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Trans couple make history as first to marry after both having gender reassignment surgery

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations! I bet some crusty old conservative heads are exploding as we speak; music to my ears

    1. gentlemind 23 Sep 2013, 9:00pm

      They shouldn’t be exploding. Despite the smoke and mirrors, this actually is a marriage! They might be a man pretending to be a woman and a woman pretending to be a man, but phyically they are a man and a woman. And that is a marriage.

      1. Sinead Harkin 23 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

        Like the same way you pretend to be a member of the human race? Get a life and let other people live theirs hater.Are you jealous they’re happy and you never are unless you’re spouting off about something that you know nothing about.Bi trans and proud

      2. PRETENDING?

        What kind of a statement is that?

        Transphobia. Pure and simple. Not even worth going further with.

        1. Allan, a phobia would contain fear or hatred. My reply to Mr.Pink contained only the truth, and the truth is indivisible from love.

          The couple in the story will never be “wife and husband”. That us true. But they are husband and wife.

      3. Dave North 23 Sep 2013, 9:27pm

        Look . You have but 1 life to spend as you see fit..

        That’s it.

        They are making the best off it as they can.

        Your ignorance into human sexuality is yours.

        Keep it to yourself.

        Two people loving each other is beautiful.

        If you cannot see that then piss off and die. You have no place in this time on this planet.

  2. Colin (London) 23 Sep 2013, 8:52pm

    Fantastic news. Many congratulations. When I read news like this I believe in our world. Space for us all in the way we want to live.

    Long years of much happiness.

    1. Peter (Nottingham) 24 Sep 2013, 3:24pm

      “When I read news like this I believe in our world. Space for us all in the way we want to live.”

      Couldn’t agree more Colin!! Some faith in humanity restored!!

      Congrats to both :)

  3. Toni Browning-Early 23 Sep 2013, 10:08pm

    What a wonderful story. This gives me renewed hope that as a trans woman, perhaps I am not fated to spend the rest of my life alone. :-)

    1. Sinead Harkin 23 Sep 2013, 10:17pm

      Me too,I hope you meet someone good Toni

  4. I wish a long and happy marriage to Helen and Felix. Howevr, they are NOT the first couple to do this in the Uk – that happened decades ago!

  5. Christine Beckett 24 Sep 2013, 12:24pm

    Brilliant… :-)
    All the best to them.. ((()))

  6. Neither of you two look like anything other than husband and wife. Had this not been the story I wouldn’t know. And I was witness to a tansgender marriage back in 2010 in the US. same story. But be you may be the first c to go public. Good luck and all best wishes. .

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