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Video: Italian politicians stage kiss-in protest during debate over LGBT discrimination protection bill

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Reader comments

  1. Glad that this small step has been taken… however as my Italian friends always say: it’s very difficult to make significant leaps forward on equality in a country where the Church has bedded in to roost.

    1. The Church is an excuse. I guess there will be a step forward when Italians start to admit their own responsibilities and grow up.

  2. The 5-star Movement isn’t the most powerful party in Italy by any stretch of the imagination – they are the third-largest grouping in both houses of the Italian Parliament.

  3. Joe O'Leary 25 Sep 2013, 3:43am

    Delighted to see this from Italy — perhaps the country will join Spain and pass out France for gay-friendliness. Gives new meaning to the word “political party”

  4. “Gender identity is also not a part of official anti-discrimination legislation.”

    Well, whats the bloody point then!!! It’s all or nothing as far as I’m concerned; any rights without our trans siblings included are rights not worth having!

  5. I was living in southern Italian until this summer. I’ve met three Gay men married to women who lead double lives with boyfriends on the side. It is the most socially backward country in western Europe….depressing. The catholic church is largely to blame.

  6. The 5 star party is not the most powerful political party in Italia. It got the second most votes.

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