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Australia: Gay man convicted of murdering partner with antique mannequin

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Reader comments

  1. Australia is really different, isn’t it? What with this guy and the story about the truck driver killing his boyfriend, Aussies don’t have to worry about the homophobes as the gays are killing each other.

    1. What kind of demented statement is that?

      Mate, wake up to yourself, give yourself an uppercut for being such a twat.

      You POMS have had your fair share of murders in the gay community as well – this is not unique to Australia.

  2. 57 and 30 years old? Errrrr…call me old fashioned but that ain’t right…

    1. You’re old fashioned!!

      I’m 22 and have mostly dated people my age but enjoy dating older men. Currently seeing a lovely man who is 44! Age means diddly squat to me.

      I’ve always been quite “mature” for my age, and I like older men because they can actually hold interesting conversations, are really chilled out, secure in themselves and have a lot to teach. Guys my age aren’t anywhere near as interesting I find.

      I don’t care what anybody thinks and I refused to be shamed, I love older men and that doesn’t make me a “creep” or a “weirdo” and NO I don’t have “daddy issues”!! lol

  3. Jeez!!!

    Well according to Baroness Knight; we are skilled when it comes to antiques….

  4. Good to see the gay panic defensive live & kicking (sarcasm).

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