, Gillan, Baldry, Gale and the rest of the rabble are delusional enough to even continue with it. I only hope that the actual date equal marriage takes effect is earlier in the new year than by early summer.

  13. No matter how one looks at it, the simple fact is that Cameron went WAY out on a limb to push this through Parliament, knowing full well that it would anger a large chunk of his own party and he would need the others to pass it. From here in the U.S., where we have a government split between two parties following strict lines, and the Republicans will oppose the president no matter what he does, the U.K. comes across as looking a lot more functional in this case.

  14. Colin (London) 30 Sep 2013, 6:20pm

    I do not think they are there yet but boy are they trying hard.

    They have the wealthy oldies to drag along. The ones who are less connected to daily toil and struggle. Some have forgotten their struggle when they were young and cashless, jobless etc.

    How do you get the South and South west which are comparatively wealthy in parts to share and realise that we have many young now with no stake in society, no jobs, no education…at least 1.5m of them

    However Please Tory Modernisers educate the oldies because once they get it and understand “in context” your job will be easier. Wealth must be created and distributed more fairly.

    But we must encourage our young to participate in society as well. They must fight for their future and we must listen. But we need a plan…one for 50 years not 5.

    Now Tories keep modernising.

    1. They are getting WORSE in this regard rather than better. Some of the
      things they are doing now are policies that even Mrs Thatcher would have baulked at.

  15. I notice that Theresa May has anounced that they will scrap the Human rights act and withdraw from the ECHR. Typical if they don’t like the rules they change them to suit themselves.

    They are seeking to take away the checks and balances that protect us all fro the excesses of any government.

    Without the ECHR we would not have Gay people serving in the military nor an equal age of consent. Just to name a few things that have helped improve our lives.

    What’s next for them a fascist dictatorship where ordinary citizens have no rights? No recourse to the law?

    1. Gas chambers for the longterm unemployed? Arbeit Macht Frei, mein Fuhrer
      That is certainly the direction of travel with this lot, isn’t it? Even Hitler gave the unemployed on his workfare schemes the dignity of being PAID the going rate.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 10:56pm

      I believe May’s announcement has more to do with extradition of foreign (Islamic) terrorists more than anything else. I don’t think it has anything to do with denying LGBTIQ rights, although the asylum issue is something else.

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