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Gay footballer Anton Hysen: I get calls from footballers who want to come out

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Reader comments

  1. I get copied into termination of contact emails from gay men as they flee the aids charity sector and help them regain their benefits with the London aids charity sector refusing to help.hey ho

  2. Woof woof!

    This guy knows what he’s talking about, makes a lot of great points. Closet doors are dominoes; once a couple fall they’ll all come crashing down; after 2 or 3 the flood gates will open and it will be the “year of the gay” and then it will just melt into a non-issue.

    Looking forward to the days where gay footballers have boyfriends and their “BAG”‘s appear in Hello! magazine alongside Colleen Rooney lol

    1. They’s be HABs [husbands and boyfriends] though, won’t they? :-)

      1. Oh yeah! Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though. I’m sure we’ll think of a better one when the time comes lol

  3. How does he know they’re footballers if they are anonymous and he doesn’t know who they play for? Doesn’t make sense.

    And how do these anonymous men get his phone number?

    1. Probably agents……..

  4. Whilst I don’t normally go in for generalisations, is is not true that football is followed by a lot of people who frankly aren’t very intelligent? This is why they struggle to accept homosexuality/bisexuality as a fact of life and retain their homophobic/biphobic opinions. These people still tend to see it as a willing ‘choice’. It’s a game that the working-classes follow most and being gay or bisexual isn’t seen as ‘masculine’ in these communities. A lot of upper-class people (in particular) and middle-class people have been historically a bit more tolerant.

    If football can beat homophobia/biphobia that will be a major result and help to really put-out the last few dying embers of prejudice and bigotry.

    1. Football is followed by people aren’t very intelligent? Wow, what an intelligent thing to say.

      And upper class and middle class people are more tolerant – you mean like the daily mail middle class? Or the house of lords upper class that have historically thought of gay men as deviant? Seriously, you say you don’t normally go for generalisations, I’d stick to that one in future, because your generalisations in that comment are ridiculous.

      1. Ok, perhaps not middle-class people but upper-class people
        have been more tolerant at least in with regards to their own family members ect.

        Cameron is definitely tolerant and I don’t think it should be all that a surprise that a PM educated at Britain’s most famous public school and one that comes from an upper middle-class background is the PM who made it finally made it legal which has damaged his position with many in his own party.

        1. upper-class people have been more tolerant

          Oh really? And how many members of the UK’s traditional upper classes can you cite as examples of openly-gay men then? The only major example I can think of among the titled aristocracy got married 4 years ago, hardly a sign of “tolerance” within his tribe.

          1. Me thinks he is a wannabe classist, closet case. Possibly confused by religious indoctrination. Best ignored as he contributes little to the debate.

  5. What about Lord Mantague in the 1950’s infamous Bath toilets case?

    And then there was Bob Boothby? He even went to the extent of getting married! He was a Lord.

    And Lord Glenconner-recently deceased-he lived with a black man on that island-I think it was Mustique?

    1. This is what I meant. I didn’t express myself very well. Perhaps it is a
      stereotype but what about the influence of the public schools? Cameron went to Britain’s most famous boarding school. Was it having gone to that school that made him tolerant on this subject or maybe he is just a tolerant person anyway with regard to this?

    2. Apologies for perpetuating this absurdly irrelevant tangent, but what of twice-married bisexual Lord Montagu (whose conviction centred on activities at his beach house)? What of corrupt and thuggish life-peer Boothby, also twice married and involved for years with Macmillan’s wife, though also known for his liking for rough trade? And what of Lord Glenconner, father of 6 children (5 by his wife and one illegitimate)? Are you seriously suggesting they’re glowing examples of the upper classes’ “tolerance” of homosexuality?

  6. Homophobic idiot keep this up and I`ll report you to the police for homophobic hate speech.

  7. A brilliant role-model and a total dish!

    1. Let’s hope more openly gay AND bisexual men ‘come out’ of the closet
      in the sport of football. Unfortunately, it is still a sport where people with blatantly homophobic and biphobic views feel they are ‘safe’ expressing these opinions. That is mainly the case amongst the fans. If they think that even this ‘macho’ sport is no longer a safe refuge perhaps they may rethink their exclusionary attitudes?

      1. And in this respect football is different from exactly which other organised ball games? Polo? Rugby? Tennis? Cricket? The fact there’s one gay professional in the latter is an advance, certainly, but it’s still a very recent development, wouldn’t you say?

        Football certainly has a long way to go still, but let’s not delude ourselves that other ball games are all that terribly advanced.

        1. Yes, it certainly has a longway to go as do the others
          before they become fully accepting of gay and bisexual people. My point is that football for some reason has a particularly ‘macho’ reputation and image (though I don’t know why that is). If there were more openly gay and bisexual footballers I think that will do more to lessen homophobia and biphobia than with regard to the other sports. Hopefully, more gay and bisexuals will ‘come out’ in all the sports. The more of them that do so the more it will show that gays and bisexuals are just normal people albeit people with different sexual orientations.

  8. ..I have already pointed this out earlier, but footballers are quite possibly the largest number of GAYS in the closet than any other association on Earth.

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