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Tory MP Mike Freer: Hopefully the JCVI will recommend extending the HPV vaccine to gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Why only young gay men? All gay men should get this vaccination. Does the risk magically disappear after adolescence? The same as with Hepatitis B (free of charge at Gum clinics, make use of them!), book that appointment.

    1. Sorry pressed wrong button wanted to give it a+1

    2. Same could be said about women, its only given too young girls 12/13, ageist and sexist!!!

  2. It’s given to girls ages 12/13 because they will benefit the most from the vaccine. The vaccine is slightly to a lot less effective in sexually active women as there is an increased chance that these women have already being exposed to sub-types of HPV. The vaccine would be less effective in fully grown sexually active males also. There is other good work being carried out to tackle the effects of HPV in older women and men.

    As for the sexism part, I agree with you! It’s awful and I’m uncertain as to why they feel their decision is a satisfactory one. Young homosexual boys need to be vaccinated just as much as young women.

    One issue I do see here is that you would either have to identify men who have sex with men at potentially a young age to vaccinate them. Or you would have to vaccinate the whole male population.

    1. Common sense 20 Sep 2013, 2:59am

      actually all teenage boys should be immunized and not just homosexual ones – this is what they do in australia and it is the only way to get herd immunity

      1. Iain Logan 20 Sep 2013, 1:45pm

        I have to agree. Heard immunity in this case due to the nature of transmission would only really exist if:

        a) Men who have sex with men didn’t exist, meaning that all sexual relations were between male and female. Obviously this isn’t going to be the case because homosexuality is a natural occurrence in the population.

        b) And young boys grew up only having sex with individuals who have been vaccinated. Once they have sexual relations with an older women who was not vaccinated, they’d be at risk of contracting the virus. This point would cease to be the case if the whole population of females were vaccinated.

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