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US Archbishop specifcally says Catholic military chaplains cannot perform or endorse same-sex weddings

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Reader comments

  1. Last time I checked you have to do this within the US where same sex marriages are legal. The law overrides the Catholic church. So get your head out of your ass and stop lying to the other minister’s. Your belief on same sex relationships isn’t based on truth anyway. Maybe if you had an open mind and opened your eyes you would see this.

    1. Any gay catholic who wants to be married by a cath priest should be sent for a mental exam.

      I wonder what angflican priests in the USa wlill do. The Episcopal church – most dioceses will do gay marriages so this s a call for all gay catholics in the mil to give the middle finger to the church. of a new KKK as is the Baptists who still see Obama as a nightmare come true

  2. Does he have the same policy for mixed race marriage or does he just prefer Homophobia to Racism? after all the bible is against mixed race marriage if you choose to read it that way to suit your agenda!

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 7:28pm

    It always amazes me that these loons all seem to feign ‘confusion’ over the implications of the SSM bills on both sides of the pond. They know as does the closet case of an Archbigot damned well they are protected and all this is, is an exercise in fomenting trouble and homophobia and playing the victim card over and over. I’m so sick of them.

  4. Dave North 19 Sep 2013, 7:34pm

    Another goon who did not get the latest memo from his boss.

  5. Kick them out of the chaplincy

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 7:58pm

    Archbigot “Imbroglio” attention seeking drama queen. Go tend to the poor, bloody hypocrite.

  7. ….then it’s time these chaplains were relieved of their duties.

    1. Are they on the military payroll? If so the answer is simple, take away the cash. Then they can do what they like. How much will it cost the pope to pay all their salaries?

      Would they employ a chaplain who was racist?

    2. …or maybe they just need a bit of relief…

  8. Michaelandfred 19 Sep 2013, 8:30pm

    Someone obviously didn’t get the Popes new memo: How being homophobic, misogynistic, abortion obsessed assholes are destroying the church, so cut it out!

  9. Hmmm… Doesn’t a refusal in the military to obey lawful orders usually result in a court martial?

    If not, why not?

    Even if the chaplains have a get-out-of-jail card because they’re not considered to be real soldiers, picking and choosing which orders to obey and which people to marry still sets a dreadful precedent.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Sep 2013, 2:41pm

      I agree – court martial one of the gimps who follows this throwback’s advice and let’s see how it plays out.

      Imagine if the Pope told us all the stop shooting Gerry during the last war. I’d have blond hair, blue eyes, and a Panzer in the garage.

      1. Read the book Piux Xii – the hound of hitler by Gerard Noel

        See how his failues and indecision led to more jewish deaths , many of which could have been prevented

        Yup – usual tricks = they made this grand failure a saint. next they will do the same of the cardinals who hid the endless molestation

  10. Catholic Church = Evil Old Men

  11. David Jordan 19 Sep 2013, 9:07pm

    How many other officers in the US armed forces can refuse to preform part of their duties on moral ground?
    And the Catholics have the cheek to accuse us of looking for special rights.
    And why are they commissioned as officers, only key professionals like doctors should get that honor, are clergymen too high and mighty to wear enlisted men’s strips?

  12. He’s so obviously a huge girl. They must think everybody is stupid.

  13. florifdahank 19 Sep 2013, 10:21pm

    Tolerance should include everybody except when it involves religion, then intolerance is accepted.

  14. Look at this statement again, and at how detailed it is. It is screamingly obvious that some Catholic priests and counsellors will do exactly what he objects to and he is trying to warn them off. They are on the back foot and trying to pretend they are not.

  15. That paragraph about burying the dead is a killer, isn’t it?!

  16. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Sep 2013, 12:13am

    Broglio, did you remember to buy a birthday present for Mr. Putin last time you were in town ? Right now they have plastic flowers at reduced prices.

  17. US Archbishop specifcally says Catholic military chaplains cannot perform or endorse weddings with imaginary spouses or with animals.

    Makes sense , as does …the pseudo-marriage example :

    US Archbishop specifcally says Catholic military chaplains cannot perform or endorse same-sex ‘weddings’.

    There has to be some Truth somewhere and the Archbishop speaks it .If you want a pseudo-‘marriage’ then some weird cult in Vegas will oblige , not the Church founded by Christ .

    Still laughing at this absurd ‘news’ story .

    1. You can keep calling it a “pesudo-marriage” all you want, doesn’t stop the “top” 15 countries considering it equal marriage. You could just move to Iran or Uganda to get away from it, although somehow I reckon you are a well off westerner who actually despises such places and of course a hypocrite

      “There has to be some truth somewhere” – who are you trying to fool here? Certainly not us !

      Again, does your wife/children/grand-children and/or “straight” male buddies know you like to come on “gay” news sites, laugh at the stories and insult people on comment boards?

      I think you don’t have anyone in your life like that, and that’s why you come here.

      We all know what people think of pseudo-men who do what you do; assuming of course you are the middle aged “straight” white conservative bitter and lonely, possibly American religious man that I think you are.

      Just go get a life, Ray. You’re fooling nobody here but yourself.

      Still laughing at your absurd phrases

    2. Catholics using the word “truth” is a perfect example of an oxmoron.

      They wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the face!

      1. …or even an oxymoron – doh!

  18. U.S. archbishop cemented in history as a bigot, shames grand children years later

    NEXT !

  19. Mihangel apYrs 20 Sep 2013, 7:28am

    “They will know we are Christians by our love….”

    Hypocrite. Your “church” refusing help to those who need it negates the principles of the “Christ” you claim to follow.

    You have no place in authority as chaplains in theforces or elsewhere where you receive privilged access.

    1. “They will know we are Christians by our love….”

      Yep and I’ll bet the people like Galileo, Michaelangelo and the poor unfortunates who got on the wrong side of the Borgias will heartily agree with that little witticism – NOT!

  20. If the Catholic Church wants to marginalise and exclude itself, knock yourselves out. Other religions and denominations will have more loving and embracing representatives there to take over and convert people to their own religions/denominations.

  21. Colin (London) 20 Sep 2013, 10:05am

    I take comfort from the FACT. We have won the war. It will take another 30 years to move accross parts of the world but the more countries that opt for a state marriage the religious zealots days will slowly be numbered.

    What a hate filled man dressed up. Let us keep the pressure up for human/gay rights as it’s the right thing to do.

    Leave the muggles to exterminate themselves.

    I have two aged parents and three adult members of my family who work in catholic schools who are questioning their faith. My Parents are in their 80’s

    I don’t talk about it but they for the first time in my life want to talk about it. To me success. Let the churches destroy themselves PLEASE.

  22. The military is a secular government paid-for institution, if you cannot abide by the equality ethos then get out, leave.

    If Catholic ministers only minister to Catholic followers, then does the army have other Chaplin for all the other main denominations? And what about The Pope’s words that all should be treated without discrimination, what about Catechism 2358? No discrimination. Talking to someone about their relationship is not endorsing something, it’s relating your experience and understanding of relationships, one human being to another, try to help someone else.

    Catholic leaders in the US seem totally out of step with The Pope.

    If they are paid by the military, stop it, kick them all off the base, and leave soldiers and other staff to get their spiritual advice outside the base. If counselling is to stay on the base then it has to be completely free from discrimination, or provide counselling which is secular – even better.

  23. PeterinSydney 20 Sep 2013, 12:38pm

    This gay hater needs to read and meditate on the Pope’s thoughts. Obviously he is a very bad bishop at the moment. He must change.

  24. Christ commands us as one of the Corporal Works of Mercy to bury the dead. HE didn’t post any exceptions to that.

    I can only say:


    Not the silly old Auntie C of E, who still has her antimacassars ALL in a bunch about women BISHOPS (!).

  25. Robert A. Cuthbertson 20 Sep 2013, 3:49pm

    The archbishop needs to remember for whom he works. See archbishop you collect a check from the U.S. government you abide by the laws of the U.S.. Should you find that offensive get a new job. If you choose not to do that I am sure the military could court martial you for failing to follow orders.

  26. Christopher Coleman 20 Sep 2013, 5:06pm

    This is actually a tricky issue. Churches that do not wish to perform same gender marriages are not required to do so. Same gender marriage laws have been framed in a way that will offer them this protection. Likewise, I suppose, a military chaplain should not be compelled to perform a same gender marriage if he is a member of one of the dissenting Churches. Getting married is not part of a soldier’s military duty, so a chaplain should not be judged by his participation or lack thereof.

    However, a military chaplain must offer advice, sympathy, encouragements, etc., to any member of the armed forces he serves, regardless of their creed, colour, or sexual orientation. So, too, performing burials. If these Catholic or other chaplains reuse to perform required duties, they should face the same discipline as anyone else in the force who disobeys orders.

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