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Cameroon rejects UN Human Rights Council’s gay rights recommendations

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Reader comments

  1. Bigotry, extremism, poverty and violence – The hallmarks of religion in the developing world. With LGBT people as a convenient scapegoat.

    Take a close look at the murder case of Eric Lembembe and then read about how the filthy corrupt cult of Rome was one of a number of religious groups cited by local LGBT organisations for inciting hatred.

    Another reason to raise your middle finger to the swine in the stupid hat and invite him to shove his golden regalia where the sun isn’t shining.

  2. Beelzeebub 23 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

    Cameroons contribution to the overall human experience.


    Other than soaking up international AID.

    Drop dead and your pointless country with you.

  3. Then kick the vile, backward homophobes OUT of the UN. Time to get tough with these disgustingly discrininatory nations, cut off all aid and impose sanctions.

  4. ‘…The country has one of the highest prosecution rates for consensual same-sex sexual relations in the world…’

    “In 2013, at least six people have been convicted for homosexuality; not a single one was caught having sex. One man was convicted in 2011 for sending a romantic text message.”

    so six people convicted for homosexuality, who haven’t been caught having sex, constitute one of the highest prosecution rates for consensual same-sex sexual relations in the world???

  5. Governments such as these are clearly guilty of genocide and should be punished to fit the crime. Perhaps whoever replaces them will see better to upholding and appreciating the human rights of others.

  6. Colin (London) 24 Sep 2013, 7:37am

    First we need the proof
    Second the world show hear about this and global bodies asked to comment ie UN etc
    Third the country leaders should be asked to change the situation and given a short time line to change their countries laws.
    Fourth if refusal all aid stopped, all travel in and out of the country be stopped. All medical aid stopped. All foreign goods trade stopped. All banking frozen and foreign assets frozen etc. Let the country wither until it’s own people force the changes necessary. They have responsibilities Religion is not a get out of prison card

    It is not acceptable that the UN holds itself as a world body of influence when countries, member countries flout, ignore etc there aims and objectives and the wealthier countries trade making money etc. locals do whatever they want. Either it has teeth or get rid of it.

    The world must modernise and the people of the world allowed to live freely paying their own way, contributing to their communities and this planet.

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