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US: Christian theology professor ‘asked to leave’ university after coming out as transgender

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Reader comments

  1. Dean Richardson 22 Sep 2013, 2:38pm

    “The university had previously refused to cover any medical expenses on Mr Ackley’s transition, including chest surgery and hormones.”

    So they were fully aware of Mr Ackley’s transition. Did they also make it a condition of his employment that he didn’t speak about it in public?

    I can almost spell the hypocrisy.

    1. Mihangel apYrs 22 Sep 2013, 9:19pm

      It is hypocrisy, but it’s what people should expect from the Christists.

      You place youself under their judgment if you give them power over you.

  2. This is how Hitler started!

    1. Dean Richardson 22 Sep 2013, 2:48pm

      Hitler started by demanding a F2M transgered man leave his post at the university?

      My CSE in History is well out of date.

      1. I was being ironic.

        Gay Godwin’s Law: After any story about Russia in the gay media, within two minutes someone will pos;t “THIS IS EXACTLY HOW HITLER STARTED!”

        1. You clearly know very little about politics and/or history

          The situation in Russia is very similar to Nazi Germany circa 1933 if you compare and contrast the political tactics, propaganda use, and scapegoating; do you think Stephen Fry doesn’t know stuff either?

        2. Because that’s how hitler started on the Jews, deny them the right to speak publicly, remove Jews from classrooms, militant groups killing Jews on the streets without the government intervening and all have been happening to LGBT people in Russia. What’s going on in Russia is persecution this story is about ignorance you’d know all about that

    2. You’re a troll, and no matter how you try to defend Putin and Russia with nonsense like this, you will utterly fail.
      Go home, you’re drunk.

  3. No room at the inn, eh?

  4. It’s hard to argue with such great minds – I apologise unreservedly for not being hysterical, hyperbolic and hypocritical.


    1. Your nazi friends already did that. “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” according to Oscar Wilde

      1. I think that might be libellous – if it wasn’t so childish, nonsensical and laughable.


        PS Wilde never said or wrote that.

        1. You may very well be choking on your words soon enough. As the rights of Russian GLBT citizens continue to erode, and they’re treated increasingly similar to how the Nazis treat the jews. I do hope you’re still around on PN, and using the same name, so I can remind you of some of the thoughtless comments I’ve seen of yours.

          1. I’ve told you – I’ve now changed my mind and agree with you and believe everything I’ve read.
            Gimme a break, please!

  5. Christopher Coleman 22 Sep 2013, 5:59pm

    A regrettable affair altogether. The university is worried about parents and donors not understanding transgender issues. Why not take the opportunity to mount an education campaign about those issues? The campaign could be aimed at the whole university community, including parents and donors, and could also be aimed at the community in which the university is located. It would certainly open many Christian minds, which would be no bad thing. On the bright side: Professor Ackley has received a number of job offers.

  6. GulliverUK 22 Sep 2013, 7:14pm

    Evangelicals, again.

    Take them to court, if necessary create case law. In the UK if they tried this they would be taken out and flogged by the courts – the US legal system needs to catch up – they are stuck in the 1890s in some cases. Bigotry, homophobia and discrimination, shouldn’t be ‘Christian’ values, but they most definitely are Evangelical values.

    There are a growing number of Evangelical leaders and followers who utterly reject this homophobia, people like Steve Chalke and Rob Bell. But there is a long way to go, Evangelicals are behind a large part of the bigoted attitudes in Christianity, just after many leaders in the Catholic church. Will they learn to behave before their churches have been destroyed by their hatred of others?

    1. Sorry, the law is clearly on the school’s side here. It is a private religious institution not a public university, so it legally has the right to accept or reject students, faculty, and staff according to it’s own standards. I would have thought Prof. Ackley would have sought a more accepting workplace prior to this, it would seem to be the smart thing to do.

      1. friday jones 22 Sep 2013, 8:22pm

        Did you miss the line on the article where it says that Ackley was halfway through a five year contract? In California, you have to have a good reason to break a contract, and we have a court system that brooks no nonsense when examining the terms of the contract to see just who violated which terms and when. It’s quite likely that Ackley, being part of their sect in his mind if not his former employers’ minds, might choose not to sue, but otherwise Ackley has a great chance in court, because no morals clause can be activated in California to abrogate a contract based on someone medically transitioning. The California courts see transsexualism as a medical condition, not as a moral hazard.

        1. This medical condition is a moral hazard ! GOD has a very special place for all of those that push this sad life style. Keep your hands off my children and grandchildren ! Keep tearing those pages out of the BIBLE and soon you will find that Sodom was a very real place. For those of you who are offended by my comment I’m sorry. I don’t hate anyone caught up in the life style that this person is lost in. I just happen to know what is right and wrong. Our society is lost and continued hate won’t resolve anything. Do I want someone who is this ill teaching children ? Absolutely not !

          1. Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?

  7. Seems this is MUCH more about money than any issue of morality or theology. They’re worried bigoted sponsors and donors will pull the plug. Those ‘loving’ christians strike again.

  8. I really don’t get this, would they be immune from legal sanction if they discriminated on grounds of race, or sex, I seem to remember a couple of Federal cases recently where it was held that discriminating because some-one had changed gender ie sex change that it was discrimination on grounds of sex, one of the cases was a federal employer and the other one was a school student. I do not see how this institution can use this issue to sack an employee with a valid contract.
    Secondly does this “private” institution provide open services to the public or only to their own religious sect. if it is open to the public or they get ant benefit from public funds does not that also make it liable to State and Federal equality laws. Does California have any “unfair contract terms” law?

    1. Apart from the blatant hypocrisy if they already knew he was transgender, what sort of learning institution worth more than a dime discriminates against their employees or students because of natural human immutable characteristics in the 21 century. Needs demonstrations at the gates and they should be run out of town, the despicable bigots.

      1. Christopher Coleman 23 Sep 2013, 2:20am

        The institution’s offerings are probably not worth more than a dime. Small private universities, be they Christian or other, are around in great numbers. All of them cannot claim to be “premier and prestigious”; even some well known universities that are full of their own importance are not as premier and prestigious as they believe and unfailingly trumpet.

  9. I hope he recovers from this incident – and from his Christianity.

    1. This *form* of “Christianity”. There are others which are Trans-affirming. [Hint, hint, Dr Ackley: “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!”]

  10. This transformer stuff is just bad fashion like the ugly tatoos and buying iphone. no man is born lesbian

  11. looks like a lesbian to me

  12. florifdahank 23 Sep 2013, 8:47pm

    The study/research on psycho-social-sexual factors involved in transgender problems is very recent, and little scientific, psychological studies have been done since 2011. This a major investigation into this type of behavior and there should not be a fast and strong judgment as to its final results. The LGTB group should know all the factors involved before promoting this major form of behavior and decision.

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