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UNAIDS Official: HIV epidemic could be over by 2030

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  1. ““We can get to the end of the epidemic because we have treatments and ways to control the infection,” Dr Loures
    I’m not too sure about that. Many religious sects encourage people not to take inoculations, and to ‘pray’ them away instead.Even in western nations like the UK, people mistakenly believe jabs causes autism. In some Islamic nations, they’re told the west are trying to ‘poison them’, via the jabs.
    The promising potential is there to eradicate HIV, but it won’t happen until this silly paranoid conspiracy about tampered vaccinations, and ‘prayer over medicine’ has disappeared first.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Sep 2013, 5:23pm

      Coupled with that, here in the UK mandatory sex education and STD transmission should be taught in every school without exception and no opt-outs for parent, as well as faith based and free schools. There is still a vast amount of ignorance and complaceny out there in both gay and straight populations as a result of poor dissemination of information and education regarding HIV/AIDS.

  2. AIDS infections will probably be more or less under control in some countries such as those in Europe, the Americas, and perhaps the Far East, while continuing to grow rampantly in others.
    Some nations, such as those in Africa, believe in the Vatican inspired line that condoms spread AIDS and that vaccines are secret attempts to sterilize people. These places will obviously not be receptive to any “cures”.
    Likewise, places like Russia have made appropriate discussion of the issue with those affected a criminal offense, so is likely arrest anybody who does go there with good intentions.

  3. Something tells me a cure would be less of a challenge then changing human behaviour

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