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Gambian President: ‘Homosexuality more deadly than all natural disasters put together’

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Reader comments

  1. David Skinner 27 Sep 2013, 6:13pm

    Sadly, homosexuals have been lured into a false sense of security. They have been encouraged to flaunt and strut their temptations in the public’s face, not realising that they are merely tools and puppets in the hands of their Marxist masters. Having served their purpose they will abandoned and their will be none to help them -except Christians.
    God help them

    1. white squirrel 27 Sep 2013, 6:32pm

      In what way exactly does someone being homosexual promote a marxist agenda?

      1. *Pssst*, I don’t think he knows what ‘Marxist’ means.

      2. He’s a fan of Scott Lively’s The Pink Swastika. The only book that promotes this lie.

    2. Good grief, someone loosen this drooling simpletons tin foil hat (notice how obvious he is that he believes in that disgusting middle eastern sky genie? Putrid thing. What a shame no one strangled Abraham at bloody birth and put a stop to this ludicrous magical filth).

    3. WTF has Marxism got to do with anything? Do you even know what Marxism is? Brainless idiot.

    4. As Desmond Tu Tu said, “If “heaven” is full of hateful people like these I’d rather go to the other place”. It’s better to die than be in subjection to your fatally flawed totalitarian based fundamentalism.

      1. That is exactly why people are so desperate that gay people go to hell: if heaven is full of gay people then it would be no heaven for them and therefore heaven couldn’t exist

        They’re also desperate to get into heaven because the idea of being stuck in an underground sauna with 100billion gay people like the worlds grandest gay pride parade is almost too much for them to bear !

    5. Marxist Masters ????? hahahahaha so the left are responsible for thr Tory party’s equality bill ??? i have seen some deluded comments on here but well done Mr Skinner thats quite possibly the most ridiculous post i have ever read !
      PS… the day i rely on the christian church for help is the day i have become as deluded as you !

  2. Another country that should get no aid from the UK, EU, or any other aid giving nation. And this man should be on the banned list for visiting the UK as should his entire government

    1. The Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent and among the poorest countries in the world – yet the President and his large entourage are staying in suites at the Ritz Carlton in New York. Nice if you can afford it.

      And he sure believes in the sanctity of marriage his latest marriage in September 2012 was his fourth. Only two children though, funny that with his seeming passion for much younger women – just saying bit odd.

      He really is one nasty piece of work.

      1. Christopher Coleman 29 Sep 2013, 1:02am

        While people like this are bust showing their ignorance, low-lying countries like his are beginning to see rising sea levels with salt water polluting fertile land. Blaming the world’s ills on gay sex won’t stop the sea and it won’t help his people. But, why should he care? He knows the West will help, including LGBT people, whose existence he’ll fail to notice.

    2. @allancsn Indeed:–Gambia–JAMMEH-DIVORCES-FIRST-LADY-ALIMA-SALLAH/Default.aspx

      He’s been described as disgraced, a polygamist, and a womaniser. So not only is he homophobic, but he also sexist, perverted, and in violation of international human rights law (which bans the backward practice of polygamy). What a barbaric and uncivilised freak he is!

      They really need to introduce a bar for being allowed to address the UNGA.

    3. Indeed, allancsn:

      He’s been described as disgraced, a polygamist, and a womaniser. So not only is he homophobic, but he also sexist, perverted, and in violation of international human rights law (which bans the backward practice of polygamy). What a barbaric and uncivilised freak he is!

      They really need to introduce a bar for being allowed to address the UNGA.

    4. Indeed allancsn:–Gambia–JAMMEH-DIVORCES-FIRST-LADY-ALIMA-SALLAH/Default.aspx

      He’s been described as disgraced, a polygamist, and a womaniser. So not only is he homophobic, but he also sexist, perverted, and in violation of international human rights law (which bans the backward practice of polygamy). What a barbaric and uncivilised freak he is!

      They really need to introduce a bar for being allowed to address the UNGA.

  3. He sounds like a fine, well-balanced individual. I hope his address got the reception it deserved.

    1. I’m certain that’s sarcasm.

  4. Ignorant lying cretin – Let me guess, you wouldn’t have to scrap the surface to find the rancid stink of religion and corruption at the core of this particular piece of filth.

    Gambia comes shuffling to the west, cap in hand, will not hesitate to raise my middle finger.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Sep 2013, 6:37pm

    Jammeh….proof that devolution exists in its most classic primitive form.

    1. I bet the UN Secretary General and UN Human Rights Commissioner were probably thinking the same thing (except they won’t say it).

      The UN is probably regretting inviting this uncivilised primitive barbarian in the first place.

      Oh well, what to except from a backward authoritarian dictatorship anyway.

  6. One of the biggest threats to human existence is heterosexuals overpopulating the planet and exhausting all resources like a plague of locusts.

  7. President Jammeh is a natural disaster in his own right. Somebody grab a tissue and wipe the dribble from the poor man’s chin…

  8. That There Other David 27 Sep 2013, 7:09pm

    Was this just after breakfast with Robert Mugabe perchance?

    Luckily for the world Gambia is a tiny nation easily ignored.

  9. Replace the word “homosexuality” with “religion” and he might have a point. Until then, he’s just another religious lunatic who doesn’t deserve the support of the western world.

    It’s time we started taking a stand against the freaks, ban them from travel, prevent their involvement in international affairs and tell their public at every opportunity exactly why they are being ostracized from the international community.

  10. Beelzeebub 27 Sep 2013, 8:14pm

    This is the loon that claims that he can treat the HIV virus with herbs and a banana.

    If he ever gets cancer lets hope he is treated with herbs and a banana.

  11. give us our AID money back then you piece of SH*t

  12. “President Jammeh has almost made outlandish remarks about HIV, announcing that he had found a natural remedy to “cure” the virus in 2007.

    He repeated the claim in October 2012, saying he had “cured” 68 patients.”

    How are these people even allowed to be leaders? You know that stupid kid in school who everyone sniggered at because they were so shockingly ignorant and a compulsive liar? I imagine when this guy takes to the podium, the other countries in the UN are giggling to themselves about how dumb he is.

    Where oh where is the education…

    1. keith francis farrell 28 Sep 2013, 2:32am

      most likely he had those 68 stoned to death, this is not a man, he dies not deserve to be listed as human. humans have brains and normally they know how to use them, or maybe he is trying to prove that Africa is a backwards world, that they are not worth any of our aid money. I wonder how long they would last if all the aid was stopped

  13. Christopher Coleman 27 Sep 2013, 8:49pm

    People like this buffoon do nothing to improve the world’s opinion of Africa. I have met many good people from that continent, from the Islamic north to the Christian south, and it is a great shame that they are represented by such big-mouthed bags of garbage.

    I wonder how quickly our dear old friend Scott Lively will take credit for this speech.

  14. Christopher Coleman 27 Sep 2013, 9:12pm

    David Skinner: You are right; recent gains in legal equality in civilized countries have given some homosexuals a false sense of security. However, most LGBT people know that there will never be a wholly safe and comfortable time . Gays will always be targets, like Jews, Blacks, and women. Women’s rights are being attacked; Black American voting rights are being attacked; synagogues continue to be desecrated. Now, Christians are being killed in some Islamic countries.

    What does all this mean? I think the world is longing for a good serious war. An insignificant international incident will trigger it. We love anniversaries and 2014 will give us a very big one.

    When that happens, no one will give homosexuals a second thought. Every one will be looking out for their own skin and will take aid from any quarter. Do today’s homophobes care if part of their frequent disaster relief comes from LGBT people? Bite the hand that feeds, etc. Human nature does not change.

  15. I think you’ll find religion is the biggest threat of all. It causes wars, hatred and division.

  16. David Skinner 27 Sep 2013, 10:15pm

    Truth, we are all religious. We all try to transcend the material world. Thousands of years of human history bear witness to man’s restless search for a purpose, meaning and significance greater than man himself. Tragically if he cannot find it above, he will search for it below in the darkest regions of his soul. Queer theology, secularism, materialism all have their high priests and temples. Their religions are as old as man. Baal, and Moloch, are with us today but under different names. It is a fancy, a conceit and a vanity to think that man is autonomous and independent.

    1. Christopher Coleman 27 Sep 2013, 11:25pm

      Yahweh was the God of the Jews, elevated by History’s chances. Read the Bible with honest attention and you will find that it is only the myth and history of the Jews, like the stories of other ancient peoples. Some fact, some fiction. Example: the fall of Jericho was like other ancient sieges. Armies circled the walls, blew trumpets to start the battle. If they won, they tore down the walls. The Bible story is shorthand for just that and no more. On Passover night the Jews marked their doors with blood. Why did the Lord’s Angel of Death need that help? Face the ugly possibilities hiding in the tale.

      There is neither “above” nor “below”. Those terms came into being before humans knew the facts of the universe, discovered mostly in the 20th century. We do want to know the purpose of life, but religion, though a human constant, provides no answers, only hopes. Humans have been on the planet for about 200,000 years. Why did God reveal Himself only 2,600 years ago?

    2. No David we are not all religious, the current definition of religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods, and atheism is defined as disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. Therefore you cannot be religious without believing in a god or gods.

      Secularism is not a religion it is a political system separating church and state and is neutral between atheist and religious, opposition to individualism is a fascist belief, that the people should be subservient to the state, or in your case religion.

      David you obviously have no grasp on politics or the subject of homosexuality. Straight people flaunt their temptation in the public eye also.

      P.S before you come on to this site try to provide evidence for your gay Marxist comment without evidence your argument loses all credibility.

    3. ‘It is a fancy, a conceit and a vanity to think that man is autonomous and independent.’
      It sure is, David. And it is a gigantic strawman. Please take your tedious irrational drivel away.

    4. “If you don’t believe in God, you can never be grateful to humanity and you are even below a pig.”

      So says your fellow-believer Jammeh, Skinner. I’m sure you and he have a lot in common.

    5. Oh David, religion is just life insurance for people who fear death and like to think there’s an everlasting paradise waiting for them after their crappy time on earth is over.

      People exploit this fear to accumulate wealth and power and further their enterprise by brainwashing and indoctrinating children with their lies and have done for centuries.

      It’s a disgusting practice that has stunted human growth and understanding for 2000 years and the centuries of sexual repression has f*cked us over royally

      Wake up !

  17. As long as we’re not doing any trade deals with them, or giving them a single penny of tax-payers money in International Aid, I don’t care what some backward uneducated tin-pot dictator thinks. Gambians who are gay should seek asylum in progressive countries, or they will end up living their lives without any rights, and with the prospect of being jailed.

    Another country / name to add to my ban list – no more fruit and veg from Gambia.

  18. I think stupidity is WAY more deadly!

  19. Greed, huh? Given that the average yearly income of Gambians is probably less than the currency I have in my pocket as of this writing, I challenge him to make his financial worth public, especially to his people.

  20. People Like this Gambian President should not be allowed anywhere in the west. He is a mad man. He is to be ignored.

  21. Boycott everything and anything to do with this country and Russia including any financial aid

    1. And most of the backward African and Islamic regimes.

  22. David Skinner 28 Sep 2013, 9:25am

    Man is personal and yet he is finite. So he is not a sufficient integration point for himself. We might remember a statement even from Sartre: that no finite point has any meaning unless it has an infinite reference point.

    Man is therefore incomplete and needs a complementary component, like a plug and socket – or a woman. But even this heterosexual relationship is limited as both partners soon exhaust one another. They require a higher power outside of themselves, in order to give to the other (husband or wife), what they, in their limited capacity,cannot give. This higher power is the Trinity: Father; Son and Holy Spirit.

    If a person does not have this personal relationship, they will seek fulfillment for unsatisfied longings and desires elsewhere, in other idols. Only animals are not religious. For someone to say that they are autonomous, independent, a complete integration point within themselves would be like saying they are God.

  23. David Skinner 28 Sep 2013, 9:35am

    Marxism has everything to do with the rise of homosexual domination. Both Marx and Hitler were two sides of the same Hegelian, socialist ideology. Their aim is total control of society, in other words to gain absolute power. The only thing in their way is Christianity and the family. Therefore the aim of the Marxist is to destroy both and what better weapon to do that than homosexuality, militant feminism and militant racism. When these three sections of socity have done their work, in bringing about anarchy and chaos, the tyrant steps and creates order – and disposes of the useful idiots who have brought him to power. It happened in Nazi Germany and in Russia and now it is happening globally.

    Read your Frankfurt School and listen to the ex – KGB officer, Bezmenov

    1. Unusually for me I’m going to attempt to be respectful for your PERSONAL religious beliefs. however that being said I find your comments so far to be based on a very limited reading/research base. I would suggest that before you engage in comments such as the rise of the dictators being related to the establishment of equal rights for all that you perhaps read conflicting points of view. Your personal agenda aside however I find your comments regarding a make believe bronze age sky fairy to be hopelessly naive and your attempt to indoctrinate people with YOUR faith to be irritating at best and from your comments about christianity being a shield to protect the world you are actually making the same points as Hilter & Stalin who also used the threat of the OTHER to grab power.

    2. “Homosexual domination”? “Homosexual domination of what?

      It must be cosy in that weird little world of simple-minded conspiracy theories, Skinner. Stay there and don’t come out again, there’s a good little chap.

  24. I and a friend were nearly shot by the tourist police and traced to The British Embassy. All because I had recorded a doctor who had kidnapped me and threatened to kill me if I did not pay the bill (no ATMs working that day). We had to be protected for the second week and go under cover.
    He is the most evil dictator. Sorry if you have just booked a holiday

  25. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2013, 9:54am

    And just imagine what the consequences would have been if a leader of a country.. and white had stood up and said that about ‘black people’.

    It is not acceptable for that just as it isn’t for his sprouting of homophobia. Yet why is it treated with such difference?

    Of cause racism doesn’t come to mind in most yet when he and his ilk suggest being Gay is a western thing, he does mean white… meaning he is both homophobic AND racist.

    How is that acceptable?

    It’s not plan and simple.

  26. David Skinner 28 Sep 2013, 10:21am

    Desmund Tutu, is a Marxist.

    1. There, there.

      *pats hand*

    2. How strange, David; because I have never heard Tutu espouse the historical inevitability of the overthrow of capitalism consequent upon its internal contradictions, such as, for example, a terminal collapse in demand caused by the unfettered accumulation of profit. You really talk a lot of crap, don’t you?

    3. Christopher Coleman 30 Sep 2013, 12:05am

      I wouldn’t care if retired archbishop Tutu really were a Marxist, which he is not. what is certain, however, and beyond argument is that Tutu is a better Christian than most (including you).

  27. ‘He retracted a threat to decapitate gay people in Gambia, but said they would be driven out of their homes.’
    I once visited a young gay refugee from the Gambia who had fled his country because his Muslim fundamentalist family were going to kill him. He was an intelligent young guy who wanted to train as a nurse and would have been an asset to any country. This hate-spewing politician and his ilk are self-defeating idiots as well as poisonous bigots.

  28. Hey Jammeh you piece of human filth – Eating Primate Bush Meat – in your oppressive ass hole country caused the spread of HIV & Aids and you have the nerve to call gays the biggest threat to humanity –

    Your subjugation of the people of Africa is a crime against Humanity – you need to be held to account for all the vile hatred you preach!

  29. He’s a bit stupid isn’t he.

  30. This story saddens me very personally. I went to a tiny college prep school in New England and we had a foreign exchange student from The Gambia. He was possibly the most perfect specimen of the male homo sapiens I’ve yet to see. I got to see him in the common showers! He was also a wonderful footballer and soft spoken and genuinely a nice guy
    who even was willing to occasionally party with the likes of me, a younger underclassman. He was sent by his government, the story goes to be groomed for future high office of something of prestige in his country and the proof of his countries poverty was in the fact that he attended my school instead of the far more prestigious (expensive) schools who were the makers of future presidents, local, business, and government leaders. That was 44 years ago and I’ve not heard a word of him since and whenever I’ve read stories about The Gambia, (rarely) I’ve looked for his name without result. I’ve always had such fond memories of him.

  31. (and yes fantasies for you voyeurs out there) and wondered how things turned out for him. He’s not been involved in alumnae events or even maintained contact as far as I know. He’s always been listed as “missing” in school follow ups. It hurts a bit to think of The Gambia to have gone down this terrible path and do so hope that that fine young man had nothing to do with it.

  32. How do such stupid, detestable, evil people always end up running countries?

  33. What a great big chump.
    President Yahya Janmeh doesn’t have to worry about homosexuality, he’s so morbidly obese I doubt anyone could find his penis or his sphincter let alone access them, himself included.
    Really, I wonder how he manages to clean himself, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

    1. My comment wasn’t posting so I tried some alternative words for “penis” and “sphincter ” thinking they must be blocked or something and now all have posted at the same time and in the wrong place.

  34. What a great big chump.
    President Yahya Janmeh doesn’t have to worry about homosexuality, he’s so morbidly obese I doubt anyone could find his willy or his ass let alone access them, himself included.
    Really, I wonder how he manages to clean himself, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

  35. What a great big chump.
    President Yahya Janmeh doesn’t have to worry about homosexuality, he’s so morbidly obese I doubt anyone could find his manhood or his bottom let alone access them, himself included.
    Really, I wonder how he manages to clean himself, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

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