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Rome gay rights group: Pope Francis is ‘ahead of many politicians’ on gay issues

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Reader comments

  1. Someone over dosed on his communion bread again?

    This Pope is just the same as the rest. He has not moved on gay issues what-so-ever. He just prefers now not to talk about it.

  2. Godric Godricson 20 Sep 2013, 4:35pm

    Clergy should keep it in their own pants before lecturing LGBT people.

  3. This pope is simply a pragmatist. He realises more and more of ‘the faithful’ are abandoning the church and he understands the reasons why. People are sick to death of hearing them whinging on and on withe the same old message – ALL of which is punitive. Personally, I couldn’t giver a monkey’s what any of them say. Organised religion has had its day. Until one comes along which majors on the positives in life, I’ll remain an happy agnostic.

    1. He’s also managed to undercut the more hateful and strident messages of his Eastern Orthodox brethren, Archbishop Krill and Patriarch Bartholomew. It will be interesting to see if the pope’s comments receive much press coverage in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, & Greece, where Eastern Orthodoxy is the principal religion.

  4. In 2010 when Argentina was considering marriage equality, these were his thoughts:

    “In the coming weeks, the Argentine people will face a situation whose outcome can seriously harm the family…At stake is the identity and survival of the family: father, mother and children. At stake are the lives of many children who will be discriminated against in advance, and deprived of their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God. At stake is the total rejection of God’s law engraved in our hearts.

    “Let’s not be naive: This is not a simple political fight; it is a destructive proposal to God’s plan. This is not a mere legislative proposal (that’s just its form), but a move by the father of lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God… Let’s look to St. Joseph, Mary, and the Child to ask fervently that they defend the Argentine family in this moment… May they support, defend, and accompany us in this war of God.”

    Doubtful he has changed much…

    1. Perhaps his recent comments about abortion, gay marriage, and contraception is, as he says, “a move by the father of lies that seeks to confuse and deceive”.

  5. Didn’t take long for Francis’ to show his true colours, he’s now denouncing abortion and has excommunicated a Melbourne priest for allegedly supporting women and LGBT

  6. He is a religious leader so every time his lips move he lies. His cult has obtained its power by lying [and torture and murder] and still controls the followers with lies. This announcement is just another cynical PR stunt in the belief it will hoodwink some into thinking he has suddenly become our friend. Also Frankie has probably done this to assuage the fears of the faithful of being homophobic by association.

  7. de VIlliers 21 Sep 2013, 5:31pm

    It is better than before. Which must be good.

  8. Colin (London) 29 Sep 2013, 12:14pm

    What a load of rubbish. The churches stance on homosexuality has not changed one iota. This is cheap platitudes bending a few words to sound good, nothing changed and their propaganda machine gets some headlines.

    We gay people can see through your dribble catholics. This guy is no better than the last lot.

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