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Queer Pakistan LGBT support website blocked from inside Pakistan

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Reader comments

  1. Efforts to censor will always result in failure. Ulimately, authorities which exercise ‘thought control’ will be defeated and those which attempt to do so by citing ‘religion’ as their reason will bring about the end of that religion too. Can’t happen soon enough for me ….

  2. GulliverUK 25 Sep 2013, 3:44pm

    The problem with making mirrors is that when they find them they will block those also, so if I offered to host a copy they would just block my domain at the junctions where the Internet comes in to the country. There may be a way around using Virtual Private Network routes – where traffic goes to a proxy server and that relays to and from the banned web site, and since all traffic is encrypted (in theory) they wouldn’t know what you were accessing.

    The real efforts should be in challenging the unjust discriminatory legal laws in the country – difficulty to do when you live in a theocracy, and where religious zealots have control of the government – and judiciary.

    I hope we are not providing any financial aid to Pakistan ! If so, that should be reviewed and cut. And let’s have principles put before trade agreements.

    1. I see this as a ‘matter-of-time’ issue. Theocratic countries are, in general, run by the older generation. As those people shuffle off to meet the maker of whom they seem so fond – yet, strangely, use any medical means they can to stay on earth – I think things will change. It’s just really sad for those LGBT people who must endure the current situation in these vile countries. In the meantime, we must do ALL we can to make our feelings known and DEMAND change.

    2. Pakistan isn’t a theocracy though, is it? The president and the PM are both rich businessmen/industrialists. The trouble is that the ruling classes are in thrall – democratically – to the bigoted and ill-educated masses, who are easily controlled by religionists.

      I’m not sure if suspending aid would necessarily have a beneficial effect: it may well result in what little progress there has been being reversed,

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