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Mel B admits she once had lesbian romance and says ‘women are crazy’

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Reader comments

  1. Did she ‘admit’ or did she ‘confirm’.
    The former implies lots of guilt.

  2. Dave North 19 Sep 2013, 5:15pm


    She had a bisexual romance.

    NOT a lesbian romance.

    1. Actually she had a same-sex romance.

      What’s a bisexual romance, when it’s at home?

      Her new song is pitifully bad.

  3. ‘Women are crazy’!!??!! Clearly not a feminist then lol.

  4. “Women are crazy”? Presumably she includes herself in that description … or is she implying that she (as a now supposedly happily married heterosexual person) is not crazy but lesbians are?

  5. A possible translation? –
    ‘I know lots of you red-blooded straight boys get a real hard-on at the thought of attractive female totty having a lesbian fling but don’t panic, I know it’s not the real deal – that would be ‘crazy’, right? – it’s only a boys’ fantasy after all. We gals only do it until the testosterone turns up. So I’m still up for the real thing, guys, and I’m still getting journo attention as well, of course.’

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