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Bangladesh criticised for refusing to decriminalise homosexuality despite UN recommendation

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Reader comments

  1. Quite simply dont provide any aid or support to these vile backward countries I wouldnt want them to get a penny

  2. Shame on them and all the other homophobic nations!!

  3. Yet another former British colony which has embraced and retained laws introduced by their former occupiers. You would have thought, with independence, they would have been desperate to rid themselves of all those Judeo-Christian discrinimatory laws. But no. Desperately sad and shows how backward the country remains.

    1. Islam is the official religion in Bangladesh. I’m PRETTY sure homosexuality would still be illegal even without that British law, considering how “tolerant” the people are over there.

      1. Are you being deliberately dense? The anti-gay laws they currently operate are those INTRODUCED by the British. This is exactly the same situation as in many other former colonies – espcially African commonwealth countries. The religion they embrace today is totally irrelevant to my original point.

        1. You really think Islam is “irrelevant” here? What about Iran (a country never colonised by a European power)? What about those African nations that were colonised by France, which in the imperialist era didn’t criminalise homosexuality, but now do (eg Mauritania, Senegal)?

          Let’s look at those nations with Islam as the official religion that don’t criminalise homosexuality, shall we? A lengthy list, is it?

        2. What an arrogant. Just check the facts: the only two predominantly Muslim countries where homosexuality is legal are Turkey and Indonesia (province of Banda Aceh excluded) and those are secular nations (I.e. Where Islam is not the state religion). Don’t tell me every single Muslim nation was once a British colony, there are plenty of examples to contradict you.

          1. Don’t forget Albania Bosnia and Kosovo they’re predomitley Muslim countries and have anti discrimination laws and the public are steadily becoming more accepting of the LGBT community, although they are predomitley Muslim they are secularists nations, but state religion does not neccesarily make Muslim countries homophobic, it’s the authoritarian nature of their governments that is the problem, Napoleon Bonaparte once said “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” And he was an atheist, look at Tunisia, Islam is the state religion and the political party with the most seats in the constituent assembly called the ennahada movement states it would decriminalise homosexuality if elected to lead the country and Tunisia has recently become a multi party democracy. What I’m saying is religion doesn’t cause homophobia ignorance does especially when authoritarian governments thrive on ignorance to stay in power

          2. Albania was an atheist state from 1968 to 1990, religion was completely illegal back then….and Bosnia always had a size able Christian minority (which until a decade ago wasn’t so much of a minority) Obviously they don’t care so much about religion nowadays, they prefer to focus on the possibility of a EU membership, they even passed some anti-discrimination laws as required to access… The population is still quite intolerant though

        3. I think it speaks bounds that a majority of Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Hindu countries vote in favour of gay rights in the United Nations Human Rights Council whereas the opposite is the case for almost every single Muslim one.

          Get real.

          1. so you think this is the case of my religion is better then yours, nothing to do with the fact that majority of muslim countries are pseudo democracies at best

  4. Quite simply dont give this backward vile countryb any aid or support

  5. I wouldnt give them a single penny

  6. I wouldnt give them a single penny!!!

    1. And have you?

  7. Dear Bangladesh

    We seem to have made an error when we colonized your nation regarding the drafting of the laws; as you know, people can learn a lot in a few hundred years and things change. We even let women vote and black people rise the same buses; it’s a very exciting time.

    We ask you repeal the law as we half a century ago, and we apologize for our previous error. If you would like our sources and evidence for repealing the law and changing our stance on homosexuality, I can send them within minutes.

    Despite feeling empathetic and guilty of our responsibility of crimes against humanity RE: LGBT folk, we will NOT be offering compensation. Actually, you don’t really have to repeal the law if you don’t want. It’s not that important. Sorry.


    1. P.s. Really sorry about that whole “imperialism” thing btw, no hard feelings (or compensation)


  8. A Muslim country failing to live up to universal human rights standards? What a surprise!

    1. like bible belt and southern states in america that great places to be gay. edl much

  9. Godric Godricson 22 Sep 2013, 2:17pm

    You can’t blame parents forever and you can’t blame the former occupier many years after Independence. “Grow a pair!”

    1. The British empire is to blame for the laws being implemented, but Bangladesh has had independence for 60 years and have made no effort to change existing laws Britain can’t be blamed for that there’s no excuse for keeping such draconian laws in place, Britain has moved forward on these issues including many of its former colonies and domains, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, the Bahamas, even India why can’t they . Britain in the 18th and 19th century treated natives in this region like dirt, it’s so sad to see Bangladesh can’t Lear from its history under British rule

      1. it would be little naive to think that passage of time is the only or main factor in making the social progress. anyway only one country from those mentioned, the bahamas, gained independance within the last sixty years

  10. It will be repealed in a couple of years. Just wait.

  11. GingerlyColors 22 Sep 2013, 8:29pm

    Next time you get flooded out or one of your buildings collapse don’t phone us. And don’t bother coming to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year either!

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