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US: Judge rules that challenge to Illinois equal marriage ban can proceed

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  1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 28 Sep 2013, 8:15am

    The ruling is looking good so far, but judgement day to declare “same sex marriage is legal” in Illinois is yet to come!!!!

    The bill passed the Illinois Senate – but lapsed in the House, all because there was a belief that the votes were not there!!!!

    So couples sued the state of Illinois for the right to marry, and so they should because same sex marriage is long overdue!!!!!!!

    Come on Illinois you are better than this. In 1962 you were the first state to allow sodomy and two of your next door neighbours as states (both Iowa and Minnesota) allow same sex marriage right now!!!!!!!

    Illinois does NOT have a constitutional amendment that bans same sex marriage, so Illinois is free to pass laws allowing same sex marriage!!!!!