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Trans activist elected as chair of Wirral Conservative Future

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Reader comments

  1. Carol Uren 21 Sep 2013, 8:40pm

    …. and so says somebody who hides his face behind an anonymous icon. I won’t even begin to dissect what is wrong with that statement. Disagree with her politics if you like (I do), but do not criticise her looks whilst being too much of a coward to display yours.

    1. Tara Hewitt 21 Sep 2013, 9:28pm

      Thank you Carol I appreciate you taking time to challenge such a negative comment. I’m happy to debate politics with anyone just sad that all too often personal attacks are seen as part of that why public lose faith in politicians.

      1. Tara Tories are not known for their humanity considering atos tests and the bedroom tax. Why would you want to join a party like that?

        1. de Villiers 22 Sep 2013, 7:42am

          There is more opportunity in the more capitalist England then in the higher-taxed and statist France.

          In France, you cannot become rich unless you inherit. In England, you can be successful through working and saving. That is why so many young French people come to live in London.

        2. de Villiers 22 Sep 2013, 7:43am

          There is more opportunity in the more capitalist England then in the higher-taxed and more statist France.

          In France, you cannot become rich unless you inherit. In England, you can be successful through working and saving. That is why so many young French people come to live in London.

        3. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 11:19am

          Atos is a national disgrace and they should be sacked. It is an appalling institution.

          Atos was given its contract by a Labour government, and was already stitching people up before 2010, while the Labour Government looked the other way. For several years under that Labour government, I ran a national social justice campaign that involved trying to support some very vulnerable people who were victims of local authority maladministration, and time and time again, we saw the Labour government and countless MPs turning a blind eye, and actually obstructing our attempts to bring appalling injustices to light.

          There are flaws in all the political parties, and the more good-hearted and sincere activists such as Tara who get involved in politics, the better.

          1. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 11:33am

            The above post on Atos was a reply to “James!’s” comment higher up. For some reason it appeared elsewhere on the page.

          2. Nobody with any sense can claim Labour were angels and got everything right – they certainly didn’t. But the Tories have been undoubtedly worse. They wouldn’t know compassion and decency if it hit them in the face. The bedroom tax and the cuts to welfare prove that. If they want to get the benefits bill down, then build more affordable housing, a large chuck of which should be social housing, and pay a living wage. But the Tories won’t do that cause they despise social provision which included social housing and they won’t want to upset their mates in big business, so they’d never back a living wage

          3. Rubbish. I worked with deaf and disabled people and the atoms tests were not and I repeat not not he scale that they are today. We had a disabled woman who had communication issues, was in a wheelchair and had a almost treating letter to attend a test as they though she could work. She was in tears. The centre is now closed to save a few bucks for the bankers. You should stop spreading that lie

          4. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 1:45pm

            Atos was already appalling under Labour, and they couldn’t have cared less. Two people in my circle of friends, both of whom were suffering from major depression, were caused great distress by Atos stitch-ups – under Labour.

            If you really think that Labour are the champions of the downtrodden, and the Conservatives the villains of the piece, you are very much mistaken.

          5. Absolute lies. You Tories are sickening.

          6. Yes, we should all remember it was the so-called ‘people’s party’ that
            started to dismember the welfare state and NOT the Conservative Party. It is a matter of some doubt whether the Tories would have started this process as it would have required considerable political courage on their part. Of course, they are eager to continue with it!

        4. Sinead Harkin 22 Sep 2013, 12:53pm

          I agree with you James I have never and never will vote Tory,but change can be brought from within if more people like Tara come on board.

    2. Carol Uren 22 Sep 2013, 9:44am

      This was posted in response to a comment from somebody who made disparaging remarks about Tara’s looks only and was subsequently taken down. #misogynyonline

  2. Susan Timothy 21 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

    I’m not a Tory voter, but good to see someone from our community getting into a position of some influence.

  3. Elston Gunn 21 Sep 2013, 9:18pm

    Fingers crossed she can build on this to be a parliamentary candidate!

  4. Carol Uren 21 Sep 2013, 9:54pm

    Another disgusting statement by somebody who hides behind an anonymous icon. Pathetic.

    1. Like most reasonable people, I prefer to judge people on what they do, how they think and by their actions. It really is sad that people are so shallow as to make their judgement on people solely on how they look.

  5. While I am happy to congratulate Tara on her election, I would like to remind her that more than half the Tory party opposed the Equal Marriage Bill, more than any other party or indeed more than all the other parties opposition combined. Tories are keen to trumpet this legislation as Tory legislation but were it not for the Labour Party and LIb Dems, this legislation would never have been passed.

    1. At last a comment which is based on sensible reasoning rather than how a person looks. Thank you Rocky

      1. Thank you Carol, I am conscious and aware that Transphobia exists both within the gay community and outside it. As a gay man I believe we must fight for tolerance and acceptance of trans people as much as any other member of our community. I of course reserve the right to challenge Tara on her politics!

  6. Quite shameful and selfish considering how the Tories treat other minorities like disabled people. You’ll see their true colours so enough

  7. Despite the encouraging stance on equality by Cameron and others within the party, the Tories still have much to prove. I think they are a bizarre destination for anyone GLBT.

  8. You’ll get stabbed in the back and ousted soon enough. I know, I have. Ever since all this anti equal marriage business it’s been open season on LGBT people in the party. I have wasted more than a decade on the Tories supporting them and working for them just to be kicked in the teeth. Bastards.

    1. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 11:31am

      I am really surprised to read your post, Brian. I finally joined the Conservative Party because of David Cameron’s championing of equal marriage, and am a member of the local association in one of the socially conservative leafy shires, where I am “out” and it is known that I am an LGBT activist.

      I have experienced nothing but warmth, acceptance and friendship from colleagues in my local Conservative Association, and my MP – who incidentally did not vote in favour of equal marriage – has also been very friendly and welcoming towards me.

      What you have written is astonishing, and as far as I can make out, it is very untypical of the experience of LGBT people in the Conservative Party. It is as though you and I were members of different political parties.

      1. And yet half of Tory MPs voted against the equal marriage bill and some of the comments from some of their MPs were disgraceful. Comparing equal marriage to bestiality, amongst other things, Whilst I acknowledge there are some Tory MPs who consistently support gay rights, the vast majority do not. And even of the ones who did back the bill, some of them just follow what the leader does like sheep. So they may not personally have been for or against it.

        I, like Brian, gave a number of years of my life to the Tories and deeply regret it. My experience of them was some of them despise gay people full stop, some of them are ok with you being gay as long as it’s not in their faces and they can wipe the fact from their minds and a small minority aren’t bothered.

        I remember writing a comment on ConservativeHome in support of equal marriage and was attacked and vilified by people on there and again the words ‘bestiality’ and ‘polygamy’ were mentioned.
        Luckily I saw the light…..

  9. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 11:10am

    Congratulations, Tara!

    The Conservative Party used to have a very poor record as far as LGBT rights are concerned. Things started to improve once John Major became PM; and under David Cameron, a real transformation is happening.

    In my view, it is not Conservative philosophy that impedes LGBT equality, but homophobic dogmatic religion. People with such beliefs are clearly losing their stranglehold on conservative politics: and the fact that a Conservative Prime Minister championed equal marriage in the face of fierce religious opposition, is proof of this.

    Activists such as Tara are helping the Conservative Party to make progress on its journey of shedding the irrelevant and toxic dogmatic religious influences of the past. This is helped by progressive people with conservative sympathies supporting this journey, and helping to replace the homophobic voters who have defected to Ukip because of the PM’s unequivocal support for LGBT equality.

    1. Religion is just something for bigots to hide behind and use to justify their bigotry. If religion was the reason then why did people of faith in the Labour Party, for example, largely back equal marriage. Even Galloway backed it and he has the most to lose from supporting gay marriage, it could be argued. It’s nothing to do with religion as was evident by the comments about bestiality etc.

      1. Gary Powell 22 Sep 2013, 1:41pm

        Read my post again. I was not writing about “people of faith”. I was writing about dogmatic religionists. Reflective “people of faith” in the Conservative Party also supported equal marriage.

        It is dogmatic, inflexible religion that has had a pernicious influence on the Conservative Party. And it is being shown the door. (It also has an influence (albeit lesser) in Labour and the Lib Dems: not all their MPs supported SSM.)

        I can well understand how upset the Left is about large sections of the Conservative Party supporting equal marriage. The “Nasty Party” label is losing its credibility and capacity to scoop up votes for the opposition.

  10. postopgirl 24 Sep 2013, 8:31pm

    I’m happy for her, but i hate the Tory party, the fact is that tories hate LGBT people, look at what they are trying to do, i.e steathly trying to bring back Clause 28 and removing gender identity from the curriculim to teach kids to stop abusing LGBT people, 60% of them voted against all LGBT laws which Labour brought in between 1997 & 2010 even the Single Equality Act was Labour’s legisalation not the Coalition’s as for Equal Marriage, it didn’t get passed because of Tory support as so many voted against, again it was Labour member who carried that day as well, when have the Conservatives instigated an LGBT legislation and ITS MPs have ALL backed it, the answer is NEVER, Chris Grayling called Gender reassignment gender mutilation and he is not alone in anti LGBT views within the Conservatives

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