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James Franco hits back at media speculation about him being gay by kissing a man

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Reader comments

  1. I love James franco. This is clearly 2 fingers up to the Hollywood mainstream image that certain closet cases like to maintain.. you know who im talking about..

    He obviously thinks the whole situation is ridiculous and is mocking them now. It was even mentioned in the movie ‘This is the End’, where the actors played themselves, well sort of..

    1. I just watched that recently, it’s a hilarious film! It’s one of those films where you know they just all came together to take the piss out of themselves and have fun, and it really comes through in it. It almost feels as though it was just a fun hobby for them cooked up one night after a crazy Hollywood party ;)

      And I have to confess that although I wasn’t ever really aware of Franco (just through my own ignorance of celebrity and gossip) he comes across as a great guy, kind of a joker like Ashton Kutcher, always willing to mock the business and be an “outsider”.

      He’s gained even more interest and credibility for this in my opinion.

  2. Billiant, love it.

    All actors should kiss both men an women, that will confuse all the poeple wanting to but them in boxes.

  3. Justusboyz 19 Sep 2013, 2:03pm

    Couldn’t care less whether James is gay or straight. Love him.

  4. James Franco is awesome, I love stuff like this !

  5. Colin (london) 19 Sep 2013, 3:45pm

    For goodness sake..leave him alone and ignore the whole thing….who the f–k cares.

    Called being up his own arse to me.

  6. WTF is ‘art-porn’?!

  7. That’s some HOT guy he’s kissing!
    E-r-m, what was the article about again?

  8. Just as I am getting fed up with Franco’s disappointing public work, he pulls a unique kind of reverse spin politics that erases the accumulated D’s and F’s.

  9. ..the reality is, Mr Franco need not reveal his true sexual preference because society has been for ages so wicked toward homosexuals, so he ought to deny it even if it were true. I mean look at Liberace….

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