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Texas: Gay man viciously attacked after meeting man on phone app

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Reader comments

  1. Love and best wishes to you Aaron and very hope the scum is caught.

    I guess a warning to all if your cruising or using a a app or online always be careful when meeting someone for the first time.
    Take care every one.

  2. Paul Essex/London 25 Sep 2013, 4:26pm

    Poor kid. My heart goes out to him. I hope he can move on from this horrendous experience and eventually find someone who truly cares for him. If he’d been straight, it is unlikely his exploration of physical and emotional connections as an adult would ever have led him to go to the lengths of turning up at a complete stranger’s house at the age of 18.

    This is what infuriates about those who object to same sex marriage and relationships and who worse still use the fallacy of ‘protecting young people’ as a reason. Society’s persecution and demonisation of LGBT people isolates them. Consequently many take risks at a very young age, causing them to be susceptible to people who wish to use them (be it violent bigots or the sexual predators that exist no matter what their sexual preference is).

  3. … and EVERY SINGLE time a homophobic statement is made by a member of a church or a poltician, some vile individual will take it as permission – even incitement – to do something like this. Homophobia begins in the home AND at school. We must STOP pandering to religion and start teaching kids that homophobia is as disgusting and irrational as racism. And that change MUST begin NOW!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2013, 9:47pm

      Let’s not also lose sight of the fact that the Abrahamic cults are primarily responsible for promoting homophobia and infecting almost every country on the planet. We’re still waiting for an official apology from the CoE for centuries of discrimination inherited from the Roman cult.

      1. I just wish the ‘believers’ who support homophobic religions would find themselves a less-destructive pastime. I have no problem letting people believe what the hell they want to believe – however pathetically childish. But the second they attempt to impose their hobby onto atheist / agnostic members of society, I see red. The pain and suffering the world has had to endure because of organised religion is unfathomable to me. “My god is better than your god”. Yet most of the mainstream religions believe in THE SAME god. Insane! Yet our politicians continue to show religion such deference. I simply do not get it.

        1. I often get into converstations with homophobes/biphobes and bring-up the subject of religion on this subject. Some of them even claim to be atheists or agnostics and still claim there are ethical/moral reasons to be against homosexuals/bisexuals! I have attempted to tell them that I can’t see where those ethical/moral viewpoints come from ON THIS SUBJECT specifically if not ultimately from organised religion.

          You can claim to be an atheist/agnostic and also espouse moral values in support of hanging but I really can’t see how you can do that with regard to homosexuality/bisexuality.

          The organised religions definitely do have a lot to answer for in regard to underpinning homophobia/biphobia down the centuries.

  4. patricia crowe 25 Sep 2013, 4:59pm

    This is a disastrous and dispicible act to carry out on a fellow human being the culprit deviously lured this poor man to his house and attacked him in the most viciousness of hate crimes these heinous discusting acts of hate must not and will not be tolerated

  5. Maybe it was someone like this caller That called in this radio station DJ. The caller was objecting to his son asking him to listen to the song by Macklemore entitled “same love”.

  6. Boycott America. Boycott Southern Comfort!

  7. Lion in Winter 26 Sep 2013, 12:55pm

    There’s something to be said for meeting someone in a bar or disco, after all.

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