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US: Two Republican lawmakers to defy New Jersey Governor and vote for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Christie is an opportunist, with his eyes on a POTUS run in 2016 and will not risk subverting the three primary weapons the GOP uses to get idiots to vote against their own best interest – guns, gays and abortions.

    This is not a case of what he thinks, but what he sees as most expedient in his personal future. Yes, he is that bloody vile a man.

  2. After the statistical analysis of the last election, it became clear to all intelligent people that in order for the Republican party to remain relevant to society it would have to remove its core of “god and guns” extremists.

    The Republican party is being forced to change by the electorate, and the changing attitudes to their previous focus points. Young Americans are becoming increasingly tired of hearing ranting Republicans demanding constitutional rights while doing everything they can to limit the rights of others, and the party will be forced to do something or become completely redundant.

    The Republican party will therefore split, with a new “extreme right” party splintering off as the traditionally Republican party becomes more focused on economic issues.

    This is another facet of that. These politicians know what’s happening, and they are following the popular mood of the people to remain relevant. Christie would be advised to hire new advisers, or become another Dinosaur.

    1. The problem is that the ‘god and guns’ extremists have more money than rational contributors, so have a greater say in making policy. The politicians pretty much have to listen to them in order to get the funding they need for their campaigns.
      And a split in the Republican party will be as damaging for America as it was in the 19th century when the then Democrat party split after Abraham Lincoln’s first election victory, mostly over the issue of slavery. The petty whingers who object to everything the government attempts to do out of childish spite will suddenly lose their commanding majorities and have no political power to stop reason from ruling anywhere beyond the few southern and square states still under their control.
      If the Democrats win in 2016, the Confederates will throw their toys out the pram (again) inciting civil disorder and anti-government violence. Especially if Hillary Clinton is the one that beats them.

    2. There is a division in the party, the beltway Republicans do know that they have a serious demographics problem (women, young people etc) and want to address it, but they aren’t in control. The lunatics run the asylum at the GOP and they keep doubling down on policies that only appeal to the idiocracy who already vote for them.

      Right now, just have to hope that they don’t do too much damage as they crash and burn.

    3. GingerlyColors 19 Sep 2013, 6:06pm

      There is already a split in the Republican Party. It is called the Tea Party Movement which surprisingly has not been in the news lately. If the Tea Party were to become a separate party then the resulting split will mean an end to the traditional two party system in the USA and this will be at the expense of the Republicans who will end up out in the political wilderness for decades.

    4. In short, they’re doing the smart thing and jumping the hate ship to save their careers and future reputation

  3. What an sshole. He inflicts harm and damage to the LGBT-Community and their families by vetoing the bills for no valid reason whatsoever. Who does he think he is? He won’t stop the course of history, he is just a pain in the ass.

  4. I think they are absolutely right to defy him. I, for one, would want to be on the right side of history. Pity a man with the name ‘Christie’ is so totally un-christian ….

  5. Christie, New Jerseys own Rush Limbaugh. Hopefully his type will be gone from US politics soon.

  6. Christie is a Roman Catholic. According to the RCC, gluttony, or being a fatty, is a sin. Somebody tell Chrissy-boy!

    1. floridahank 19 Sep 2013, 6:01pm

      Dennis,”According to the RCC, homosexuality is a sin.” So do you just stop with gluttony? Why not list all the sins if you’re using their Bible?

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