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Gay actor Jim Parsons wins best comedy actor Emmy for Big Bang Theory

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Reader comments

  1. Why?….this is one of the worst unfunny so called comedies ever…..its utter rubbish

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Sep 2013, 12:28pm

      I agree, I couldn’t even laugh after seeing one episode. I don’t know what all the fuss is about either, like a lot of tv comedies. Far too many of them than quality drama for my edification. Let’s face it, most of them are virtually all the same.

      1. In this I have to disagree with you, Robert – I think it’s the best sitcom since Frasier and miles funnier than anything else at present (though, as is often the case, the earlier series are the better ones).

    2. Humourless Arse

      1. Marcwebbo3 23 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

        You disagree with me so instead of just a thumbs down you resort to insults….how very intelligent…..NOT!….like everybody else I should be able to post an opinion without being subjected to insults as I didnt with my post as it wasnt aimed at a person…..disagreeing with someones post is fine but do engage your brain cell before commenting

    3. I liked Big Bang theory at first because it finally gave a voice to the comic book teens. It made geeks COOL! I stopped watching after a while though because I’m not fussed on telly anyway.

      Sheldon is also great for visibility of those who have aspergers or other “socially awkward” traits like autism who are often totally ignored and cleansed from existence on television, much like us gay folk !


    4. Well, the award was for Jim, not the show. But you surely realize that you are in a minority on this one too. Friends achieved up to 24 million viewers, and BBT has reached 20 million on the premier of the last season.

      Frasier reached 20 million viewers once, in 1999. Roseanne reached over 21 million in its first season, when there was far less to watch and a more concentrated audience.

      Numbers have declined across the board for shows because of the internet and “binge viewing” habits that can’t possibly be counted. Therefore, a show that gained 20 million back in the 90’s is equivalent to one getting 10 or 15 million now. Parks and Rec gets single digit millions right now, despite being hugely popular. So a show getting 20 million is impressive to say the least.

      TBB theory, based on these numbers alone, is perhaps the most successful TV sitcom ever created, even beating Friends.

      Plus, Jim Parsons is a very talented actor who deserved to win.

  2. should win an award for being sexy too
    he’s sooooo Gawjus!!!!

  3. The Big Bang Theory is articulate, witty and above all INTELLIGENT, something that distinguishes it from most of the current imbecilic British offerings. Congratulations to Jim Parsons and everyone else involved in the production!

  4. They missed a huge opportunity by not making “Raj” gay. There were several episodes that toyed with naive bro-mances of the character.

    Personally, the whole series fell apart when all of the geeks suddenly hooked up with girlfriends. Now, it’s just a highly predictable formulaic TV series.

    I try to catch one of the older reruns, with its subtle underlying gay-ness of 4 close male intellectuals, but the new stuff is just regurgitated scripts from other tired sitcoms with breeders… like “Friends” using “geek” stereotypes.

    Amazing how all of these Gay actors suddenly get hot looking boyfriends when they have money. It’s no wonder Hollywood romances never last.

    Bitter? Damn, straight. I have an electronics degree, still dirt poor and single.

  5. “All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy” How can you argue with lines like that?
    Wonderful reaction shots all round.

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