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Irish Deputy Prime Minister urged to challenge Russia on LGBT rights at Council of Europe meeting

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Reader comments

  1. … and so he should Had more people challenged Hitler pre-WWII, perhaps the holocaust could have been prevented.

  2. Good for him I hope he gives them a good reminder why the CoE was formed, to combat the suppression of free speach and peaceful assembly and highlight and prevent the subversion of basic human rights and ensure functioning democracy.

    Where is Willie Haig, can we be sure this little man who regards it as an insult to be gay. Can we be assured he will speak up in support of the Irish Foreign Minister against Russian oppression and the denigration of their minority populations, not only gay and lesbian, but any minority which falls foul of the Russian road to “traditional values”, which means in practice, every-where, denial of basic human rights and decency.
    He should know all about this blight and how it can divide a society and oppress unfavoured minorities after all he was part of the last Tory government which honed it to a high art. He should therefore, if minded, have all the tools and experience at his finger tips as to the methods to combat this scourge of fascist oligarchs.

  3. You’ve spelt Sinn Féin wrong!

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