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Study: Over half of LGBT Hollywood actors have heard anti-gay slurs by directors and producers on set

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 28 Sep 2013, 2:56pm

    As a openly gay actor you often get rejected for heterosexual roles, however if you don’t let them know you’re gay you can get cast for them.
    Awfully silly as the whole point of acting is playing someone that isn’t yourself.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Sep 2013, 3:03pm

    And to this day, no openly gay actor or actress has been given a leading role playing a straight character in Hollywood while almost if not all leading film roles depicting a gay character are played by straights. Definitely not progress at all.

  3. I’m surprised it’s only half that have heard homophobic/anti-gay slurs, given their prevalence in everyday conversation.

  4. The most powerful nation on earth – yet still so backward because of the deference it affords ‘religious belief’. Until the US stops pandering to the ‘sensibilities’ of religion, equality can never be attained. obtained, America has the power, through the UN, to bring about real change for good around the world by way of LGBT rights. Homophobia in ANY workplace – movies included – is as bad as racism and should not be tolerated under ANY circunstance. Anyone found guilty of it should be fired and publicly shamed.

  5. OUT…..LGBT actors.

    This is another Hollywood intimation tactic to pressure actors to remain in the closet, often spewed out by closeted actor and directors.

  6. SAG-AFTRA is one organisation – they merged a while back, so its not 2 separate ones as implied in the article.

  7. Ironic, considering over 89% of the people employed by these so-called directors and producers are either gay or bi. Not surprinsing, though, considering how moronic most of the directors and 99% of the producers are in the industry. And I’m an ‘out’ gay actor who has never been cast as gay.

  8. Hollywood. Bastion of bigotry fuelled by greed. One can only hope that homophobia in Tinsletown eventually becomes as unacceptable as racism. But don’t hold your breath. Money IS the root of evil.

  9. It’s a shame Hollywood and Broadway are so far apart morally as well as geographically. I think the law needs to protect people more if it can… tricky business really to root out discrimination. Like most things, these issues need to tackled from the top but if the problem is at the top where do you start?

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