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Gay husband of Facebook co-founder formally running for US Congress

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Reader comments

  1. Well hell-llo…

    1. Shallow, moi? (Blush)

  2. Godric Godricson 23 Sep 2013, 3:57pm

    Is he the ‘Gay’ husband or ‘ the husband’. Just sayin!

    1. He is the gay husband. Rumor has it that Hughes’ divorced his straight husband so he could marry Eldridge.

  3. So he’s a millionaire who is married to a billionaire?

    I guess the 1% need to control congress and senate.

    Other wise the peasants may demand that the 1% start paying their fair share.

    1. Quite right, SteveC.

      Funny how the more you get to know the background of someone so outwardly beautiful, the uglier they can suddenly become.

      And of course Facebook is controlled by the NSA and a key element of the global big brother control grid that is being constructed with our money to monitor our every utterance and thought and ultimately enslave us.

      Lesson learned:- never judge a book by its cover, no matter how, outwardly glossy…

      1. Isn’t he a millionaire because he married a billionaire?

      2. You could always not use Facebook, or even better create an ‘NSA’ free rival?

        Just think in a few years time you could be the CEO of a company with hundreds of millions of followers (just like the Facebook founders) and then you could donate the proceeds to good causes…

  4. I have always been suspicious of this guy, he reeks of 1 percent wannabe, taking advantage of Chris’s money and power.

    Don’t expect much beyond his hunger for power. If elected, he will be easily corruptible and I hope he doesn’t take Chris for a huge divorce settlement.

    1. They are both 1% ers.

      They are as corrupt as each other.

      1. Please. he’s hardly a rockerfeller!

        Have you seen the Social Network? Something tells me these brand new 1% ers aren’t as greedy or corrupt as the actual 1% ers

        Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire but he lives his life like anybody else, you can tell money really isn’t important to him.

        1. Mr Pink you are sweet to believe everything you see in a movie. Just in case you saw 300 the Spartans actually were gay. Just thought I would let you know.

          And if money really isn’t important to Zuckerberg, why does he have it? I am sure there are thousands of charities around the world that could use it because money IS important to them.

          Should they wait for a cheque in the mail?

  5. A young gay man in congress; just what they need!

    Here’s to the changing of the guard; out with the old, in with the new!

    Screw the crusty old straight white conservatives making all the decisions; here’s too more diversity and youth in power!

    Good luck Sean :)

    1. Are you for real, man?!

      Gay and pretty or not, he’s a member of the 0.1% who will be representing the interests of everyone but 99.9% of the US populace.

      Get your heads out of the sand and wake up for heavens sake!

      See the predictive programming movie Hunger Games for a taste of what they are planning..

      1. Unfortunately, Mr Pink is typical of his generation Samuel. They have done nothing but know everything. Sorry I almost forgot. They are good at computer games and thinking of themselves.

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