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Mormon church encourages members to ‘express views’ about equal marriage legislation in Hawaii

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Reader comments

  1. It’s got nothing to do with the Mormon church.
    Last I knew, Hawaii wasn’t a theocratic state. And what the church deems ‘good’ or ‘bad’ has no sway outside the church.
    I do with these religious bigots would stop interfering with the lives of others.
    Why should the lives of the general population by dictated by the politics of a dead irrelevant 19th century mad man, and the church he built, because of it?

    1. **I do wish

    2. Do you think inside that building there is a little old guy behind a curtain trying to terrify everyone? Follow the yellow brick road.

    3. One is not a bigot because he does not agree with same sex marriage. It is just a word that gay rights activists like to throw around a lot. As if what they say makes it the truth.

      The definition of marriage is what Mormons want to protect. I could care less what people do in their bedroom… but they need not pervert the santicy of Marriage by saying what they do is of God. It is not. No matter how many times you stand on the street corner and shout it out. Sin is sin and it won’t be changed just cause you made it legal.

  2. I believe that an angel gave the founder of this church a bunch of plates upon which divine truth was written, and that said plates subsequently and unaccountably disappeared. In exactly like manner, I believe that this church is in no way pressurising its members to reject same-sex marriage, and that the whole operation is being directed by Jesus himself, who is currently running a diner in New Jersey.

    1. No.. the angel didn’t give the founder anything. He showed him where they were buried. And no… the plates did not just “disappear”. I don’t know where people get all these crazy ideas from? Plates don’t just disappear on their own. In this case.. the plates were returned to care of the Angel who protected them in the first place.

      We don’t have to be pressured.. we already reject same sex marriage. It is not in accordance with God’s laws. And man will change God’s laws to suit his purposes. We reject those changes and want nothing to do with them.

      As far as Jesus himself running a diner in New Jersey… me thinks you don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. ValuesVoter 20 Sep 2013, 6:37pm


        Not all individual members of your church are of one mind on this issue. I hope you’re honest enough to allow that there simply isn’t a unanimous opinion in Mormondom. And change in LDS understanding of gay people is happening at an incredible rate — even if the old guys in Salt Lake haven’t figured it out yet.

  3. Kodi_kanuck 19 Sep 2013, 5:14pm

    The Mormon church is just jealous that it is unable to practice polygamy. They cannot be happy and do not want anyone else to be happy. Some people are gay and want to marry. Get over it!

    1. LoL. Conjecture pure and simple.

    2. LOL.. don’t think we are that jealous. hehehe

  4. Instead of their very carefully and biased worded call to members, I wish this church had instructed its members to read the bits in the bible which refer ONLY to the words allegedly spoken by christianity’s founder which, if memory serves me rightly speak ONLY of ‘love’ … love thy neighbour, love thy mother and father, etc, etc. If they are truely christian ‘believers’ they should ignore the teeny-weeny anti-gay bits and follow the instructions laid down by their ‘lord’ – to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and to ‘do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’.

    1. Love does not include supporting legislation to violate God’s laws and slap people on the back for committing sin. Loving ones neighbor has nothing to do with agreeing with homosexual behavior. I vote for marriage as it was set up by God.. Between a man and woman. Anything else makes marriage a perversion.

  5. Some of the most idiotic cultists imaginable (just look at how their denomination was founded, as bad as scientology for the fact a crook decided to extort morons and the morons couldn’t wait to hand over their money).

    Would be nice if the magic-boggled idiocracy would realise that their beliefs only extend as far as them. Don’t like same sex marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same sex and that is ALL the skin they have in the game.

    I am so tired of the mental incontinence of religious faith being viewed as a subject worthy of even a moment of serious consideration.

    1. Even their angel is called moron. Or moronic or something like that. Keeper of the moronic golden plates.

      1. Moronic?? You almost have it right.. let me help you out. No c on the end of his name. It is just Moroni. His father was Mormon. The creator of the The Book of Mormon. Not so sure about your name though… :-)

  6. The Mormons are trying to position themselves as the #1 enemy of gays worldwide, a title still held by the Vatican….but not for long.

    The Gay community needs to start assertively going after individual Mormons until the church is put down.

    1. Or reformed. There are various independently-run Mormon-oriented gay rights groups. Groups like Affirmation, Mormons for Marriage, Mormons for Equality, Mormons Building Bridges. They’re trying to bring an end to this obsession 90-year-old religious leaders have with other people’s intimate relationships. As a Mormon, I wasn’t raised to nitpick my neighbors’ personal lives – I was raised to respect their personal lives.

  7. Sure, I’ll express my view as a Mormon. I support equal marriage rights in my birthplace Hawai’i. :)

    1. Equal marriage rights is very different than same sex marriage… and you know it.

  8. “In past years the church has changed its stance on equal marriage.”

    Mr. McCormick, please provide a reference for this bogus claim. That statement is categorically false and it does the gay community a grave disservice for you to promote such a misinformed statement. The LDS Church has most certainly NOT changed their stance on equal marriage. Your quotes of LDS officials even states that fact clearly. You do our community no favors when you tell us that our enemies have changed their stance when in fact they haven’t.

    1. You can cover a pile of horse manure with perfume but it still is manure. Heterosexual marriage sealed on the earth is the core part of their “salvation” plan. Without this, these believe that they will not be granted to come into the presence of God.

      1. Yea.. that is what I am opposed to.. having to actually describe what kind of marriage one is talking about.. heterosexual marriage.. homosexual marriage. There is only one kind of marriage. And that is between a man and woman. Anything else.. anything… is a perversion of what marriage really is.

  9. Christopher Coleman 19 Sep 2013, 9:02pm

    Ah! The Mormons are trying to be more subtle than they were in California in 2008. Hawaii is part of the USA and in that country, according to current law, giving money in support of a political cause is free speech. So, I suppose, the Mormon Church is really telling its members to the organised opposition to same gender marriage.

    Churches do not appear to evolve like other living organisms. Whatever new shapes they take they remain the same. Quite clever really.

    1. Christopher Coleman 19 Sep 2013, 9:04pm

      Apologies for the careless editing: the last sentence in the first paragraph should read: So, I suppose, the Mormon Church is really telling its members to donate money to the organised opposition to same gender marriage.

      1. No No No.. it is a very simple matter. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Make your voices heard. If you say nothing.. then you have done nothing. Stand up for Marriage. Marriage as define by the God we worship is between a man and woman. Nothing else. So let your legislators know what you want.

        No money.. just call and let them know. They are suppose to vote the way the people want them to vote. We have and will always be in opposition to same sex marriage. That will never change. But for those who understand what the Proclamation to the World is all about.. they will contact their legislators and voice their vote.

  10. The documentary movie “8 The Mormon Proposition” comes to mind. It was horrible what they did.

    1. Yea.. stood up for what we believe. Didn’t just lay down in the street and let you run us over. We actually fought back and fought for something we believe in. Marriage between a man and woman. How terrible!

  11. Marriage is ordained of God.. not man. Man can change his laws to suits his needs, but God’s laws remain constant. Sex is only authorized between a man and woman who are married. All other forms of sexual relationships are a sin in the eyes of God and those that follow him. No amount of rhetoric will change that. Making sexual relations between gay people legal in no way changes it from being a sin. It is a sin and will always be a sin no matter how many people vote to make it legal. The pot is still black.

    1. Thomas S. Monson 21 Sep 2013, 1:16am

      The proof’s in the pudding. Here we have a perfect example of this ludicrous cult. A 1st prize Moron – Congratulations MrNirom you win.

  12. Never underestimate the power of the Mormon cult in Hawaii, they and the Catholic cult have been fighting this fight there for over 25 years, and have won. They may win again.
    After a 57 year engagement, and 30 years in Hawaii, My partner and I moved to Seattle, and were married about a month ago.

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