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US: Catholic College cancels pro-equal marriage lecture citing need for opposing viewpoint

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Reader comments

  1. Is Dr Lena ordained? In which case he may have episcopal ambitions and has viewed this as a convenient opportunity to signal publically values congenial to the heirarchy. Or he might be lay and just after a plummier job.
    Or has he been leaned on? Rather crudely?

  2. I wonder if they feel an equal need to have a balancing voice whenever they have lecturers who propagandi… I mean, speak on subject like “traditional marriage” and “Catholics in political life.”

  3. Sounds like they are, finally, getting the message that the VAST majority of people are sick to death of the debate about gay people. Why do they ignore so many of the important bits in the bible, like “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”? Why are they so ‘selective’ in their use of that old novel? Is it to justify their bigotry? “Live and Let Live” would seem to be a good slogan for catholics – and other ‘believers’ – to adopt.

  4. I wonder how many anti-marriage equality speeches have been given at the college without the opposing view being presented?

    1. Yes – that was my first thought too. I think we need to be told.

      Is an opposing viewpoint only required when the people in the robes disagree, that would seem to be an anti educational position to adopt within a “university”, a supposed learning institution !

      Truly religion corrupts all knowledge and reason.

  5. Do Human Rights values accepted around the civilised world require an opposing viewpoint ?
    If your education has to comply with religious dogma, really, how much of an education is it?
    I thought education was supposed to challenge pre- conceived ideas and have you explore received wisdom and investigate why? and how? and if it should be so.
    challenge investigate innovate, not just accept!

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