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Lance Bass: I know ‘tons’ of gay celebrities in the closet but I would not out any of them

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Reader comments

  1. There are so many of these celebs saying “I know soooo many gay celebs in the closet”, I can only imagine those gay celebs he knows and all the others who say the same remarks get extremely peed off when they are dancing that fact around in fright they may slip it to the press. I know I would be worried and upset!

  2. Christopher in Canada 26 Sep 2013, 3:16am

    What’s the point of him knowing, and broadcasting that knowledge, if he’s not going to tell?

    Is this a paradox or a non-event?

    1. If what this guy says is true, and I for one believe him, than he is doing the right thing. To have everyone, every celebrity that is gay, to have all of these come out would be disastrous as the public is just barely able to handle psychologically, the few that have already come out. Being that I know that much of society’s creative and colourful minds have come from the gay community, I believe that the entertainment field has a noticeable disproportionately higher percentage of gay people in that field than is within the general populace itself. Even Simon Cowell, knowing all the gay people around him in show business, lamented that he wished that he was “born gay” so that he would not have lost so much money over his relationship with women. Anyone that has been in show business for any length of time knows these facts. In other words without us, there would be virtually no entertainment business.

      1. Christopher in Canada 26 Sep 2013, 12:45pm

        Is that why all the studios wouldn’t touch the Liberace story?

        Definitely a paradox. Most gays I know are NOT that into the pitfalls of mass marketing. If they are, they tend to be lousy in bed.

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