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Video: Head of Barilla pasta apologises after saying he ‘would never feature an ad with a gay family’

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Reader comments

  1. He’s trying to save face now and not lose any revenue from his shameless remarks.

    1. And you know he’s not being sincere because?…………

    2. Wow. What an ‘apology’. I’m not homophobic, but I am a complete sexist. Well done.

  2. Colin (London) 29 Sep 2013, 2:12pm

    So the man made a mistake…..We all have, That offhand comment that upset your mum, partner, work colleague.

    Get over ourselves and stop be prima donnas.

    He apologised..

    I’ll buy his product this week to support him. We are all learning. Move on

    1. Totally agree with you, sometimes I really feel out of touch with the gay community given your post has a negative rating.

      1. No need to feel out of touch with the gay community. People who feel angry are much more likely to post a comment than people who, on reading an article like this one, are content to nod their heads, sigh with relief and move on.

    2. I won’t go out of my way to buy these products, I buy the food I like or stuff that’s on offer, it’s of no consequence to me on the life view of the founder of a food company. How many CEO’s do we think that have a negative view of the gay world, if we boycotted them all we may go hungry!

    3. I was not offended so much as amused; this guy is clearly an italian patriarch who’s probably living in a 1950s American nuclear family where the woman’s place is to cook and suck and look after the kids and he is the supreme master of the universe.

      My problem is that he literally said “Homosexuals should buy another pasta”; what kind of business man does crap like that? STUPID. Loads of homophobes on huffington post said they’d go out their way to buy his pasta because he “stood up for traditional values” eugh.

      I don’t need a pasta company I’ve never heard of to include our families in their adverts to feel validated or approved of. I don’t even watch television! Alan Carr’s chatty man is good enough for me. This man is just a douche lol

    4. I did not read an apology because he said something that is not true. I read an apology if his remarks caused controversy. He’s parsing his words and merely saying he did not intend to offend by his admission that gay families will never appear in his advertisements because he believes we should not raise children. He’s changed nothing, except he’s duped some people who do not seem to have good reading comprehension skills.

    5. COLIN – or should we call you Barilla PR department?

      No more getting away with this kind of prejudice –

      1. Colin (London) 29 Sep 2013, 7:46pm

        No Im just not a drama queen. I work towards understanding and change not venim.

    6. E. Carpenter 29 Sep 2013, 4:41pm

      He has NOT apologized for calling gay people inferior, he has NOT apologized for saying we are bad to children. How is being insulted by this the same as being a prima donna?

      If you buy his products, you are spitting in the faces of gay families, gay single people, and our allies.

    7. He made a non-apology apology, he did not retract any of his prejudicial previous remarks, in fact he added more misogyny to the ” if I’ve offended any one” style.
      He has not changed his opinions, just realised his profit margins are about to plummet into a negative, and is aghast that his remarks created the situation he now finds himself in.
      This is what happens to people who create a fantasy bubble of the real world.
      Not sorry for him at all. He needs to grow up, and face his discrimination and prejudices, even if it is later in his life. This shock to his little hetro-normative world may be a start, but he has a long way to travel.

    8. The mistake this man made was to air his homophobic views publicly – and now he’s trying damage-control. It was not an unfortunate phrasing or anything like that. Even in his “apology” there is nothing to indicate that he is not in fact homophobic, or that he changed his views. It’s only a statement that he is sorry he’s offended some people. I really think that supporting his products sends the wrong message (unless of course you work for Barilla).

    9. I also agree with you. Too much bitterness on this site – not just the comments, but also the news stories – although I think it’s the vociferous few who leave the most comments, and the issues of the owner of pink news who creates their reaction. The anger, hatred and bigotry in the comments are distasteful to read, and embarrassing to be associated with, especially as they are generally attacking homophobes who are also hateful and bigoted.

  3. Fine. He’s sorry, because his Board of Directors is FURIOUS. I’ll accept his apology when I see him, on a YouTube video, stretched with his pants down over the boadroom table taking a high hard one up his bum just to prove he’s sorry.

  4. I find it amusing, Food is for everyone, what he needs to do is realise the vast spectrum of life’s in the world, people live alone and cook for one, ppl flat share and may cook together, the idea of family dinning everyday is out lived once your children leave home. Not only were his remarks out dated toward the concept of gay men eating pasta (we do eat carbs) he clearly defines the woman’s place is in the kitchen, it’s the sad fact of an older man from Italy. Mama didn’t make it the way she use to either, a machine made it!!! Food is not defined by sex, race, sexuality, so it always amazes me when food is advertised as part of a life style it’s completely limiting your market appeal.

    1. Lol how can my comment be a negative mark, is it because I’m not gathering a lynch mob? Grow up people there are greater issues in the world then one person selling pasta! Like the injustice of the Russian States openly negative policies towards homosexuals.

      1. I don’t agree, I think the reaction to his prejudiced and misogynist remarks was exactly what we need, it shows many people are no longer willing to put-up with this type of unthinking prejudice, and is exactly like not putting up with Russian homophobia albeit on a far more different scale. Most of the initial disgust at his comments came from Italians! Italy is still the worst country in western Europe for gay equality, no partnership laws and no anti-discrimination laws, no hate crime laws. No equal adoption laws ……..

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 3:58pm

      I don’t find his statement amusing as far as gay families are concerned, but the rest of what you said I agree with and gave you a thumbs up regardless. Barilla’s statement is as bad as the saying that real men don’t eat quiche.

    3. Surely lifestyle, in one way or another, is at the core of all food advertising? Pasta hasn’t long been part of the mainstream UK diet, after all.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 4:39pm

        It could be any food product. What I don’t understand is why he has to equate his product with the outdated ‘traditional’ families nonsense in 2013. Families come in all shapes and sizes, some married, some not, hetero and gay. It’s a simple fact that he fails to grasp or has been walking around with blinkers on. He needs to come out of that comfortable luxurious cocoon he’s been living in for decades and take a closer look at societies in 2013, including his own. It’s far different and evolved than it was even ten years ago.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 2:47pm

    I’ll accept his apology as soon as he meets with the so called non-traditional families including us and retracts his statement. Action speaks louder than words. He not only offends gay families but single heteros raising children including widows and widowers which by definition wouldn’t be defined as traditional families according to his understanding, men the bread winners and women barefoot and pregnant and at home in the kitchen. This man needs a reality check. One in three Italian family households are headed by single parents.

  6. Too late for pathetic face saving meaningless apologies – Let the boycott of his pasta cause his downfall and serve as a reminder that the people of the world are ALL equal and Italian bigots & misogynists will not be excused –

  7. He might particularly regret upsetting elements of the Sicilian LGBT business network.

  8. Truely amazing how a threat to someone’s income can affect their ‘beliefs’. What a vile specimenof humanity.

    1. so true

    1. That is absolutely brilliant and great fast-on-your-feet marketing!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 10:18pm

      Will be interesting to see if other Italian brands follow suit. Perhaps this is a wake-up call for the Italian political establishment to get with the programme. This is 2013 for heaven’s sake. I was unaware that Bertollli made pasta, it was always olive oil.

  9. Awaiting a TV advert for Barilla pasta featuring a gay family.

    1. Sheogorath 3 Oct 2013, 11:55pm

      “Awaiting a TV advert for Barilla pasta featuring a non-traditional family.”

  10. Shock horror ! Most people think a family consists of a man and a woman & not some pseudo set up with 2 ‘dads’ and their boyfriends .Italy where the family is still important would find the idea of sexual disorders masquerading as a family on their adverts enough to put them off their tagliatelle.Their revenue would quickly nose dive if they tried to portray the 0.01% of the so-called LGBTOMG ‘community’ .

    1. It appears another major Italian label doesn’t agree with you, Ray.

      But of course I’m sure you know better than they do.

    2. E. Carpenter 29 Sep 2013, 5:30pm

      So sad to see someone who strenuously avoids facts about real gay people so that he can cling to his old fantasies about gay people. Your opinions are based on long-disproven anti-gay attacks, not on actual people – they are not relevant to the discussion except as a historical reference.

    3. I notice that you immediately think of “2 dads”, Ray. That speaks volumes.

    4. Why do rabid bigots like you insist on commenting on Pink News? Could it be that you don’t have enough of an outlet anywhere else, now that your ignorance, intolerance and fascist opinions are being rejected by millions all around the world?

      It’s interesting to see radicals like you coming here to scream your BS, it means the rest of the world is driving you to extremes. You’re a dinosaur, about to die out, and your opinions have absolutely no effect on equality and society – that’s the thing you really hate, losing in your fanatical quest to control and victimize others.

    5. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 10:22pm

      Sorry to disappoint you but I’ll repeat what I said in an earlier post. One in three Italian households consist of one parent hetero families, including widows and widowers. Why aren’t you and Barilla condemning them? Surely they would fit the pseudo family label too? What an idiot and a delusional one at that.

    6. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 10:30pm

      For your edification as an addendum to my previous post.

    7. Colin (London) 30 Sep 2013, 7:01pm


      I’ve also been negatively commented on and so what. On this one I’m sort of glad we are a minority group. I certainly want equality in every aspect of my life but have broad enough shoulders when someone gets it wrong. That was probably me last week one way or another. He apologised, has said he will examine his belief system as he can see it’s out of line with

      1. Colin (London) 30 Sep 2013, 7:05pm

        the current world thinking. Time will tell if he changes and supports us.

        I live in hope. His businesses employ people, pays taxes and he loves his family. I hope he can change his definition of family in time. To me he is one of the good guys, contributing to his community.

  11. E. Carpenter 29 Sep 2013, 4:36pm

    Some Barilla-owned brands which don’t have “Barilla” in the name:

    Alixir — alcoholic beverages,
    Crisp’N Light — biscuits, cookies,
    Cucina Mediterranea — Frozen main dishes,
    Fantasie Del Sole — many food products,
    First Fast — coffee, other food products
    Italy’s #1 Pasta — pasta,
    Macine — baking powder, salt,
    Mulino Bianco — baked goods,
    Natura Al Dente — many food products,
    NutriPlus — pasta,
    Orizzonti — coffee, other food products
    Pan Di Stelle — biscuits, cookies,
    Pavesi — Coffee,
    Pavesini — baked goods,
    Plus — sauces,
    Restaurant Creations — pasta sauces,
    Ringo — baking powder, biscuits, cookies,
    Ritornelli — biscuits, cookies,
    Share The Table — baking pans,
    The Choice of Italy — pasta,
    Voiello — coffee, other food products
    Volare — semolina-based snack foods

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Sep 2013, 10:14pm

      Wasa and Parmalat are another two you can add to the list.

    2. Thanks for the list .Never heard of the brand before but will do my best to bulk buy on all their family favourites .

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Sep 2013, 2:49pm

        A fool and his money are soon parted!

  12. Timing is key.
    Why did it take so long to issue an apology? Is it perhaps that he wanted to stick by his bigotry and hoped that it would all go away, and then when he saw that it wasn’t he was forced into making a corporate decision to save his business?

    I wish I could give him the benefit of doubt and say that this is a genuine apology, but these ideas and opinions don’t just accidentally happen, they’re not brain farts, they are beliefs, and this is what he believed!

    Are we supposed to just suddenly swallow the idea that he had a moment of enlightenment about equality, and that it’s not about just saving a business he has potentially destroyed?

    Sorry, I’m not falling for it. I believe that this is a cynical attempt by a bigot to stop his company from collapsing around him, thanks to his beliefs being totally out of touch with modern society.

    He voiced an opinion that millions find disgusting, and as such he should accept that he has potentially destroyed his family business.

  13. He has apologised, he has admitted he was wrong. And yet so many comments continue to hate him. Why would anyone still hold it against him?

    1. Because most people can see through this ‘act of contrition’. Plus, he did NOT admit he’s wrong, he just said he was sorry he offended some people (I bet he is – a successful boycott is serious stuff) and that he wants to meet with some gay-rights group representatives in person.

    2. Justusboyz 29 Sep 2013, 9:11pm

      Do you work for him?…..just asking :/

    3. Mark, you need to read again what he said. He did not apologise for his comments. He said he was sorry if they had been misunderstood. Can you tell me what there is to misunderstand about his original comments? They were very clear and I see nothing in what he has now said which retracts any of that. It is a hollow and insincere apology.

      1. People like him are simply brainwashed religious bigots. They ‘believe’ the nonsense they have read in some obscure passage in an old book. They are homophobic through ignorance. Suddenly, he’s had a wake-up call by way of a threat to his income … and his ‘beliefs’ go out the window. How cynical and hypocritical is that. So, is his apology genuine or simply damage limitation? I think it’s the latter. Vile bigot. And shame on those ‘uncle Toms’ on here who seek to defend him. Stop being such self-loathers and stand up for our rights.

    4. Because these statements of belief are not accidents.
      An accident is posting your car keys instead of the letter in your hand. An accident is calling your friend James when his name is Steve.
      Saying that gay people are “less capable” or “less worthy” of being recognized as a family is not an accident, it’s a belief.

      People can change their beliefs, but not overnight. And when it’s seemingly done in this fashion and this environment it is clearly a cynical attempt at damage limitation.

      He hasn’t admitted he was wrong, he has expressed disappointment that his opinions have been refused by the majority, and he’s sorry that this is now hurting his brand and business. That’s the only reason he’s making this statement now.

      Most of us can identify a cynical apology when we hear it, and that’s what this is.

      A bigot doesn’t suddenly wake up one day and say “hey, whaddya know, I’m not a bigot any more!”

  14. Velvet Steele 29 Sep 2013, 7:30pm

    once trust is broken it is very hard to mend, although forgiveness is a different story, but people never forget!!

    1. Very hard to mend is an understatement. It’s much like “unbreaking” a window. He might be able to, in time, glue the broken pieces back together but the reason for the damage will always be there.

  15. David M Boston 29 Sep 2013, 8:19pm

    What a stupid,callous nitwit

  16. It was very stupid to say anything like that in Europe.. he might have got away with it in Africa or the Middle East but seriously? This apology was a damage limitation exercise and nothing else. If he feels genuine regret, his actions will speak louder than words. Let this be a lesson to other homophobic companies out there!

  17. To little to late you ugly mother f**ker.
    Never buy that crap….never

  18. Let his sales drop!

  19. sticjk yer noodesl where the sun don’t shine !

  20. I bet Guido’s truly bewildered by the response. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in Italy and following their politics and culture some. They’re far behind the rest of Europe in their acceptance of gays and Lesbians; mostly because of the Vatican and also Italy has the lowest birth-rate in the region. There’s a lot of pressure to do the traditional family thing and make babies. So, at least, that’s where they’re coming from. But they can learn. I’m joining the boycott of Barilla and find Guido’s apology exceedingly feeble.

  21. Too late, boycott’s on and he has to watch Bertolli, Buitoni and even Beekman carve up Barilla’s former market share. How does this fool still have a job today?

  22. soapbubblequeen 2 Oct 2013, 7:02pm

    Looks like Jeremy Paxman with a bad hair day. Stuff your Barilla up your chuffer – dick8face!

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