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UK: Bisexual man to jump out of plane naked for charity

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Reader comments

  1. What relevance is his sexuality to anything in the story. Man parachute jumps naked for charity, hold the front page.
    Non news and basically irrelevant.

    1. Normally, I would agree absolutely with you here but one of the problems bisexuals face is that many, many people (perhaps millions) still
      don’t think they exist. Apparently, they are just gays who are afraid to be true to themselves and others, are ‘indecisive’ ect. The more the general public are aware that bisexuals comprise a genuine sexuality the better in my opinion.

    2. Jock S. Trap 29 Sep 2013, 11:41am

      Yeah, how dare PinkNews report on something good and not on miserable and discriminating.

      I don’t know about you but happy news should be reported too you know.

      Unlike you, I don’t think the news just has to be gloom and doom.

  2. Christopher Kay 27 Sep 2013, 8:03pm

    Just sponsored Dan :)
    It’s a great cause and he’s a star for helping to raise money for people less fortunate than himself.

    1. Yes, indeed! While PN is extremely important for us in its reportage of instances of homophobia and so forth from all over the world, it’s good to have some uplifting or light-hearted news now and again, as well!

      This bloke’s sky-dive is harmless, for a charity, and it also says, “I’m not ashamed to declare I’m bisexual”. So, well done, him!

      1. Yes, we need more of this. Bisexual people still aren’t confident
        about declaring who they are. Biphobia is massively prevalent in our society. It’s time many more British people were aware of the fact that bisexuals exist, are not ‘lying’, ‘indecisive’, ‘greedy’ or worst of all ‘perverted’.

        Biphobia is something the LGBT movement needs to put ‘on the map’ of public debate in Britain.

  3. patricia crowe 27 Sep 2013, 8:22pm

    no matter what his sexual preference he is doing a good cause wish more pple were like him Gay, Str8 or otherwise

    1. Elston Gunn 28 Sep 2013, 6:50pm

      oh yeah – gay or straight, that’s the main thing, who cares about the otherwise?

  4. LOL At – 30 I hope he isn’t planning to have kids :D He may help create a new race of Icemen :D

    Well done though for helping those less fortunate.

  5. Good for him. Wish him all luck. Would like to be there to see him land!

  6. Christopher Coleman 27 Sep 2013, 9:17pm

    Naked?! I hope he lands squarely on his bum and avoids unnecessary damage to his person. Admire his guts. Not something I would do for charity or any other reason.

  7. I Wouldn’t mind seeing him naked ;-)

  8. Presumably there will be a number of volunteers to warm him up afterwards!

  9. Lion in Winter 28 Sep 2013, 12:17am

    Does “bisexual” mean “polygamous” or is he able to actually fall in love with one person, regardless of gender?

    1. Elston Gunn 28 Sep 2013, 12:47am

      polygamy (marriage) is outlawed in this country

      polyamory (having a close relationship with more than one person) is practiced by all sexualities, so no bisexual does not mean “poly”.

      Bisexuality is part of the continuum between 100% gay/lesbian and 100% hetero, I guess it varies from person to person, but its main feature is that you are attracted to the individual (or individuals if you are polyamorous) based on their unique qualities as opposed to worrying about their sex or gender… anyway that’s how I would roughly answer your question.

      I have no idea if he is polygamous, you’d have to ask him.

      1. Oh, you beat me to it, Elston. I got distracted in the middle of replying, you must have posted in the meantime.
        ‘Polygamy’ doesn’t have to mean ‘married’ to multiple partners, it’s used all the time regarding animals with multiple mates. But I guess it’s not often used that way regarding humans! I’ve been watching too many wildlife documentaries :)

        1. Elston Gunn 28 Sep 2013, 6:59pm

          I guess I just nipped in before you!

          I didn’t know that – what’s the difference between polygamy and polyamory in that case?

          1. Well, ‘polyamory’ is a relatively new word. I think it only made it into the dictionary sometime in the last decade. I guess the whole point of the word ‘polyamory’ is to draw a firmer distinction and discourage us from using ‘polygamy’ for humans if there’s no marriage involved. Especially since only one of them is illegal.

            But, yeah, it’s used for animals. I don’t think I’ve ever heard ‘polyamory’ used with regard to animals.
            Also, sociobiologists often use ‘polygamy’ for humans whether they’re married or not, because marriage is a human invention. It depends on what exactly they’re studying. From a cultural perspective the difference might matter, but to Mother Nature a monogamous married couple and an exclusive-but-unmarried couple look exactly the same. So they’ll use the words ‘monogamy’ and ‘polygamy’ regardless.

    2. The latter.
      ‘Bisexual’ does not mean ‘polygamous’. You can be both, but they’re not synonymous or mutually inclusive. Bisexuals are no more polygamous than heterosexuals or homosexuals.
      Bisexuality means you can be with either a man or a woman, that gender doesn’t matter. If you’re also polygamous, that’s a separate issue. A polygamous bisexual is as likely to have two boyfriends or two girlfriends, not necessarily one of each, because it would depend on who they happened to meet and be attracted to.

  10. he’s cute as hell but he could freeze his weenie off if he’s not careful. -30 is too cold to leave it dangling. frostbite of the peepee is not the most brilliant idea ever. god bless him. bi guys are often very interesting. and ‘d pay to see him flying in the sky all naked. i’d pay more to make him all warm again.

  11. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 28 Sep 2013, 8:23am

    Alexandra the Great, Julius Caesar and several celebrities are all bisexuals (e.g. Lady Gar Ga)

    Bisexuality DOES exist, straight, gay or bi you are born that way and people have to accept it!!!!!!

    But then again let’s get rid of the labels!!!

    Labels are stupid and outdated – just like bans on gay marriage!!!!!

    By the way he is very handsome!

  12. That’s like saying, “Gay man jumps out of plane naked (along with 10 naked friends) for the Hell of it”. So? It must happen all of the time.

  13. I must admit, I have a problem with bisexuals.

    First, I totally agree with Arnold in “Torch Song Trilogy” when he said, “I never met a real bisexual… I’d like to see a bisexual who lived with his boyfriend and then saw his girlfriend on the sly.” It is very true for me. All of my bisexual friends publicly dated girls while secretly seeing the boy’s on the side.

    Second, every bisexual I have known, friend or celebrity, was openly Gay within 5 years of announcing their bisexuality.

    As such, I usually don’t date bisexuals because I don’t like being dragged back into a closet, especially someone else’s. Not one would hold my hand in public, but wanted to screw like rabbits before the clothes hit the floor in the bedroom.

    1. Elston Gunn 28 Sep 2013, 6:54pm

      I must admit, I have a problem with biphobic gays

      They always make broad generalisations about an entire sexuality based on their own limited experiences in life

      1. You see, Elston, the problem is that jerks tend to accumulate a lot of friends who are also jerks, and gravitate toward jerk-type lovers. They create an environment for themselves where everyone they know is an a**hole and then make sweeping generalisations like this.
        Aryugaetu’s pals sound like prats to me. It’s not our fault he’s attracted to the wrong people. If he met a nice, genuine bisexual who was happy to hold his hand in public, he probably wouldn’t like him.

  14. floridahank 28 Sep 2013, 8:33pm

    A stupid and wasteful event if he wanted to get any positive results for the bisexual agenda. 100% of the straights will think this stunt idiotic. If he wanted to get positive results for his cause he should have done something that incorporated that the straight community could get about the bisexual’s problems and endeavors to get more acceptance. This is more of a circus than a positive effort.

  15. I think he’s utterly stupid. at -30C in a wind chill skin freezes in less than a minute. He’ll end up dying for his efforts. Go naked after you land or something.

  16. Jock S. Trap 29 Sep 2013, 11:39am

    Makes use of… Is that a stalagmite in those boxers or are you just pleased to see me?

    Well done to Dan… always good to see someone doing something to help others.

  17. Dan D Cope 29 Sep 2013, 5:34pm

    Many thanks to everyone who donated. Regardless of if you thought this was newsworthy, or believe me to be confused about my sexuality, this article had the desired affect; I have over £300 of donations as a direct result of Pink News (and many many many of it’s generous readers), taking me to the near £1000 mark, which is epic for The Donna Louise Trust!

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