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Scotland rejects calls for HPV vaccination to be given to boys

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 7:22pm

    Of course, it’s following Westminster’s lead, no surprise there.

  2. Not surprising given the Scottish government have form for this kind of thing. A few years ago they caved in to pressure from the catholic church to remove all mention of condoms in the literature accompanying cervical cancer vaccinations in all Scottish schools, not just catholic schools.

    1. Time for us all to give Alex Mcneil’s ears a good ringing.
      I take it we will all be writing to our MSP’s.
      I’ve already spoken to two of mine on the phone.

  3. Both the Scottish Government and Westminster do realise that if every man decided to down tools and go on strike even for a couple of hours there would be no-one to protect them from terrorist attacks because without them they’d be nothing.

  4. ‘boys will be adequately protected from the main cancer causing HPV because there will be fewer HPV viruses circulating in the population’. Why don’t they just give boys the hpv vaccine and the girls would be adequately protected because there would be fewer circulating in the population. Once again it’s the girls who must take the drugs, contraception, hormones and deal with the side effects!

  5. Common sense 19 Sep 2013, 9:43pm

    The HPV vaccine was invented by a Scot now living in Australia and earlier this year Australia extended HPV vaccination to boys as well as girls. While penile, throat and anal cancers can all be caused by HPV in boys, the primary reason was actually to bring in “herd immunity” where HPV becomes eliminated in the whole population and can never be a risk to even the worms who were never vaccinated. Scotland will realise this eventually as an attractive goal.

  6. Well I have been told that it is common practice amongst health professionals for them to vaccinate their boys/ sons for HPV. doesn’t seem they agree with you minister.

  7. What is the cost to the NHS of one vaccination as against treating one person with throat cancer?

    £20 against tens of thousands of pounds?

    It has to make sense on purely an economic level let alone the moral one.

    1. Giving the vaccine to school girls was controversial enough for the Scottish government because it involves them admitting straight teenagers might be having sex. Giving it to boys is obviously too much as they don’t want to think about gay men having sex never mind gay teenagers having sex.

  8. Can you imagine the outrage, if we eventually get a HIV/AIDs vaccine to work, and it is only given to men because “we all know, don’t we, HIV is most prevalent in men”.

    That is what is being done with the HPV vaccine and we should be equally outraged at the “shell game” that is being played by the Scottish health department and the department of health.
    The BMA (the doctors governing body) have been calling for every one under 25 to be vaccinated against HPV both Male & Female for quite a while.
    What will it take to get our politicians to wise up.

  9. Kay from New Zealand 24 Sep 2013, 12:15pm

    This is so stupid. Anyone with a science background knows that the higher the rate of vaccination in a population the better protection they get. If boys are vaccinated they won’t infect those girls who don’t get the vaccination. Boys who are gay or bisexual can give each other the HPV virus causing oral or anal cancers.

    Doctors treating actor Michael Douglas have confirmed that his throat cancer came from HPV most probably from giving a woman oral sex. Globally, as of 2010, 124,000 people died of oral cancer up from 82,000 in 1990. Doctors have found an increasing proportion of oral cancers is from HPV, in addition to those who get it from tobacco.

    It makes sense economically and morally to protect everyone.

  10. Shane Lowrey 8 Oct 2013, 4:36am

    Hm, Let’s look at this. Assume a 80% of women are vaccinated and, therefore, protected. The efficiency isn’t 100% but lets say it is. That would mean only about 40.3% of people would be immune. No herd immunity here. If any given person then has relations with more then one other person, 59+% are at risk of cancer from the covered viruses.

    That doesn’t even begin to address the homosexual and bisexual populations. For lesbians this works out good. Bisexual women, not as good but better. Bisexual men, poor. Gay men, forget it.

    Last, even the most committed gays and straights have been know on rare occasion switch hit.

    The statistic imply to me there is little protection till everyone is protected to the limits of our ability.

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