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Serbian Government condemned by EU officials for cancelling pride march for third year running

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Reader comments

  1. johnny33308 28 Sep 2013, 4:18pm

    Oh, wow! The bigoted Serbian government has been publicly “condemned”! Like this impacts them or even punishes them in some way. It sadly does nothing of the kind, because if said ‘condemnation’ ACTUALLY carried economic penalties, the Serbian government would then ACTUALLY give a damn. This ‘condemnation’ is bogus! It is simply blah, blah, blah….business as usual! Pandering to the ignorant masses! Barbarians!

  2. He insisted that ”hooligans have not defeated the state.”


    Asked if he would attend, Dacic replied: “No. Do I have to become gay?”


  3. A lot of ‘Right-wing’ extremists are secret self-loathing gays and bisexuals. Go to any forum where they congregate and you will see the most ridiculous and totally insane ‘justifications’ for their homophobic and biphobic prejudices. The one I find most absurd is the one that basically boils down to their view that society shouldn’t tolerate homosexuality or bisexuality as that will ‘encourage’ it and society will come to an end because there will be no-one left to have children! What planet do these nutters live one? Just how many times to they have to be told to find out the extensive scientific evidence that no-one willingly and consciously ‘chooses’ their sexuality?

  4. The Serbian Government hides behind the extremists, many of whom are within the gov itself, to be frank. PM and others share the same ideas with the extremists. I am a Greek gay. For 20 years Golden Dawn was well-tolerated. Untill 2 weeks ago, MPs of the governing right-wing New Democracy appealed for co-operation with GD! What has cahnged and now most of the GD MPs are in jail? The international factor. The intolerance for neo-nazis. The evidence, lying in drawers, in Greek authorities, but also foreign agencies. Do not underestimate pressure. It is time for real pressure to all neo-nazis and their comme-il-faut friends. There are a lot of them, in the Balkans. The Balkans have a problem with human rights. This is the origin of all other problems. Focus on human rights and there is no other problem in the Balkans.

    1. Neo-nazis are making a big come back it seems; in my hometown of Liverpool a bunch of neo-nazis attacked a group of anti-fascists who were meeting at a popular queer book shop.

      The neo-nazis were so cliche: straight white men, dirt poor, superiority complex but no intellectual or material worth, angry and jealous, never learned to use their words so they have to use their fists. So predictable.

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