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LBC radio presenter Iain Dale to face further questioning over Labour conference scuffle

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  1. The dog was great

  2. He had no right to put his hands on that man. Imagine if that happened to us when we protest.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2013, 1:48pm

    Arrest the moron and charge him. Dale doesn’t seem too bright to even contemplate putting his hands on the protestor. Sadly, his behaviour will give impetus to those who call some of us ‘aggressive’ gays. What an idiot.

  4. Iain Dale was probably wrong to get involved and reading his blogpost regrets having done so.
    But no blows were landed and no one was injured, time for Sussex police to move on to more important work.

  5. Iain Dale runs the influential Tory website Conservative Home. His behaviour will give impetus to those who call some of them “aggressive” Tories.

    1. No he doesn’t. That’s Tim Montgomerie.

      As for Dale, he had no business getting involved. If it was a Tory demonstrating would he have intervened? Not so sure. None of his business. The dog was funny though. It seemed to be attacking the owner.

      1. That There Other David 25 Sep 2013, 5:12pm

        I don’t think the dog was funny. The poor thing was clearly distressed and probably trying to get support off its owner not realising what was going on.

        Dale should be ashamed of himself for his actions. The pavement is not his to police.

  6. “Iain Dale runs the influential Tory website Conservative Home” – I don’t think so. Conservative Home is edited by Paul Goodman.

    Though I wouldm’t argue that he is influential both through his job as a LNC presenter and through his own blog.

  7. Seen worse playground fights. Nothing to see here (except a dog biting his owner), move on!

  8. It was funny. No-one was hurt. Time to get a grip some of you miseries.

    1. That There Other David 25 Sep 2013, 8:10pm

      Remind me to laugh if you’re ever assaulted. I’m sure you’ll join in and chuckle along.

  9. Tell you what, Iain, next time you want to bust the ‘gay men are wimps’ myth-which it is, because gay men have to endure things which make them tougher than straight men, pick on somebody your own size and not some weak old guy.

    Dale you are pathetic: I’ve lost all respect for you.

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