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Gay couple to have sex on live Channel 4 show

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Reader comments

  1. “The makers of the show, named Sex Box, claim that the programme is intended to “reclaim sex from pornography”, and forms part of Channel 4′s “real sex” season,”
    And I’ll bet every viewer watching the show will be watching it to view it as porn, and not as some ‘educational piece. This isn’t about ‘re-claiming sex’. It’s about viewer ratings. Channel 4’s done this in the past. With things like that live autopsy show.
    I’m not anti-porn, but lets be honest, that’s what this show is going to be about.

  2. Well, after all, Channel 4’s remit is to present new and innovative programming. I can’t wait to read the mouth-foaming spluttering of rags like The Daily Fail after THIS one!!! Hahaha.

  3. What does David Cameron think about this?

    Would he recommend Channel 4 not be receivable by viewers unless each viewer telephones Sky/Virgin/whoever to unlock it (upon proof of their adult status)?

    Or does such lunacy only apply to winkies on the Internet?

  4. James Savik 24 Sep 2013, 3:57pm

    I’m against it!

    They’ll give away all of our best gay sex secrets.

    Heterosexual people will be in awe of our powerful sexual magic, come over to the dark side and stop reproducing.

    This will be the end the human race!

    ;) *winks*

    1. Christopher in Canada 25 Sep 2013, 2:22am

      At the very least, str8 men will see that they are only experiencing half of what they could.

  5. FFS – what next? A show about defecation? They could call it the Sh!t Box.

    I guess the gay couple is tired of having sex in front of people at the sauna.

    1. Jake28, I would prefer to have a defecation segment where we take a fat dump on garbage like you. You’re just a typical frustrated predictor and a loser. Straight couples are disgusting, it’s like watching a pedophilia in action and the men look like pigs humping them to death.

    2. Gillian McKeith already did that

  6. Be good if the whole show was ruined by the couples not being able to perform and just having to sit in the box for an hour until the camera’s stopped rolling

  7. The Halcyon 24 Sep 2013, 4:09pm

    How tasteless. Channel 4 has sunk to Channel 5 levels.

  8. I think it’s a great idea: a sex positive show. Well done Channel 4.

    1. I think it’s a bit early to assume it will be sex positive. Channel 4 shows about sex have a habit of being prurient and exploitative.

  9. Well regardless of how “tasteful” it may or may not be, I’m glad they’re being inclusive of gay couples instead of just pretending we don’t exist as per usual !

    I approve of this because homosexual male sex is still systematically censored from the media and the streets; the people remain heavily sensitized.

    Think about it: I kissed a girl is #1, but 2 men kissing is still seen as “gross”

    There was a psychological study done that proves the ONLY reason people find gay sex “icky” and not lesbian sex is because they never see it. Like, ever.

    I’m not saying we should go plastering gay porn everywhere; but keeping it firmly locked behind closed doors is perpetuating a culture of shame and disgust and anything that remedies this is a step forward in my book

    (This is why I also kiss and hold hands with men in public whenever possible – I refuse to be frightened into the closet in public and It’s the best form of activism you can be doing at the moment)

    P.s. where do I sign up :P

    1. As a gay woman I found I kissed a girl song gross and it did nothing for gay rights. The words, “its not what good girls do” does that mean I am a bad person for wanting to kiss another woman? It was soft titillation for heterosexual men. Does that mean it is accepted in the wider community? I do not think so, this kind of crap holds back women’s rights.

      By the way I kind of agree with you with acceptance of homosexuality among men is problem but homosexual women don’t have it easy either, especially if you are considered butch, pretty women fine but masculine ones? No am not sure that is properly accepted at all.

      By the way I did not mean too thumbs down you, it was my doggy he jumped on my lap top and started licking the screen. Maybe he likes you lol :)

      1. I do think that a lot of male homophobes have a problem with homosexuality because they completely fixate on what gay sex actually involves and ignore the fact that homosexuals are people with their own lives and that NOT all of it revolves around sex. If they could be persuaded to view homosexuals as people and not just crazed sex maniacs then perhaps in time they would shed their homophobic opinions.

        As a bloke, I definitely think this is the root cause of male homophobia.

        1. Agreed. It makes me sad to see so many many fixate on the fact I like penis and take it up the bum.

          All to often they fixate on the sex and forget we fall in LOVE. That’s all it is – love. The sex is just a byproduct.

          I fall in love with men. Everything about them! It’s not just a matter of wanting to put my willy in them, that is a byproduct of a much deeper thing. It does hurt me to see so many men fixate on that and totally disregard the fact that I fall head over heels, hopelessly in love with them, and my desire to put my willy in their behind is just a small byproduct of that love *sighs*

          1. A lot of homophobes are so stupid not just to
            completely disregard the fact that gay men don’t spend all their waking hours having sex and are well-rounded individuals who have a life apart from sex but also a lot of them aren’t aware of the fact that plenty of straight people also like (in the words of Dafydd Thomas of Little Britain fame) a bit of ‘bum fun’. I mean it only takes a few seconds on google to find literally thousands of websites devoted to straight anal intercourse.

      2. First of all, I don’t care about thumbs up or thumbs down! (I find these systems to be toxic to free speech as they encourage people to say what they think people want to hear instead of what they actually THINK!)

        Additionally, I totally feel you on the lesbian thing. Lesbians certainly don’t have it easy, but you can’t help but notice the double standards when it comes to homosexuality regarding men and women in our modern culture.

        By no means am I trying to say that queer women have it easy, but boy, it’s a whole lot better than guys have it! Again, this is all down to MEN; guys like lesbians because it turns them on, they have no reason to like gay guys, and that’s a natural and obvious thing which I don’t blame anyone for really. It’s just a natural result of patriarchy lol

        Power up to you my friend and much love

        1. crazybutchlady 25 Sep 2013, 3:12pm

          excuse me, as an extremely butch woman, how the hell do you know how easy or hard my life has been?

          I think you will find being a ‘lipstick’ lesbian and feminine (like the one’s in the media) allows you to not come out, or be out.

          if you look like me that’s not an option, I have been bullied, harassed and beaten up in the street on 2 different occasions because of how I butch look, once having a serious concusion, and one having my jaw broken. I think its extremely short sighted of you to say “lesbians have it easy” that’s just not true, its much more about your gender presentation than your actual sexuality. Heterosexual men who are seen as camp or gay are often harassed and bullied the same as gay men.

          I am quite angry that you seem to think we have it easy.

          1. I said lesbians certainly DON’T have it easy?

            Lesbians have it easier than gay men in general on the grand scale of things. Lesbians weren’t even mentioned in anti-gay laws in England – says it all really ! Of course they are not immune from attack or abuse, but statistically speaking they are less likely to suffer this than gay men.

            Now, of course “lipstick lesbians” have it the easiest.
            I know “butch” lesbians have it just as tough as “fem” gay men – why? They both break the gender binary.

            People don’t care if you’re gay – as long as you look, act and dress JUST like a straight person. It’s not even a matter of sexual orientation

            Fem guys and butch girls are in the same boat; it’s not our sexuality that’s the issue, it’s the breaking of the gender binary. Masculine gay guys and “lipstick lesbians” have it easier, would you agree?

            Sorry if I caused offense

          2. “Lesbians weren’t even mentioned in anti-gay laws in England – says it all really !”

            Yes because you see lesbians do not exist and that is why there are no real sexual protection laws in this country for lesbians. The law conforms but nothing is insistent for lesbian sex laws, why is this? The description engulfs all 16 year olds, however, what is the distinction of lesbian ‘rape’. Queen Victoria never acknowledged lesbian sex.’Female homosexuality continued to escape criminalisation by British law at any age, despite a lack of clarity as to whether an age of consent existed for lesbian acts’………..

            This is a really interesting article: Inventing a ‘Lesbian Age of Consent’? The History of the Minimum Age for Sex between Women in the UK Social & Legal Studies September 2002 11: 323-342,

        2. Yes, a lot of straight men find lesbian women quite attractive.

          There is no doubt in my mind that even the worst homophobic men find the sight of two lesbians eg two buxom blonde babes going at it very sexy. I bet they even go looking for videos of that on the internet. Hypocritical or what?

          1. I think the most ridiculous part of that is how many of them actually think they might be allowed join in. If they’re lesbians, they’re not going to want you to join in! Even if they have an open relationship, I doubt it involves men.
            The amount of hetero guys who see a lesbian couple and think ,”Ooh, I might have a shot at a threesome here.” Seriously? They’re lesbians. What part of that don’t you get? (I can’t stop laughing now…)
            They get a shock when they ask me, that’s for sure. I’m bisexual, but they don’t know that. No man has ever approached me for a threesome when I was with a guy.
            By the way, there are plenty of straight women who enjoy guy-on-guy porn. There’s a whole flourishing genre of erotic literature devoted to male/male, and it’s aimed at women. And for some bizarre reason, the ‘gay’ guys usually let the female protagonist join in.
            I mean, I enjoy male/male erotica myself, but I’ve never sauntered up to a gay couple and asked for a threesome!

  10. But what if they’re one of them “has a headache”?

  11. ridiculous I wont be watching and also I have got a life…..

  12. What the actual f**k (in a box)?!! I had to check the calender to make sure it wasn’t april 1st!

  13. OFJS – Channel Four-nication :-) hahaha
    And after this what next — seX-Factor – hahaha – mad I tells yiz mad ;-)

  14. Disappointed with The Pink for zoning in on the gay angle instead of condemning this cheap stunt for the crass gimmick it really is.

    It is “journalism” such as this that equates gay people with the lowest common denominator.

    Didn’t we used to lead in trends, creativity and fashion?

    Now we merely file obediently into line behind the latest mainstream gutter trash du jour.

  15. Sounds like another content-less show like Big Brother.

    No doubt they’ll end up merging the two shows after seaon one ratings of Sex Box fizzle out.

    Oh, err. . .maybe not. Big Brother Sex Box sounds a bit incestuously gay even for channel 4.

  16. Cade in Aus 25 Sep 2013, 7:34am

    Ok things are getting a bit weird now. We like all the support and stuff but calm it down now please.

    1. But calming it down won’t get C4 free publicity and mentions all across the tabloid press. ;)

  17. Michael126 25 Sep 2013, 8:59am

    Taken from digital spy this morning – The couples’ sex sessions inside ‘The Sex Box’ will be hidden from viewers and the studio audience, but they will be expected to candidly discuss their activities.

    Read more:

  18. Colin (London) 25 Sep 2013, 11:48am

    More undiluted crap then…Thanks Channel 4

    The worlds on fire and this is what we get…sad sad sad. There is enough crap on TV…can we have educational programmes please.

  19. This is complete nonsense.

    This is titillation, and the idea that Channel 4 is trying to present it as anything more substantive is insulting to the intelligence of the average Brit.

    There does not need to be a performance in a box for people to have a frank discussion about sex, and the idea that this somehow helps is complete bullsh*t on the part of C4.

    By all means, have a show discussing sex, we need this, (we’ve gone backwards in this since the 90’s), but be honest about it and stop with the ratings-grabbing gimmicks. Or, at the very least, don’t lie about it and pretend the gimmick is a valid part of the show when it’s clear to all rational people that it’s intended to get headlines and cause a stir.

    1. Also, how naive are these couples to agree to this without realizing they are being used by C4 in such a cynical way?
      Or, maybe I should ask – is the box going to be big enough to also leave room for their ego’s?

  20. As much as I’m all for inclusivity I find the entire premise of this programme ridiculous .
    As gay people, taking part in this will only perpetuate the myth that we are all about sex.
    No educational value,no moral turpitude. Why on earth if you are in a loving relationship would you allow that love to be the subject of voyeurism I have no idea!

  21. I find the idea interesting. You lot can be f**king miserable.

  22. Perhaps straight men will realize sex is much more intense when your partner knows how to use the tools.

    It’ll be just another TV show the US will copy… poorly. I should know, I’m an American suffering through a life of terrible TV (I watch as much UK TV as possible online… love “QI”).

  23. Couples to have sex in an opaque box that viewers and the audience will not see. ( Digital Spy)Then they will have a discussion on it! Why have the sex in a box? Just have an honest open debate about all our sexual habits. Another wildly over hyped sexual contented programme to spike Ch4 ratings. Yawn.

  24. So let me get this straight (pun intended!). He wants to protect organisations that have a particular view about marriage. Yet the only example he can cite relates to an organisation that wants to discriminate based on prejudice about sexual orientation, i.e. nothing to do with marriage.

    Good heavens, these morons cannot even bear false witness correctly !!

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