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Vladimir Putin: ‘If Silvio Berlusconi were gay he would have escaped prosecution’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 6:26pm

    A bit rich, one sociopathic thug defending another!

  2. Crack Kills!!!

  3. So, the adoption ban will pass by a huge margin. And another similarly homophobic piece of legislation will be proposed by the end of the year.
    Putin acts like this, you can be sure that his goons will make sure his circus-parliament follows suit.

  4. These two men are proof that evil heterosexual men rule this planet (backed up by their female partners).

    I think putin is losing his mind. World leaders should be worried about him.

  5. Said as one despot to another!

  6. It is the fault of gay people that these men are crooks. Maybe next time he will blame the Jews or disabled people for his behaviour!

    1. don’t worry, I’m sure there somewhere down there on the list.

  7. Colin (London) 19 Sep 2013, 6:49pm

    Is this real…..just someone tell me how these two wan—s got to their positions.

    Laughing stock of the world.

    How can any serious politician stand to be near them never mind try to pull the world together with them.

  8. I’m seriously disappointed and worried by the Russians to continue electing such a brute, and the Italians who supported (and continue supporting) that Mafia thug

  9. Has nobody actually thought to tell Putin to his face that he’s coming across as a frothing-at-the-mouth loon?

  10. uh oh, I’m really worried now. I hadn’t realized before that Putin was completely f##king stupid as well as bigoted.

  11. unfortunately if he were gay, he probably would never have been elected, it’s a moot point.

  12. WHAT???!!! That logic completely escapes me. Perhaps what he is REALLY saying is that he is afraid of is his own regime turning on him too …

  13. Christopher Coleman 19 Sep 2013, 8:50pm

    If only Italy were really that gay-friendly!!

  14. Did Putin just associate paedophilia with being gay and get away with it?

    1. That what he is doing in Russia.
      All federal chanels broadcast it “homosexual=pedohil”
      Pink news have not yet translated it but Putin already compared equl marrige to the satana religion and accused Europe that due to equal marriges it will suffer from demografic crisis.

    2. Predictable crude dogwhistle politics from the ex-KGB man.
      He is bigoted, but he’s not dumb… he knows how this plays to the homecrowd who get the implied double message that not only do gay people get away with breaking laws straight people wouldn’t but that we’re all latent child molesters.
      A bit rich considering how long it took the Italians to prosecute Berlusconi for his underage bunga bunga activities and the lenient sentance which resulted.

      That’s 2 libelous slurs for the price of one, both calculated to scapegoat gay people.

      Hitler used similar shtick with the Jews

  15. botox has got into his brain…

  16. That There Other David 19 Sep 2013, 10:05pm

    Riiggghhhttt, so it’s OK with you to sleep with underage girls is it Vladimir?

    Protesting too much with the paedo thing perhaps?

  17. Of course Putin defended Berlusconi.

    Of course Putin attacked gay people.

    Putin is a fascist moron and his time will come.

  18. Now THAT’S stupid.

  19. floridahank 20 Sep 2013, 12:02am

    Sexual deviancy is a worldwide epidemic. Human nature is lower than that of animals. We’re getting what we deserve as seen everywhere — we shouldn’t complain.

    1. I’d rather we deal with the socio/psychopaths.

    2. What’s the difference between human sexuality and that of animals?

      Only one of us has been forged out of centuries of systematic sexual suppression, oppression and shame. Sexual suppression has been proven to be very bad for your mental health. It’s even been posed that it factors into the psychology of suicide bombings. Centuries of razor wire chastity belts ! Doesn’t bare thinking about.

      In reality: religion is the only explanation for any “sexual deviancy” that differs from that of animals (which homosexuality as you know doesn’t, LOL) homosexuality = “sexual deviancy” is 1950’s thinking; do catch up please.

      Want someone to blame for sexual depravity? You have only one place to look…

    3. Yes, Hanky, the reported behaviour of the Patriarch Jacob (for example) was such an example of moral probity to emulate, wasn’t it? Deceiving his father, cheating his twin brother and his father-in-law, marrying two sisters (his first cousins), fathering a dozen or more children by both of them and their domestic servants: is that the sort of thing you get up to in your Floridian backwater? If so, you and Berlusconi are much of a muchness.

    4. Ha, did you study at the University of Lagos, by any chance?
      Are you perhaps a dribbling Christian?
      Let me guess, you believe in creationism and think dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory?

      Let me educate you… homosexuality has been observed in thousands of animal species.

      There you go, you’ve been schooled. Now sod off an start reading some books so your level of intelligence is at least considered adequate.

  20. Interesting he brought homosexuality into it for no reason *whistles*

    Isn’t Italy quite homophobic and heavily influenced by the Catholic Church.

    Somehow I doubt someone being gay would stand up as a valid reason for tax evasion, everyone knows it would be used as a way to put the boot in !

    I’m shocked he’d say something so stupid

  21. They’re welcome to each other. Two disgusting old men that history will judge.

  22. Dear Vlad,

    Inviting an underage prostitute to your party and having sex with her would seem to be a glaring example of “propaganda for non-traditonal relationships”. Surely your old mate Silvio should now be lured to a meeting with a gang of Russian neo-nazi skinheads and made to pose with a sex toy?

    birds of a feather….

  23. he is right ,because under Putins laws he would of been locked up just for being gay and well before he got the chance to have any bunga bunga parties ….. try some logic next time Putin ,you arse!

  24. Barry William Teske 20 Sep 2013, 10:19am

    Like Hitler, Putin has picked his targets.
    He isn’t man enough to fight this war he wants to start himself. He will send others to do his dirty work.

  25. So, in Putin’s world it is OK to sleep with children but it is not OK to be gay.

    Remind me again who, statistically speaking, are the ones that are more likely to be pedophiles…………that’s right, it is men like Putin and Berlusconi and NOT gay men like me.

    1. Well summed-up, D.McCabe. That is EXCATLY what he’s saying. Disgusting, corrupt ancient perverts are more acceptable in Putrin’s society than are gay people. Oh dear. This man is VERY scarey. His hate speech is getting more and more like Hitler’s by the day. We can only hope that his eventual demise will be similar too.

  26. How long do we have before the prison camps open, families are torn apart, book burnings in the streets, theaters and galleries closed, ID papers with “g” printed on them…?

    Come on, we all know where this is going. It’s time our pathetic “leaders” started telling the truth – Putin is a fascist, and he’s using his fascism to unite his people under extreme nationalist views.

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