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Tesco store with super mouse infestation blamed on gay pride support by Christian Voice, fined £45,000

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 24 Sep 2013, 5:10pm

    Stephen Green beat his wife and subjected her to mental and physical abuse. Why should anyone care what he thinks about Tesco?

  2. no love just employed staff who failed to act and keep the place clean

  3. Keith in SALFORD 24 Sep 2013, 5:23pm

    You couldn’t make it up, could you…!

  4. What a dick!

  5. Ironic how Christian voice blames the firms infestation on its support for gay rights considering countries like Ethiopia and Zimbabwe where being gay is a criminal offence and both have majority Christian populations but are plagued by famine,droughts and food shortages. Christian voice seem willing to make any small inconvenience a sign of gods wrath. Maybe Christian choice are right god punished tesco for supporting pride and maybe Africa is just gods blindspot

  6. Officer Dribble 24 Sep 2013, 5:32pm

    Is it not time that Christian Voice changed it’s name to something more appropriate?


    Great Big Mental Drivel That Shows No Sign Of Ever Ending

    Has a ring to it…

    1. I’m thinking something like …

      Total Windbags And Twaddle

      It also has a ring to it …

  7. That’s a pathetic fine. Tesco is a massive corporation making billions in profits.

    If this were an independent business on a high-street they would have been shut down, and fined a considerable amount, enough to end the business entirely. But, when you’re a massive corporation with MP’s in your back pocket you can get away with anything.

    This is the equivalent of fining a small rat infested chip shop £30.

    Oh, and as for the Christian lunatic ranting nonsense, he should f*ck of to a southern state in the US where people are as mentally ill as he is. He’d be better off surrounded by fellow religious crazies.

    Is he the only reason this made it onto the site? Why do his delusional opinions matter?

  8. I sometimes try my hardest to ‘get’ the views of Christian fundamentalists on the subject of homosexuality/bisexuality but they do make it hard for me! LOL, this bloke is a certified loon!

  9. Why are you even giving this bell end column inches? A nutters opinion isn’t news

  10. So … the mouse is gay because it leaves pink droppings? … or Tesco is gay because it doesn’t discriminate against mice? … or God sends giant mice to supermarkets that support LGBTQ rights? Loopy!

  11. Supermouse – that actually sounds really cool like Dangermouse or something:)

  12. I actually think supermouse is punishing Tescos because they wouldn’t let me have a store loyalty card unless I ticked either female or male on the application form. Supermouse is ‘right on’ when it comes to genderqueer rights!

  13. Actually, god told me DIRECTLY yesterday he’d done it because Christian Voice is corrupting Jesus’ central message of love. So, if you don’t want to suffer the ignomy of being responsible for the total collapse of christianity, god says you should ask yourself some serious questions about the ‘selective’ nature of your use of the bible to target gay people for your hatred and to stop pretending you speak for him. YOU DON’T – he says.

    1. That’s funny: he told me exactly the same thing!

      1. Pity someone doesn’t tell Stephen Green that psychology WELL understands (and all the recent extensive surveys and research confirms) that homophobia is driven by self-hatred in an attempt to rid someone of the gay thoughts they harbour. They will also tell you that wife-beating is a CLASSIC manifestation of repressed homosexuality. Their obsession is a DEAD giveaway. What normal, heterosexual man spends his time obsessing about what gay people get up to? And do NOT give me any guff about ‘biblical teachings’. Repressed homosexuals will clutch at ANYTHING which reinforces their projected self-hatred.

  14. Mark in Halifax 25 Sep 2013, 8:16am

    I can totally see where Mr. Green is coming from on this matter. My mother, who totally supports gay rights, has recently been diagnosed with an in growing toenail. My best friend, who was a witness at the wedding of my husband and me, has just been told that he can no longer eat peanut butter without coming out in a rash. And my Auntie Dot – and if this isn’t retribution for fostering gay teenagers then I don’t know what is – can no longer tune into Channel 5 without getting an electric shock through the pacemaker she had fitted last year. Divine retribution in its purest form and some thing that worries me for the future.

    1. Hahaha. Excellent!! Hahaha

  15. Idiot, clearly it is all the shellfish and mixed fiber clothing they sell.

  16. If there was any justice the store would have been closed down or turned into a pet shop selling pet mice and wife beater Green sectioned.

  17. lady tanya 25 Sep 2013, 5:44pm

    WITH ALL THE people in the world who belive in a god … not one of them have any love in there harts, i will be happy when gods have gone the way of the dodo..

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