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US: Conservatives rally around bill to protect anti-equal marriage groups ‘from discrimination by the government’

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 25 Sep 2013, 7:15pm

    I’m sure the KKK had the same desires.

    1. National Organization for Marriage,& Concerned Women for America are all hate groups per the

      Focus on the family is the tax exempt part of the utter hate group FRC, though some say since old man Dobson is out of the picture it has moderated its viewpoints

      “Concered” citizens” in various forms are Kluxer type organizations.

      there have been several articles here in the states about how since the marriage battle is all but lost, this is the next way the conservatives are headed.

  2. I am shocked that a fat latino is supporting this. What next? dont have to serve dem blacks because they bear the mark of Cain?

  3. GulliverUK 25 Sep 2013, 7:55pm

    Any group that does not abide by the government’s equality rules and ethos should not be allowed to receive funding, or charitable status, period. If I was in power I’d rather be a dictator on these matters, shut down all the anti-gay groups, the KKK, reign in religions, ban PACs (probably).

    Churches should never receive public funding, in my view, but be funded by their congregants just like any other private business. They want to be treated like a private club, with their own “special” rules. What benefit is religion to society? We’ve got wars all over the world, and they are almost all down to religion. The thing is – they never want to compromise and be reasonable – so why should we.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2013, 8:21pm

    Always playing the bloody victim card when things don’t go their way. I say tax the bastards, cut off all public funding including their schools that aren’t much different from islamic madrassas. They’re nothing more than a cancer on the body politic. They will get nowhere with this.

  5. Don’t see why they should get protection from discrimination regarding employment when the very people they’re trying to legislate against don’t even have that right themselves

  6. These religious social conservatives are using multiple words to dance around what they really mean and that is they believe religions have a right to not only tell us gays that we are immoral sinners but to also execute punishment against us as well through blatant discrimination. They can dance around with his many words as they want but this is actually their goal.

  7. Can the government please protect us form the conservatives?

  8. It is amazing that thes eright wing nut jobs are always screaming about their rights and the way marriage equality impinges on their freedom of speech, but so many of them have come out in support of the Russian homosexual propaganda laws, which effectively curtail the freedom of speech of anyone who supports equality. What a bunch of hypocritical douchebags.

    1. What do you expect from reactionaries. They call anything that is not in their beliefs an infringement of their rights, they only care about keeping their medieval views alive by stirring up hatred against minorities, they’re gutless cowards who mask anti gay bigotry behind religious freedom even though they call other religions like Hinduism satanic, the fact of the matter is they follow the US constitution when it suits them. There’s no reasoning with them some say we’re feminine pansies others say others say we’re militaristic and heartless so many different views whereas the LGBT community only says equality.

  9. So, they want legal protection from discrimination …. yet they want to deny others that same protection? These religious nut jobs really are beyond the pail. Such bloody hypocrites. And all because of a childish ‘belief’ in an old novel. It would be totally laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Why do governments afford religion such deference? Unfathomable.

    1. Apparently not one member of Congress is an atheist; they all Identify as christian.

      “Separation of church and state” indeed…

      1. A touch of schizophrenia, me thinks … as with the George Bush attending a gay wedding. He was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage … yet he attends one. If you absolutely have to be a religious bigot, at least be a consistent one.

  10. So, the tax authorities were looking into the religions and charities who publicly engaged in political campaigns, and for some mysterious reasons, those who were breaking the law are criticizing the agencies for doing their job and enforcing tax law.
    Now these legally suspect religions and charities are lobbying for a new law to be written up, one which would make them exempt from laws surrounding political action and campaigns aimed against LGBT people. They want the Senate and the Congress to pass a law respecting the establishment of actual religious exemptions from the standard laws that apply to everyone else.
    Why don’t they just give up the charade and call this what it truly is and push for the public burning of the US constitution?

  11. The is a certain amount of irony in that people who want to discriminate want to be protected against discrimination.

    1. There are a couple of words that describe this – fascist morons.!

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