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Political party starts petition to ban Russian politicians supporting anti-gay law from entering Canada

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Reader comments

  1. Is there a link to the petition and similar ones in Europe and the USA?

  2. Yes, we could do the same here in UK, why should we tolerate these intolerable homophobes entering our countries.

    1. Our UK government is pathetically weak on moral issues like this. The PM will happily sit back and ignore abuses of Human Rights when it’s countries he doesn’t want to follow the USA into invading.
      Don’t expect our government to take any stand on this other than mumbling all the right bullsh*t when there’s a microphone in their face.
      They are typical politicians, spineless and slimy to the end.

      Can you tell I despise the political class in this country?

      1. keith francis farrell 29 Sep 2013, 1:19pm

        Politics is a dirty business, has always been and will always be. We need to make this government realise that the rights of LGBT people must not be ridden over. They must refuse visa’s to everyone who is against equal rights, and that includes politicians from commonwealth countries, where they have laws against gay people. even for the commonwealth games. This is our big chance to make changes at least within the commonwealth

  3. This is excellent news. The more the Russian dictatorship can be shown that the civilised world is sickened by their current anti-gay campaign, the better.

  4. I know Paul. He goes to a church I used to attend. He is a true Christian man not a hater like some Christians.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Sep 2013, 11:42pm

    YES, teach them a lesson ! And welcome them when they have changed their attitude and view .That means : Working to abolish these horrible new laws.

  6. Foreign readers should note: although we have gay marriage and equality rights here in Canada, the majority, RULING party, the CONservatives regularly campaign on the “Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of all those nasty faggots” ticket regularly…ESPECIALLY in their stronghold of Alberta.
    When they come to Canada, to raise money for their hate-filled cause, the CONservative party members will stand up for their right to free-speech….
    Just so you know…

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 22 Sep 2013, 9:57am

      Thanks, Nunyer ! I’ve also heard that Canada isn’t really “the paradise” many seem to think. Greetings !

  7. Please add the link to the petition.

  8. Dr. T. Berto 22 Sep 2013, 5:29pm

    Too much too little, too late. They should be calling for a boycott of the Olympics. Instead this weak-assed move will have no effect and will be entirely unenforceable. This is human rights pandering in the most transparent and useless. It says ‘oh yeah, look at us, we care about queer inclusion’ without taking any real stand or risking anything. Absolutely pathetic.

  9. Tom (Winnipeg) 22 Sep 2013, 9:22pm

    Nunyer gives a rather discoloured view of the facts. Read this article and you will get a better picture of where the conservatives stand in relation to gay rights in Canada..

    1. Thank you Tom for the link! It provided an interesting perspective of the advances made by Conservatives here in Canada over the recent years.

      Like many people I am proud of the advances made in LGBT rights over the years. I don’t how ever give the Conservatives credit for that! Many of the initiatives were precipitated by the former Liberal Party, for example Equal Marriage, which our current Prime Minister opposed.

      When we see and hear of new and ground breaking legislation it appears to be government ministers who are advancing legislation and protection. Our Prime Minister appears to let them do his talking and distances himself from any LGBT situation… Unless on the world stage he can promote self/image of Canada and Canadian values. We see little personal commitment or belief of equality coming from himself, his stance and voice against Russia or elsewhere is simply his being a front man to echo the sentiments of many Canadians who are outraged at global LGBT abuse.

      1. In other words, he’s doing the job to which he was elected. Could we ask for better? All kinds of people will hold all kinds of opinions but (for me) it how one behaves that is more important.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Sep 2013, 7:40am

      Who shall I believe ? I’m a foreigner ! ( Gay friends from Canada told me this.) Think it is reasonable to trust both.

      1. My dear Helge,
        Let me tell you about Canada. I am a Mohawk Indian and Jewish mixed heritage. My adopted mother is a Black Jamaican woman. My life partner is disabled due to cerebral palsy. I grew-up poor of a family who are un-educated. With all this Luggage, I was able to work my way through College and University and get a good job which has allowed me a comfortable living. We are openly gay and very well respected in the community and even in our church community. We can get married if we choose. I can’t identify anything that could be improved, quite frankly. I did have a struggle with religeous fundamentalists as you can read here if you like
        I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.
        I hope this helps you.

        1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Sep 2013, 2:05pm

          Bautiful – dear and precious FRIEND ! Thank you very much for honest and good words. I live in Norway- and was open about myself in 1957. ( to friends and classmates,) I’ve lived an extremely hard life. Without running into detals and tell too much about violence and suppression- I can say that I have no contact with Family or relatives. My father almost killed me when I was a child, due to my crossdressing. My greatest LOVE in life is to support IRQR in Toronto ON. ( Iranians, from whom I got different signals—) THEY are my real FAMILY ! I understand that political parties have different views about LGBT rights – so it is all over the World. So when you say ; “Canada is just a wonderful place for me,” I fully believe you.—YOU have strong and good genes. I’m somewhat mixed myself. I finish writing now- but be sure I will send YOU and a LOVELY FAMILY in Canada lots of bright and nice thoughts ! Warm wishes from Oslo to You and Your Life Partner ! H. V. Tiller

          1. Takk for at du svarer Helge. Verden blir et slikt mindre sted. Hvor bemerkelsesverdig at vi har likesinnede over hele verden. Visste du at Mohawk historie forteller om inter-ekteskap med vikingene? Vi kan godt være fettere.

          2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Sep 2013, 8:40pm

            TUSN takk, Darren ! Vi er slektninger i ånden- samme om biologien ikke er forbundet (–men den kan jo være det ? ) !! Kjærlige hilsener-ALLTID !

          3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Sep 2013, 8:43pm

            Beklager skrivefeil. TUSEN takk er korrekt !

  10. keith francis farrell 29 Sep 2013, 1:13pm

    I don’t know why the UN is standing by and allowing Putin to continue with his human rights abuses.
    Come to think of it, why don’t they just expel Russia from the UN. They can do that and have done so before.
    “South Africa was one of the founding members of the United Nations (UN), which came into existence in 1945. However, in 1974 the credentials of the South African Delegation to the United Nations were rejected due to international opposition to the policy of apartheid, and the South African Government was prevented from participating in the work of the General Assembly . ”
    Through them out, and call for a total boycott. It cannot do any harm, Putin has said that other countries cannot tell him how to run Russia so why should he have any say in how other countries are run. We all know Russia is the supplier of most of the weapons of mass destruction in the middle east and the rest of the world.

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