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Interview: They are GLAAD to meet you

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Reader comments

  1. GLAAD has a less than ideal history of cutting deals with mainstream media in exchange for selective reporting of LGBT issues. Having said that, GLAAD should go international.

    Imagine what GLAAD in Germany or Italy could be doing right now. Heck even GLAAD facing the new right wingers in Canada would be preferable to what exists now.

  2. GLAAD is a deeply flawed organisation with a pretty terrible rep for sucking up to the powerful.

    why were they not questioned on giving an award thisbyear to that pig Bill Clinton.

  3. A recent story in the NY Times says that most of the TV shows featuring gay characters are due to be be cancelled. The public has wearied of overexposure to gay characters, but not before mission accomplished … the rebooting of public attitudess towards gays.

  4. GLAAD’s role in helping to normalize homosexuality in American life can’t be overstated. Such is their influence, they are regularly contacted to discuss plot and dialogue in movies and tv series. An EU equivalent, if it existed, could help in backward countries like Poland, Hungary and Greece.

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