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French basketball star apologises for anti-gay slur following European tournament match

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Reader comments

  1. Another indication that the conjugation of gay with weak and girly has been ingraned hard within the hetro male mind.
    Even the intelectual realisation that Jason Collins is gay and anything but any of the inaccurate stereotypes that subconsciously flitted through his mind in that moment of disgracefull abuse, showed he had not really thought about the issue that some of his team mates or the players on the opposing teams could have been personally insulted by his abusive comment.
    I’m glad he has had the decency of mind to now apoligise properly, unlike in some of these episodes.
    If he has not done so already he needs to reassess his attitude to masculinity without the veiled misynogy and the underlying Gay is lesser, because often when they are “out” gay is shown to be great – it is this just below the surface unthought through attitude displayed by Tony Parker that probably keeps those brilliant gay players in the closet.

    1. Men tend to have a grand case of double think on this matter

      They know being gay is no longer just a “feminine” or “weak” thing but they still act like it is. It all comes from sexism; the idea that gay men are girls and girls are weak. So they use gay as an insult to assert their dominance over other males by degrading them to “weaker” standards like gay or female.

      Primal knuckle draggers !

      1. Well put and in less words,
        had some book on sexism for breakfast, I did.


      2. Christopher in Canada 24 Sep 2013, 1:47am

        What I don’t understand is why women not only put up with this constant misogyny, but claim to love the very men who think this way.

  2. Colin (London) 23 Sep 2013, 8:55pm

    He apologised. We can all lose it when emotional.

    Not good but he apologised.

  3. “If I have offended the gay community…”

    By using words like that he knows that he IS causing offence to the gay community…there is no “IF” about it.

    “Parker tweeted at the time: “Really hope people will RESPECT Jason Collins for his decision to come out. Just glad he can now relax and not be afraid to be who he is.””

    It’s is because of bigots like Parker that many gays and lesbians do not come out and are afraid to be who they are.

    There should be severe penalties for anyone in sport who uses derogatory and offensive words as he has. That way they just may learn to think before opening their mouths.

    Apologies are not good enough.

  4. It’s funny to see people apologize for things like this, as though it just magically makes it go away.
    Would it be equally as easy for someone using a racial slur to just say “I didn’t mean it!”?
    I really don’t understand how anyone can claim that these instances don’t reflect their attitudes, when they clearly do.
    I consider myself to be a decent person, and as such I don’t have racial slurs in my vocabulary. I just don’t use them, because racism is not a part of my personality. For those who do use such language, racism or homophobia obviously is a part of their personality.
    Therefore, there are no excuses for people caught out using these terms.
    Take responsibility for what you say, don’t hide behind the excuse of “it was a mistake”.

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