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US Senate confirms highest-ranking gay judge

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Reader comments

  1. It took 7 months and 17 days for Todd Michael Hughes to go from nomination to taking up their role.
    Such a delay is unacceptable. Never before in American history have judicial nominees been held back from their jobs for so long as they have under Obama’s administration. And most of the time, the Republicans have no grounds on which to object to the nomination, they just do it out of spite.
    The politically motivated delays are having a damaging impact on judicial efficiency, with older judges not being replaced, workloads for those who remain are becoming ever harder to process and manage.

  2. At least the vote was 98-0. That should of been mentioned by Pinknews!!!!

    Well done Todd Michael Hughes!!!!!

    What was the House vote???????

  3. What a positive role model.
    Remain open in the opportunity to talk about sexuality. Talking about sexuality is a good thing.

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