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UK Government: No plans to extend the HPV vaccine to gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 12:27pm

    Insanity! What are they bloody waiting for, a public health catastrophe to happen?

    1. My guess is that they don’t want to admit the vaccine is about sex, because if they market it as anything other than the “cervical cancer vaccine”, parents will refuse to take it up in even greater numbers than they do already.

    2. Justusboyz 19 Sep 2013, 1:24pm

      All about money as per usual! Money to fight wars etc but a few million to stop people dying and we have to debate it in parliament for years . Shocking .

  2. Because we all know that STIs are the responsibility of women only, just like contraception so often is. (You always hear stories about research being done on male contraceptives apart from condoms, but they never get anywhere.) Not that they even want to admit it’s about an STI, that’s why they’re calling it the “cervical cancer vaccine”.

    Quite apart from the flagrant disregard for the risk to gay men, do they have no idea how herd immunity works? Far too many parents refuse to get their daughters vaccinated, either because of delusions that their precious little girls will never take sexual risks, or because they’re listened to anti-vaxxers and think their children will drop dead from routine vaccinations. And the vaccine is only being offered to certain age groups as well. We need the most people vaccinated that are possible.

    1. The NHS only has a certain amount of resources and has to prioritise, whether we like it or not. Older people are likely to have been exposed to HPV already, and it is more likely to cause cancer in women than in men, so there is a stronger case for giving it to girls than to men or older women. The body that decides which vaccinations to offer obviously takes herd immunity into account. Also, I believe that researchers have only shown that the vaccine has any effectiveness in men at all quite recently – it obviously takes time for people to react to this.

      1. Well health professionals are not waiting for the average person to catch up, or the ignorance of government ministers, they are vaccinating their boys / sons. So looks like they have made up their minds on the issue!!

        Why would a vaccine against a virus only be effective in women, that’s a new idea I’ve never heard before?
        If you only vaccinate less than 50% of the population you DO NOT create “herd immunity”! You think HPV is ONLY transferred by vaginal intercourse James? or just by penetrative sex, you would be wrong on both counts.

  3. It would be helpful if PN could tell us whether the vaccine it’s available on request from one’s GP, and if not, the typical cost of having it privately.

    Similarly, is the vaccine medically suitable only for young people, or is this just another example of age discrimination?

    Facts, please !

    1. Grrr… edit function needed on this site !

      “It would be helpful if PN could tell us whether the vaccine IS available on request…”

    2. The NHS only offers the vaccine to 12/13-year-old girls. It is available privately, but costs a few hundred pounds (prices vary depending on where you get it). The vaccine is less effective for older people as they are likely to have already been infected with one or more of the strains of HPV it protects against.

  4. This is wholly and absolutely unacceptable, as some one who has already suffered from a squamous cell HPV induced cancer (thankfully cured, but the treatment was arduous and not something I want to inflict on my worst enemy and the treatment almost killed me!!).
    This attitude that this vaccine is still not being made available to risk groups of men is deplorable and makes me white with rage. It also does not give adequate protection to women given our mobile society, vaccinating men would increase that protection for both.
    Also, those who are from societies
    that have not been vaccinated, now living here or are on a visit or those who travel outside our country none of those are covered by this mythical “herd immunity”.
    The only sane solution is to vaccinate both young men and young women. we have a large mobile population who travel widely, not a static population, the whole idea that “herd immunity” is given in our society by only vaccinating girls is totally misplaced.

  5. ‘ there is little benefit in vaccinating boys to prevent cervical cancer in girls.’

    So what about gay boys? They obviously don’t give a damn or they think Gay men appear out of nowhere at the age of 16!

    1. As I understand it, cervical cancer is the greatest problem caused by HPV, and there was evidence to show the vaccine’s effectiveness against cervical cancer before any other cancers, so offering it only to girls did make sense at first. The Department of Health spokesperson is probably just relying on information that is a little out of date, but I believe the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is looking at the possibility of offering the vaccine to boys/men.

      1. I’m sorry James the research is way beyond that at this point.
        There is no excuse for this, it is pure and simple deception by the department of health. I know of no one who would accept you create herd immunity by vaccinating less than 50% of an internationally mobile population against this type of virus.
        If they are not deluded themselves then they are trying to delude us.
        Either way it is not acceptable.

  6. Staircase2 19 Sep 2013, 2:00pm

    Just how ignorant is the Department of Health Spokesperson…?

  7. 1500*0.6 = 900 people a year get throat cancer from giving blowjobs, WOW, yea thanks but no thanks big pharma, keep your vaccin£s away from me

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