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London Evening Standard says ‘Give us the Gay Games’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2013, 2:55pm

    Let’s hope it happens. Good for the Evening Standard!

    1. In line with lee’s comment below, I’d temper any congratulation for the Standard with the fact that it’s easy to be pro-queer rights once the tide of public opinion has decisively turned. A bit like when those Fox News presenters started going on about how *obviously* equal marriage is right. So obvious that they’ve only started saying it recently.

      Do you think that being pro-Gay Games in London is a something that needs to be congratulated? I mean, it’s hardly a controversial position to take, is it? Compare this with the dismissiveness towards the attitudes and work of teenagers in the comments about Ed Miliband’s remarks. We’re told that all the hard work was done for them by middle-aged queers. Yet surely the attitudes and open-mindedness of young people in Britain has been far more important than the Standard making a case for equality when the horse is galloping off.

  2. If memory serves me correctly, the London Evening Standard was once as homophobic as The Daily Fail. So it’s great to see more and more of the old- school bigots finally getting on the right side of history.

  3. worried – the Standard have never down anything to assist the gay community in fact its been homophobic for much of its life

    1. Not in recent times it hasn’t! It’s been very pro gay marriage and has run quite a few positive editorials on gay rights. Why on earth would you be ‘worried’?

    2. Fair and understandable concerns, but I think the change in a lot of mainstream papers has happened very quickly as a response to very quick advances in public attitudes (and luckily not just in our country).

  4. How hilarious would it be if they ended up giving the gay games to Russia

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