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Australian Catholic priest excommunicated by Vatican over support for gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. So we have a lying, 2 faced Pope?

    Par for the course……

    The Vatican is still the #1 enemy of the gay community worldwide.


  2. That There Other David 24 Sep 2013, 5:07pm

    Lucky man. Now he can get on with his life free from worrying about whatever those damaged closeted old queens in the Vatican are trying to project onto their followers this week.

  3. de Villiers 24 Sep 2013, 5:10pm

    The story does not sound good but I would be cautious about accepting the full facts of this incident from this website.

    1. de Villiers 25 Sep 2013, 6:21pm

      We can now see from messages below that the PN article is inaccurate and, in some parts, wrong.

  4. A hateful, bigot, hypocrite, backward, lying bag of scum called Francine. Colour me surprised. Not.

  5. the excommunication letter is dated May 2011. The “devil” is in the details.

    1. (ARGH, stupid thing posted before finished writing)

      I’m not supporting the Vatican, nor Pope Francis with my comments, only trying to bring some clarity to an article that is, at best, ambiguous.

    2. Read the article from your link again.

      He resigned as a priest in 2011, his excommunication happened a few days ago.

      1. no, his excommunication didn’t happen “days ago”, since the excommunication letter is dated May 31st.

        “he excommunication document – written in Latin and giving no reason – was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church.”

        the point is there is no correlation between the Pope’s latest spin-doctoring of the Vatican’s stance on gays, and this priest’s excommunication.

        The PN article makes it sound like:

        Pope: we should leave gays alone and stop obsessing.
        Priest: I support gay rights.
        Pope: ARGH! you are excommunicated for saying that!

        the order of events makes a difference to the perception and underlying meaning of the events.

        1. Thank you, Mikey, for putting this story into perspective. It’s such a pity that we should all have to tread carefully and be suspicious of Pink News articles, isn’t it.

        2. Quote from the article in the Standard.

          “Father Greg Reynolds received a letter stating his ex-communication from the church just days ago after his resignation as a priest in the Melbourne Arch Diocese in 2011.”

          That’s possibly where PN are getting it from. But I accept your point that they should research it themselves, not just cut and paste and end up with errors.

  6. alwaysniceman 24 Sep 2013, 5:25pm

    I am not surprised at all. This pope is a crook and a dictatorial apparatchik who paved his way through the suffering of others in Argentina during its tough period.

    His lure is that he is more diplomatic than Benny. He is like John Paul II – well-spoken and popular thanks to his mesmerising mannerisms and customs but behind that facade there is still the disgusting face of the catholic cult.

    This is why the pope is not an authority of any kind, especially to the gay people.

  7. Guglielmo Marinaro 24 Sep 2013, 5:26pm

    It seems from information elsewhere that he has not been excommunicated because of his support for gay rights or for women’s equality. He has been excommunicated for setting up his own schismatic church, which is quite a different matter.

    1. Funny how they don’t excommunicate priests who rape children.

      1. There was also the famous case in Brazil where a man raped his 9-year-old step-daughter and she had an emergency abortion as giving birth at that age is dangerous. Her mother was excommunicated for allowing the abortion to go ahead, but her step-father was not excommunicated for raping her – the Church explicitly said that raping a child is a lesser crime than abortion.

      2. Guglielmo Marinaro 24 Sep 2013, 9:47pm

        No, the RC Church doesn’t usually excommunicate people for sins, however horrific, but for holding obstinately to heretical beliefs and for resisting the Church’s authority. As someone wrote a few years ago in letter to the Catholic Herald, the Church can tolerate sin, but not wrong belief. That should explain a lot of things: for example why a priest who came out publicly as gay and said that being gay was absolutely fine was likely to be suspended immediately, whereas a priest who had merely been molesting the altar boys could be quietly re-assigned to another parish, and then re-assigned again if necessary, and then…

  8. Yet more schizophrenia from the vatican. When will the world be free from their vile persecution and hatred?

  9. Francis Gallant 25 Sep 2013, 12:39am

    It is the last acceptable prejudice. In an age when racial and ethnic bigotry is viewed with distaste, and even physical slurs are frowned upon, hatred of homosexuals remains strife.
    ….. same-sex desire has always been the object of legal, social, and religious persecution. (from HOMOPHOBIA-A History. Bryne Fone, 2000, Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York ISBN 0-8050-4559-7)

  10. Father Roberto Francisco Daniel of Brazil was also excommunicated in April/June this year, after refusing to apologise for a video in which he said love is possible between people of the same sex. Has the Pope really moderated his position or is he just trying to keep it out of the media because it’s incredibly (and increasingly) unpopular? Maybe it was all spin.

  11. Michael Stevens 25 Sep 2013, 3:40am

    The Pope has never moved an iota back from traditional RC doctrine on homosexuality or abortion – lazy reporters have misinterpreted his words that is all.

    Any priest who decides to go against official doctrine knows they are in for trouble.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but really if he’s dumb enough to believe in Christianity, meh – not my problem.

  12. Although the letter of excommunication referred only to Reynolds being guilty of heresy, an explanatory letter from the Archbishop of Melbourne to his archdioescan bishops said “The decision by Pope Francis to dismiss Fr Reynolds from the clerical state and to declare his automatic excommunication has been made because of his public teaching on the ordination of women contrary to the teaching of the Church and his public celebration of the Eucharist when he did not hold faculties to act publicly as a priest,” No mention of gays.

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