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Russian official: The EU should fix its own problems before criticising Russia over LGBT issues

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Reader comments

  1. While he may have a point about those who are attacked and the fear they have about reporting it, at least many of us within Europe know that we can report attacks and in most cases these are treated as they should be and are investigated.

    Russia on the other hand is turning a blind eye to their LGBT citizens who are being attacked and by allowing mob rule and vigilante attacks, they are practically encouraging attacks.

    1. True. One only needs to look at the pride parades and what happens with them to see that Europe is far, far better than Russia.
      Baltic Pride was attacked, sure, but the police on the scene arrested the attackers, not the LGBT parade attendees. Contrast to pretty much any pride in Russia where the attackers might as well have been given medals.

  2. Can we not do both?

    I missed the law saying we couldn’t address homophobia at home AND abroad at the same time.

  3. Ah, it’s this argument again, that governments despite having hundreds, if not thousands of staff, are unable to do more than one thing at a time. It is not our problem that Russia’s government is so feeble.

    Besides, Europe is practicing what it preaches. While some nations are behind others, LGBT issues that reach EU courts and governments generally get approved, unlike in Russia where not only are they rejected before even being read, but those who raise the issues face police brutality, have their homes trashed, and their friends/family threatened.

  4. I think Hitler said something very similar pre-WWII.

  5. David Jordan 20 Sep 2013, 2:46pm

    I wonder what that figure of 80% drops down to if you exclude former Soviet republics (at least West European Imperialists had the decency to call their colonies colonies)?
    Anyway, its still 20% better then in Russia.

  6. Colin Cass 20 Sep 2013, 3:50pm

    E.U Countries as is has been said are Not turning a blind eye ,as Russia is, & are Not Creating New Homophobic laws.Russia has to be dragged into the civilised World ,having been shut off from whatbit of civilisation the World has,for So Long! Russia Must be at least 100years behind in thier thinking,along with Africa the middle East & the Caribbean!

  7. The EU has a human rights charter in which LGBT people are included and which *gasp* you’re abusing in Russia

    Watching these Russian dogs try to worm their way out of criticism is cringe-worthy

  8. How true!
    We should have made our own nations perfect, before even considering stopping Hitler forcing people into concentration camps, and gassing the Jews

    I would agree with the ‘Russian official’ if we had appalling GLBT rights ourselves, but fortunately that’s not the case, and Russia is miles ahead of any other European state on that front.

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