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Video: NRA commentator compares Starbucks’ anti-gun policy to gay discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. I didn’t know that in America people were born with a gun as part of their anatomy. Never heard of the “gun-gene”; is it hereditary?

    1. The Bishop 23 Sep 2013, 7:57pm

      I think he is claiming being an idiot is an immutable characteristic.

  2. Dear god Americans, get over your guns.

    Do you realize you’re an international laughing stock on this issue? Your love affair with guns and death is pathetic.

    “Oh, people are shooting up the place? ADD MORE GUNS!”

    “Kids are going into schools with guns? WE NEED GUARDS WITH GUNS!!!!”

    Their answer is to a gun problem is to just add more guns. Stupid.

    More kids die from playing with their families guns than could ever be justified. More people are killed by gunshots in America than almost anything else, out of pure convenience.

    Guns make it easy; knives and fists make it so you REALLY have to want to kill that person instead of just pulling out your gun in a blind rage.

    The paranoid folk in America won’t be happy until EVERYBODY has a gun for “protection” from people who have…. guns.

    What a joke !

    1. Mihangel apYrs 24 Sep 2013, 7:03am

      “Kids are going into schools with guns?…”

      arm the teachers – that’ll keep the nyursery class in line

  3. Starbucks is being “boycotted” by anti-gay people for it’s statement in support of gay rights and marriage.
    I say it like that because Starbuck’s profits are yet to decrease as a result.

  4. Moron.

    Enough said, I think.

  5. Yeah because getting sad over being asked to not carry around a shooty bang bang murder toy in a place for drinking coffee is the same as not being treated like a human being because of my intrinsic sexuality. Got it.

  6. HURRAH for false equivilencies!

  7. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ick head.

  8. Paul Essex/London 23 Sep 2013, 7:17pm

    He could have used analogy about race instead, it affects far more people (including himself). I’m sure he was split on the choice, must have tossed a coin – blacks heads, gays tails. I’m sure the fact that he opted for gays instead of blacks was never because he knew he would have been shot down (no pun intended) by most of the US for cheapening the real prejudice and suffering of millions.

    1. errrr he did mentioned race in the video, 1:42s

  9. You can’t rob a place with ‘gayness’ though can you.

    1. Or massacre 13 people in a high school.

      What an utter simpleton.

  10. What a jerk. Pathetic that our country has become One Nation Under God and Guns!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Sep 2013, 11:17pm

      I find it very difficult to comprehend why the American Constitution only refers to a well-armed militia (re the War of Independence of 1776) but didn’t in any way imply that individuals in peace time have a right to bear arms. Sounds as if your Constitution has been completely distorted by the gun lobby and a lot of Americans who are in love with guns and believe that it is a God-given right. It sounds that there is a siege mentality in the country. Isn’t it enough that you have an armed police force?

  11. So being anti-gun is the same as being anti-gay? That must mean that being pro-gun is equal to being pro-gay.

    So I would like to welcome all those people in the gun lobby etc to the cause of gay rights. I expect this to include a majority of Republicans and all of the Tea Party.

  12. Dumb Arse!

  13. Colin (London) 23 Sep 2013, 8:43pm

    The guy is a PRATT… Move on

    Is this his 15 minutes of fame!

    1. Colin (london) 23 Sep 2013, 8:45pm

      Law before a responsible community…get rid of certain lawyers eh….

  14. That There Other David 23 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

    I can see his point. Doesn’t carrying round a potentially lethal substitute for a usable penis make coffee taste better? I’m sure the NRA must have a study proving that it does.

  15. I don’t get it? Is he saying Starbucks’ request to leave your gun outside is like them asking gay people not to enter? But you choose to carry a gun. Being gay is not a choice. How much more imbecilic can the NRA get? They are already regarded as swivel-eyed morons. This is just further proof that they’ve completely lost the plot.

  16. I read the Henry Porter article in the Observer on Sunday about guns in the US. He states that 32,000 people are killed by guns each year in the US. That is mind numbingly frightening!

    1. I read that as Harry Potter….

  17. Christopher in Canada 24 Sep 2013, 1:43am

    The US is a lost cause. The sooner the world gets over them, the better. They think they have won the culture wars, but perhaps if we stopped buying their TV and music and produced our own, things would change. There are only 12 tones in a scale, after all.

    Move on, nothing to see here, folks.

    1. Please don’t group the whole of the population in the same queue as this silly moron. I grant you that there are many nutty voices coming from our borders, but those are the squeaky wheels. There are many who are supportive of a more progressive society, and that we want to take a seat at the adult’s table. This guy is but a component of a dying animal, which is when they are the most dangerous and loud. It will pass. Don’t write us all off. We’ve got some growing up to do, but we are doing it. And I do agree, I would love to see more than US-generated elements thrown in the mix.

  18. Collon Noir?

  19. Jock S. Trap 24 Sep 2013, 8:50am

    The face of another idiot!

    How many people die in America as a result of guns? and all this man and others like him can do is make excuses for them.

    In my mind if you have or carry a gun you’re a killer and yet the US cannot see it. Instead choose to ignore what is staring them in the face… and too many times it’s a barrel, loaded to kill.

    Unless the US faces up to it’s gun laws, men, women and children will continue to die and/or kill… and all in the name of you right to have a gun.


  20. There really are no words to describe his stupidity.

    I’d have hoped that for someone who is meant to be educated, he would have been able to draw a much better comparison, but no.


  21. So my capacity to fancy and f*** another guy is equivalent to a blowaway lethal force?
    Now come on, NRA. I’ve heard of using flattery to build rainbow alliances but you really need to tone it down…

  22. The NRA are lunatics, and many of them are clearly uneducated, so much so that they can’t even see when they are making such a ridiculous statement.
    Perhaps it’s a requirement that to be a member of the NRA you need to have a low IQ?

    The stereotypes often fit when it comes to these people – they’re generally bible thumpers, homophobes, Republicans etc. They preach about the constitution when it comes to guns, but ignore the patriot act and NSA spying. They preach their own rights while demanding that others be stripped of theirs. They’re often single-issue thinkers, so conflicted in their own opinions they keep their arguments and crusades to the internet so they don’t have to answer intelligent questions from people who point out their bullsh*t in real life.

    That’s why you’ll never see a Republican politician or an NRA lobbyist being properly interviewed by an intelligent person on guns – they are easily tied in knots on these issues.

    1. The horrifying thing though is not only that this guy’s being held up as an example of a non-stereotypical NRA member (being young and black), but that he’s a lawyer.

      Noir was born Collins — “Mr. Colion Noir” is a stage name — son of an executive chef and a registered nurse. He graduated from high school in Houston, went to the University of Houston, where he majored in political science, and earned a law degree from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

      Noir is a practicing attorney. He reads fashion blogs, loves gadgets and drives a sports car and a truck — neither with a gun rack, although he keeps a metal candy dish full of bullets in his living room.,0,3571136.htmlstory

      Words fail me.

      1. Thanks for that Rehan, sounds like the buses don’t go where he spends his days.

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