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Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them

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Reader comments

  1. Almost all the “facts” come from Regnerus, a disgraced American Christian academic, and this American Christian tract –

    I think we should boycott America, the country’s sick.

    PS There’s no evidence this was made by Russians…

    1. You are just an idiot.

      It’s quite laughable really that someone believe in such rubish.
      Get a life man, grow up and stick your religion up your A***

  2. jonnielondon 21 Sep 2013, 6:08pm

    It’s horrible what is happening in Russia. It has been reported on this website about criminals who lure young gay Russians for a date, only to torture and humiliate them, while remaining free from justice as the rest of Russia ignores and goes about it’s business as usual. V. Putin is most definitely responsible for crimes against LGBT people and must be put on trial by the ICC. Which country he travels to will feel compelled to follow up with charges against him, arrest him and extradite him to the Hague?

  3. Homophobes are so devious and unscrupulous.

  4. David Cade 21 Sep 2013, 6:20pm

    OK, we should all go to the YouTube video on it’s actual page and REPORT it!

    YouTube must be convinced to take this appalling video down.

    1. No, the rest of the world needs to see the level of hate being directed at gay people in Russia.

      1. Your belief in the fair thinking of “the rest of the world” is seriously misplaced, Liam.

      2. No, I think it is more likely that a lot of people will actually believe every word it is said in the video; hate spreads like a decease, especially amongst the ignorant.
        Education is essential to counteract fear and hate; to begin with, someone should make a video refuting, with proven FACTS, every single one of the lies said in the original video.

      3. Jeff Fisher 22 Sep 2013, 10:29pm

        Your are so wrong Liam!!

        1. Lee Dalgleish 23 Sep 2013, 10:15am

          Actually I actually kind of agree with Liam. Why delete it and “sweep it under the rug” as such? You are always going to find ignorant people in the world. If people are going to “believe” this, there are plenty more videos, articles out there they will also agree with. In a way this video highlights the hate, ignorance and stupidity to the rest of the world. I don’t think just educating people will change things. It’s going to take a lot of work to make people like this change. Most probably won’t because they are so fixated on homosexuality. It’s ingrained in them. There is no reasoning with them.

    2. Jokie X Wilson 21 Sep 2013, 6:50pm

      I’d rather everyone see this trash. Secrets are dangerous!

      1. I can’t imagine why you consider a “viral video” to be a secret.

    3. You realise this version, with the English subtitles, was put up by a civil rights activist to warn people about the dangerous propaganda being spread in Russia? Reporting this video does absolutely nothing to help the cause of gay rights in Russia, and may in fact be harmful, not to mention it could cause the YouTube account of someone who’s an ally to be banned.

      1. How many people do you think that, after seeing this video, will go and do some serious research to see if these are lies or not? More likely, many will believe the lies.

        1. Jeff Fisher 23 Sep 2013, 12:46am

          I’m with you Carl. I really do not think that having this out there will help anyone. If anything it will provide more ammunition to the neo nazi groups that lure unsuspecting gay men out and torture them.

  5. Jokie X Wilson 21 Sep 2013, 6:47pm

    What would Leni Riefenstahl say? Seriously, this ad comes across more as a movie trailer than anything else. I can’t wait for the parodies. Also, what’s up with referencing American “science”? I guess this is what happens when the Russians don’t do their own research. It’s too bad this is so dangerous. &-{/}

  6. Good grief, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry its just bull crap. Besides that video is inciting hatred but hey what can we expect from these pathetic phoebes. I mean all gay men walk round the street just in their undies don’t they :/ Bloody idiotic piece of media.

  7. WTF, I’m so angry that I can’t say anything TNT else at the moment.

    I feel physically sick that people can be so evil as to spread this many lies and hatred towards fellow man.

  8. I can’t believe it’s ILLEGAL to correct the lies and slander. Anyone who believes in free speech and democracy should be outraged this is being allowed to happen without any meaningful counter measure on the international political stage

  9. Justusboyz 21 Sep 2013, 8:16pm

    Disgusting diatribe of homophobic abuse.
    This is the level that they have to stoop to , downright lies & dodgy research. I hope the ‘normal’ people they refer to are not shallow enough to believe a word of this nonsense .

  10. I did support gay rights, as I thought you people were harmless members of society. However, having watched that video I think I may be wrong to do so in future.

    1. Er. What are you doing on PinkNews then?

      1. Sarcasm…

  11. Feeling sorry for the people (including dan mallow and his boyfriend brian, my favourite youtubers) being used in thus video against homosexuality

    1. One of the drag queens shown in this is actually my youth worker (I go to an LGBT youtch social club for teenagers). He had no idea he was in it until he saw the video. What’s scary is that a whole group of teenagers (some as young as 13) were marching as well and they could have easily been caught in the shot and broadcasted across the world in this video.

    2. One of the drag queens shown in this is actually my youth worker (I go to an LGBT youth social club for teenagers). He had no idea he was in it until he saw the video. What’s scary is that a whole group of teenagers (some as young as 13) were marching as well and they could have easily been caught in the shot and broadcasted across the world in this video.

  12. I was a supporter of gay rights as I’d always been told you people were harmless. However having watched that sickening video it gives me a lot of cause for concern and I now have to re-evaluate my position.

    1. “You people” being you too? Otherwise, why are you here?

    2. irony anyone?

      1. Seriously top notch trolling

    3. Mark G
      Seriously? You must be trolling.

    4. Well, Mark, you say pages about yourself in two short sentences. One: you claim to be a supporter of gay rights, and yet it’s fairly obvious that you’ve never really met one, let alone had an actual conversation with any of us. Two: you were told that we were “harmless”. A budgie is harmless, as is a dog or cat and those are pets. Is that how you see us; as harmless pets to amuse you? Well, we happen to be human beings, not pets for your entertainment. Three: you’ve watched a video, which is patently, a thrown together piece of negative propaganda, meant to shock and influence anyone who hasn’t got intelligence enough to look into the claims it’s made and find out whether it has any truth to it.

      You have no position to re-evaluate. If you’re capable of being blown around, like a leaf in the wind, believing anything, without questioning it, you are the last kind of person I would want “supporting” me. Take your fair weather support elsewhere and inflict it on someone else. Frankly, you’re not man enough to be among us.

    5. Your a fraud and a troll.

  13. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Sep 2013, 9:56pm

    This is the dirtiest and most hateful video I’ve ever seen. So many lies. The criminal persons who made this shit- no matter where it comes from, do not know the REALITY in Russia ! : Russia is ranked first in Europe for its number of teenage suicides. A large proportion of them are LGBT teens. But Russia does not even record such statistics- the State is not interested. Investigations show that 4 out of 5 children who tell their parents that they feel for persons of the same sex, are NOT ACCEPTED by their MOTHERS and FATHERS ! State-sponsored homophobia in Russia has had a long history, but at the moment it takes a new acute form. Ignorance and stereotypes often lay the ground for homophobia. Tens of thousands of young gay – lesbians and transgender persons suffer enormously in Russia. many end up in the streets without support from grown up people.Many get dependent on drugs, many end up as prostitutes in order to survive ! “Invisible” fellow citizens who only asked for acceptance !

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Sep 2013, 11:05pm

    This is the most evil video I’ve ever seen. No matter who made it ! Here are some facts about Russia : State-sponsored homophobia in Russia has had a long history, but at the moment it takes a new acute form. –Russia ranks first in Europe for its number of teenage suicides. A large proportion of them are LGBT teens. But Russia does not even record such statistics- the state is not interested. An investigation shows that 4 out of 5 gay and lesbian young person who tell their parents about their homosexual feelings, are not accepted by their fathers and mothers. Many of these end up in the streets with no support and help from grown up persons.And many end up as drug addicts- or prostitutes to earn money to survive. These are some facts created by “devil” Putin and his crew !

    1. Helge the comments I am seeing from russians is so sickening I can even breath. Are russians deeply oppressed? According to many info sites they are: Internet censorship:
      Modern societies version of oppression

      They keep using the lame excuse “we care about the children” well quite frankly not everyone puts their focus on children and why should the most basic human right be violated because of children? Kids dont have mental capability to even realize what is going on in the world. Kids love lollies, video games, the Simpsons, not politics. No wonder russian youths are so violent.

    2. Also if this is about protecting children, what is the need of children finding about themselves and protecting their freedom? Putin wants to take children’s rights away, not adults. If this was about protecting children, then why does Putin think lying to children is protecting them? This all so clearly confusing to me!

  15. patricia crowe 22 Sep 2013, 12:02am

    its a cruel and disturbing propaganda and has no place in the 21st centuary those Bigots need to be exposed 4 the cruel and wicked demons they are

  16. Master Adrian 22 Sep 2013, 12:15am

    The video shows also, apart from the hate against LGBT people by a number of complete idiots, that Russia is a backward country… the topic of gays adopting children to rape them namely was a couple of years back viral in the west….. Showing that what is old news in the west suddenly is news in Russia… And we know were it is coming from… the religious terrorists who now found an eager feeding ground in Russia were they have lost everything in the west!
    Africa is of no interest to the developed world, and their anti-gay “news” doesn’t attract the attention they want, so now these ReliTerrors turn to a country were the world will pay attention to.. Sochi coming, Putin loudmouthing etc. etc.

  17. Shocking to think it would be illegal to openly correct such LIES with FACTS a.k.a “promoting homosexual propaganda”

    Anybody who believes in free speech, freedom of expression or democracy should be outraged by these laws and their consequences no matter how homophobic their personal views are

  18. What a vomitous sounding voice-over, filthy anti-gay propaganda full of misinformation and lies.
    It is so much worse than the anti-Jewish propaganda the Nazi’s were putting out during the build up to the holocaust.
    Mark Regnerus needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned for the harm he has caused to gay people with his Witherspoon Institute commissioned junk social science study.

    1. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the quintessential anti-Jewish propaganda manual was written in Russia. First modern progroms started there.

  19. Virtually all of these things stated in this public warning can easily be traced back to Bryan Fischer of the American family Association and his former employee and comrade Scott Lively. Both of these two boldly have (by implication or direct statement) made it clear that they are proud of influencing Russia’s new and energized attitude against gays via passing these new draconian laws. Lively is already facing trial for his crimes against humanity. Bryan Fischer needs also to have these charges brought up against him. The subsequent blood that will be shed shall be upon their hands.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 22 Sep 2013, 1:44pm

      Thanks for your info. , charles !

  20. jackAlison 22 Sep 2013, 3:08pm

    its like the american religious right 20 years ago. They gave gay people the best publicity by fanning the flames of hatred. they continually exposed their own crooked agenda and made gay gay gay mainstream because of their obsession with gays. The present Pope wants to shut down discussion of gays because he says the R.C. church is obssesed by it. if you look at this video theres lots of love going on with same sex parenting and guys and gals kissing. Its the lurid commentary that after a while will become fatigued. And people will see it for what it is. The love shown in the footage is really nice and the gay pride is lotsa fun. Now many people who hate gays are going to be exposed to it and keep looking at it so it desensitizes the blind hatred. and theyll keep posting more gay footage with even more outrageous claims and then it will be become old news. I say… bring it onit exposes many more people to positive images of gay ppl.

  21. Is it real or fake? Has anyone found the original source?

  22. All this Hatred and vile prejudice just proves how corrupt ‘Religious’ bigots are – Strap those ludicrous statistics to hetero marriages and hear the outcry – even though it is true for most countries –

    Suppress ALL organised superstition posing as ‘Religion’ or watch humanity destroy itself!

  23. I can not believe Russia!!! This article is disgusting. Get use to it sooner or later Russia because straight bi gay transgender etc… is the normal and many surely agree.

  24. I can not believe Russia!!! They need to get into the real world. Not the fantasy world they seem to be in. Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, etc… Is the normal get with it sooner or later. You look the biggest fools!

  25. friday jones 22 Sep 2013, 8:29pm

    The Russians claim to be worried about pederasty, and yet they have given the Orthodox Church official status and protection. Aren’t churches Ground Zero for institutional sex abuse of minors?

  26. I’m really saddened and disgraced by this video… I too believe it needs to be seen by the world as to how incomprehensible it is!!! To live in a society where we are believed to ALL be equal… Yet to say someone who is GAY is ‘NOT NORMAL’…. I don’t understand..??. who decides what is, and isn’t NORMAL??? Who decides who we can and cant love…? LOVE is LOVE!! THE END!!!

  27. Did anyone really expect anything else from a backward country like Russia? it is going on in many other countries in the Arab world and in Africa. Don’t just be shocked at Russia, be concerned it is going on in countries we do not hear from

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Sep 2013, 10:59am

      Right you are, Franklin ! So many times I’ve mentioned the very same fact ! LGBT-organizations must never get tired of pointing at this.

  28. Cardinal Fang 23 Sep 2013, 10:46am

    Demonising a minority with a blood libel. Familiar territory going back to Spanish persecution of the Jews in medieval times, when Christians were told that Jews drank the blood of Christian babies in their ceremonies.

  29. Utterly vile. Whenever I talk to homophobes and biphobes the conversation normally degenerates quickly into this accusation. Gay groups like Stonewall and others really need to nail this lie once and for all. If they can do so then I think it will help considerably to help to put out the last dying embers of homophobia.

  30. some propaganda bs…wouldn’t expect anything less!…read the TRUTH

  31. ..these anti-human barbaric bastardsdiots sound like they’re really losing their grip on real society. How dare they come out with such infectious clap-trap…they must be silenced as they are causing too much viscous stereotypes.

  32. ..what’s the matter with these barbaric bastards? How dare they constantly come out with such ridiculous clap-trap–they quite literally are losing their grip on real society……they ought to be silenced…literally…Gay People deserve to be thought as decent human beings, and most of all be reckoned with.

  33. Phase one: stop all gay “propoganda” and so phase two commences…

  34. It needs to be spread out to show how the things are there in reality. Normal people always disgusted by hatred. It would be great to find out who did the video actually and show their faces. Of course they were implementing an order but people are still free to take or not to take the job. So that the next ones will think it over first before reading the text.

  35. Protocols of the Elders of Sodom

  36. Turkish Guy 25 Sep 2013, 6:20pm

    This kind of prosecution is just sick. I feel so sorry for russian lgbt community, they must be having such hard times.

  37. Not so very different from what so much of our own media told us about gay people all through the 80s…

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